Chapter 119: The Elder’s Secret

Chapter 119 – The Elder’s Secret

Unbeknownst to Calron, a tiny portion of his life essence had crept into the dark metallic bow when he continued to imbue it with his elemental essence when it was entirely depleted. Previously, Calron’s life essence might not have been that noteworthy, but after triggering his bestial heritage of a primordial bird, his life essence now contained traces of his ancestors.

It were those small traces that had activated the dark metallic bow.

Shit! Restrain yourself kid!

Ezkael shouted in a panic, as his soul power rushed into Calron, in an attempt to stop the dark bow from awakening.


A shrill cry of a massive bird echoed in the valley, and a faint dark shadow of a colossal bird appeared behind Calron. Within moments, bolts of black lightning started to dart around this mysterious shadow.


The Elder gaped in shock when he saw the bird-shaped shadow behind Calron.

A shadow which has its own element! I cannot believe it, it actually exists. Only a weapon that once belonged to a primordial being has the potential to inherit such an ability. However, the fact that this boy managed to bring out the power of the weapon means that… he is the descendent of a primordial being!

The Elder’s eyes widened even further in shock once he realised this alarming point.

I hate my life.

Ezkael cursed in a depressive voice, as he guided his soul power to restrain the metallic bow and forcefully sent it back into its dormant state.

With this incident, the truth of the dark bow was finally revealed and Ezkael knew that from now on Calron would pester him until he disclosed the entire history behind the weapon.

“W-what was that?”

Calron blinked his eyes multiple times, trying to figure out what had happened with his mysterious bow. Unknown to him, a strange symbol had formed inside his pupils when the bow was almost awakened, but it had vanished the moment the bow was suppressed by his Teacher.

Teacher! Why did the bow react like that? And what is up with that black lightning? Teacher? 

Calron sent his thoughts to Ezkael, but his Teacher was intentionally avoiding him.

Sorry kid, I have to run to the bathroom! It’s extremely urgent!

A hurried voice sounded out from the corner of Calron’s mind, as the Voice hid itself from him.


Calron shouted back to Ezkael, and cursed with annoyance at his Teacher who did not even bother to think up a plausible excuse and ditched him at this moment.

“Child, do you know who you are?”

The Elder’s soft voice emerged in the forest, drawing Calron’s attention to him.

He knew that anyone born with the heritage of a primordial being would be sacred treasure for the clan or sect, and there is no way that they would let a child like that get away from their eyes. Furthermore, there were only a few rare known bloodlines that had a primordial being as an ancestor, and they could all be counted on one hand!

If there was a new primordial bloodline appearing in this world, then this was an event that shake the entirety of the Martial Continent.

Initially, the Elder had thought that there was something weird with Calron’s body when he inspected it, but this child with both human and beast blood turned out to be a descendent of a primordial being.

“I’m Calron. That is all you need to know.”

Calron brusquely replied.

He sensed that the tone of the Elder had noticeably changed after the incident with the bow, and moreover, he had still not forgotten the unreasonable way the Elder had insisted on starting a spar when clearly Calron did not want to.

“Haha, I see you are still angry with my previous rudeness. I apologise for my earlier behaviour, but I was merely curious about your… unique body.”

The Elder stated in a calm manner, as he slowly sat down on the ground and dug out a pill from within his clothes and hurled it towards Calron.

“That pill will help heal your bones, and also help increase your cultivation.”

“Thank you.”

Calron sighed, as he caught the orange-coloured pill in the air and swiftly swallowed it.

From the very beginning, the Elder did not have a killing aura and even his punches were pulled back the moment when they were about to land on Calron’s body. Otherwise, how could Calron still be alive after taking his first punch? Even though the Elder was not in the Heavenly stage, he was half a foot into that realm and if he truly wanted to, then he could crush Calron like a little ant.

It was the law of the cultivation world: the strong rule over the weak.

“Who are you really?”

Calron asked after a while, once the pill broke down inside his stomach and its energy started to heal his broken bones.

He knew that even with his cultivation of the peak Saint stage, the Elder should not be able to recognise the traces of a primordial being. A primordial being was someone from the Divine realm of his Teacher and his ancestor, so a person from the mortal realm would never be able to identify the characteristic of a primordial power.

“I am a member of the Ancient Guardians.”

The Elder’s quiet voice whispered into the silent air.

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