Chapter 121: Vilas

Chapter 121 – Vilas

Are you still not going to come out?

Calron sent his thoughts inwardly in an attempt to lure out Ezkael.


This was the fourteenth time that Calron had tried to probe his Teacher, but Ezkael continued to remain silent.

“Sigh… we are almost there.”

Calron muttered silently, as he began to slowly decrease his altitude in the sky.


Avi cheerfully barked, noticing that they were about to land.

Before Calron had started to fight against Balis, he had dropped off Avi near an empty cave. Completely bored and with nothing to do, the little pup had simply dozed off into yet another nap.

*scrrr*  *scrrr*

She scratched her claws against Calron’s scales in excitement. She did not know where her human guardian was taking her, but with the recent days of boredom that she had experienced, anything new was definitely exciting.

She is growing up fast.

Calron mused, sensing the vibrations of her nails on his golden metallic scales and her increasing body weight. Previously, Calron could hardly feel the weight of the tiny wolf pup, but he was starting to feel her weight lately.

“Hang on tight, Avi!”

Calron conveyed, while flapping his wings against the air current to slow down his speed.


Suddenly, the Azure Lightning within his chest shivered with excitement as it tried to surge out of his body.


Calron was momentarily perplexed by the weird reaction from the usually quiet lightning, so he sent his consciousness into the elemental core to deduce what spiked the Azure Lightning’s interest.

It’s something located in that distance.

Calron pondered while glancing towards his right, at a distance thousands of yards away. He did not know what the object was, but the Azure Lightning was definitely pulling him towards there.

“Sigh… why have there been so many interruptions lately?”

Calron said softly in a dejected voice, but decided to follow the Azure Lightning’s pulling.


Landing on the ground amidst a gale of wind, Calron curiously surveyed the area around him. Surrounded by wild bushes and trees, he could not notice anything out of the ordinary yet his instincts were telling him that the Azure Lightning would never lie.


Avi softly yawned while scratching her ears, as Calron reverted back to his human form. Picking up the rapidly growing pup from the ground, Calron cautiously walked towards the direction the lightning was attracted to.

“Omph, you are starting to get heavy, Avi…”

He murmured, but the pup instantly let out a low growl while looking up at Calron, as if offended by his mentioning of her weight gain. 

Hahaha, she is starting to develop some personality! 

Calron pondered inwardly, afraid of laughing out loud and triggering another attack by the little wolf.

*chi chi*

Sensing the emergency of the Azure Lightning, Calron became serious and used the Blood Mist Steps to rush ahead.

Whizzing past the numerous trees, after a few minutes Calron could see the faint outline of a cave a few yards ahead.


A sudden roar of agony emerging from the cave resounded in the forest, startling both the human and the pup outside.

“Wait here.”

Calron stated sternly as he hid Avi behind a thick bush, and vanished under a burst of crimson cloud.


“Give up, you cannot escape from us anymore, Vilas.”

A sinister rumble echoed in the small cave, as a looming shadow coalesced in front of collapsed human form. The visitor was cloaked with a dark robe preventing from his face being seen but the silhouette of his body was too large to be a human.

With a thin streak of light entering from the cave’s entrance, it fell on the body of the collapsed human and it revealed his crippled body with an arm severed from his left shoulder.

However, the more astonishing fact was that the human had the head of a golden dragon.

“Haha, I remember just yesterday that you were acting so high and mighty as the Captain of the Emperor’s Guards, but look at you now. Ptoo!”

A new cloaked shadow arrived next to first one, as the new-comer bent down to gaze into Vilas’ azure irises and viciously spat onto his face.

“Cowards… using poison to kill me… “

Vilas whispered hoarsely, coughing out a mouthful of black blood. Even at the brink of death and deprived of all his essence, the proud luster within his azure eyes failed to diminish.

“Stop it. He might be our enemy, but even our entire Assassin Organization combined couldn’t kill him for the past twenty years.”

The gigantic cloaked figure’s voice rumbled, rebuking his subordinate while his eyes looked at the collapsed figure with both respect and pity.

“Whatever, our mission is to kill him. Let’s get it done and report back to the leader.”

The smaller cloaked shadow lazily replied while taking out a sharp dagger from his waist.

“Sigh… As a warrior, I had hoped to fight you in a true battle but I apologize for this cruel death.”

The gigantic cloaked figure stated solemnly, as his subordinate let out a secret sneer at the side.

“You… are no… warrior…”

Vilas coughed out, his eyes fiercely boring into his two enemies.

“Do it.”

The large cloaked shadow stoically commanded, as he turned his body around and started to walk away.


The smaller cloaked figure let out a dark chuckle and charged towards the weakened Vilas.

“Still… underestimating me.”

A strange smile formed on Vilas’ draconic face, as a bright golden light burst from within his chest and illuminated the entirety of the cave.


The gigantic shadow bellowed in a panic-stricken voice as he noticed the elemental fluctuations around him. A force that could trigger the activity of all the elements could only mean one thing.

Vilas was destroying his elemental core!

This was not a mere burning of the essence in exchange for more power. This was the self-detonation of the elemental core along with the body and soul for a single massive explosion.

With the eighth rank cultivation of Vilas at the Saint stage, the power of that explosion was more than enough to destroy all traces of life within the radius of twenty yards and with how close both of them were to Vilas’ body, there could be absolutely no chance of escaping.

“This… how could this happen!?”

The smaller shadow trembled with terror at the sight of a hazy golden dragon appearing above Vilas’ crumpled body.

The soul of a Saint stage expert.

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