Chapter 118: Weapon of a Primordial Beast


Calron felt as if the entire bones within his body completely shattered under the impact of the Elder’s punch. Surprisingly, he was still standing and not collapsed on the ground.

“Ho- *cough* how?”

Calron spat out a mouthful of blood, staring intensely into the bright eyes of the Elder’s owlish face.

It did not take long for the Blood Legacy’s regeneration ability to kick in, rapidly healing Calron’s battered body.

Unnoticed by Calron, the Elder’s eyes glimmered momentarily when he sensed the presence of the Blood Legacy’s unique source energy.

So, I was not mistaken… this boy has indeed inherited a strange legacy. However, that still does not explain how he was able to withstand the might of a Heavenly stage cultivator.

The Elder pondered inwardly while letting out a sharp bird’s cry.

“Pay attention and fight seriously, child. Next time, I will not be going this easy.”

Curse the heavens! Why is this geezer after me?

Calron lamented, as he closed his eyes and soon waves of flames burst all across his body.

“Tit..tan’s Fury!”

Letting out a hoarse whisper, streams of blood-red source energy rushed into Calron’s muscles, turning his skin akin to that of a fiery crimson dragon.

Unlike in the past, Calron’s body had awakened his beastial heritage and his muscles and flesh were now incomparably stronger than of a human, letting him to utilise the full potential of the Titan’s Fury technique without harming his body.

“I do not know why you are doing this, but if it is a fight that you want… then I will give you one!”

With a savage roar, Calron bolted towards the Elder while wisps of flames swirled over his skin. Furthermore, a hazy image of a colossal giant appeared above Calron’s head as he darted ahead with a burning fury.

“That is all I ask.”

The Elder replied calmly with a slight smile.


A tiny explosion occurred the moment Calron’s fist landed on the Elder’s chest.

“Hmm, your physical strength is not bad for a Vajra stage expert. It might even be comparable to the body of a low ranked Saint cultivator.”

The Elder murmured while nodding his head.

This bastard is just toying with me.

Calron cursed within his mind while simultaneously increasing the speed of his attacks.

Boom! Booom! Boom! Boooom!

A series of minuscule explosions reverberated throughout the empty area, driving away any nearby beasts that were previously lurking.


“Is this your limit?”

The Elder shook his head in disappointment as he gazed down at the defeated form of Calron below him.


Calron coughed out a globule of blood, as flashes of lightning flickered across his pupils. Even though he knew that he was no match for an expert at the peak Saint stage with his cultivation of the Vajra stage, but he could not help but feel an immense anger at his powerlessness.

It was at this moment that the Azure Lightning within his core started to rumble, and tiny streaks of blue creeped into the golden lightning flashing inside Calron’s eyes.

Kid, calm down. We still do not what the purpose of this old man is and it is better not to reveal any more information about you.

Ezkael’s voice drifted within Calron’s mind, haltering the movement of the Azure Lightning.

Then what am I supposed to fight him with? Titan’s Fury is the furthest seal that I have achieved and without opening the others, I cannot use the full power of the legacy.

Calron rasped, regretting not training more with the Blood Legacy Arts and breaking the seal of the other abilities.

At that moment, a faint tingle started to jolt near Calron’s elemental core.

“Huh? This essence fluctuation…”

The Elder abruptly turned his head, detecting a primal essence with Calron which was starkly unlike his original lightning essence.

“This is the first time that I have seen it react like this… why now?”

Calron murmured, while slowly raising his blood-soaked arm.


Traces of blackish purple lightning surged around Calron’s arm as a translucent dark bow started to form.

Since the time that Calron had obtained the bow, it had not once reacted like this and even though the dark metallic bow appeared fearsome, Calron did not truly sense any overwhelming power from it until now.

The reason Calron hardly ever utilised the bow was because it consumed an astonishing amount of essence. Moreover, Calron was a close-range fighter who used his fists and body to trample opponents, but a bow was close to useless in fights like these. Hence, he had only used the bow in rare occasions when hunting for a beast.

“A bow? Pointless…”

The Elder sighed when he saw that the weapon in Calron’s hand was simply a bow.

Although the dark metallic bow emitted a frightening amount of power, in a close-range battle like this one, it would not help Calron at all. If it were a sword or a spear, the Elder’s sentiment might have been different.

“Screw it.”

Calron coldly stated, as he tightly gripped the bow in his hand and prepared to lunge at the Elder. He did not even notice that the metallic bow which previously used to be extremely heavy was now light as a feather in his hand.

Swerving the bow to the right, a flame of anger ignited within Calron’s eyes as he was almost upon the Elder.

Realising the direction of Calron’s thoughts, Ezkael yelled in indignation.

You stinking brat! This is godly bow that even the Ancients would bleed for, how can you use it like a common club!?

Calron knew that the Elder would not give him ample time to coalesce an essence arrow, so instead he decided to use the bow as a tool for bashing. Unlike Calron, Ezkael knew the history behind the dark metallic bow known as ‘Thunder’s Hand’, so how could he silently watch his student spitting on its celestial reputation?

Even the Elder was shocked by the human boy’s tactics, that he failed to deflect the hard metallic body of the bow when it viciously struck him on his cheek.


The sound of metal hitting on metal ringed in the quiet forest.

It was not surprising that the body of the Elder was as strong as steel with his cultivation nearing the Heavenly stage.

However, Calron did not stop there.

Once the Elder was distracted by the blow, he immediately leapt into the air and sent all the essence stored within his core into the dark bow.

Numerous patterns etched onto the bow instantly shone with a brilliant golden light, and a string of lightning connected the two limbs of the bow forming a sparking drawstring.

Calron relentlessly forced more of his essence into the bow, knowing that he would need a lot more to injure someone like the Elder with his Vajra stage cultivation.

However, the moment when the entire essence within his body was pushed into the bow, a thin steak of purple energy emerged from Calron and flowed into the bow.

*Thump*   *Thump*

The dark bow suddenly felt alive with a heartbeat as it thrummed under Calron’s hand.

H-he actually awakened the primordial spirit within the bow!

Ezkael gasped with a slight tremor to his voice.


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