Chapter 109: A New Brother

Chapter 109 – A New Brother

“Human, we have a major crisis on our hands.”

Tarnila seriously stated, as she walked towards Calron with Rebran in tow behind her. Avi appeared to be taking a nap off in the distance under the shade of a tree.

“I know, Laris told me just before she left.”

Calron replied while gazing in the direction that the blue-skinned woman had just departed.

He was still not sure how he felt about her and what she said about the Dragon King, but he knew one thing for sure: she did not tell a single lie the whole time she was with him.

“No, the problem is not the war – it’s him!”

The raccoon sighed, turning her head to glance at a nervous Rebran.

“Huh? What does he have to do with the war?”

Calron asked with a confused expression.

“Tell him.”

Tarnila urged the young lion by nudging his shoulder.

“Um, the one who is waging the war on this city is probably my father…”

The lion whispered, hanging his head down. Rebran anxiously looked up at Calron to see his reaction.

However, contrary to what he was expecting, the golden bird remained static and emotionless.

Hahaha, it doesn’t get any better than this! So, kid, what do you plan on doing now?

Ezkael roared with laughter, amused that his student had found yet another problem that latched onto him.

Dammit! I knew I should have taken him more seriously when he said that he was the son of a king. I thought he was just a random beast separated from his guardians… besides, what the hell am I supposed to do in this situation?

Calron inwardly thought.

Well, the choice is up to you. I cannot tell you each time what the best course of action is. Whatever you decide, I will support you.

The Voice said with a slight smile.

He was proud of how much Calron had grown from the dark and moody child that he was a few years ago, and to the man he was becoming right in front of his eyes. Although his student might complain about the baby beasts, it was their very presence that had slowly brought out a compassionate side to Calron.

With Avi, the boy now had someone to care for and he knew that he was not alone in this world any more. His student needed to learn to let others into his life and not shut them off, and that’s why Ezkael wanted Calron to make this choice on his own.

Sigh, you already know what my answer is, don’t you?

Calron stated as he briefly closed his eyes.

Haha, well, you are my student!

Ezkael replied, and Calron was sure that his Teacher was currently grinning.

“Alright, I’ll make sure he reaches safely back to his father, and hopefully that will put an end to this stupid war.”

Calron spoke out, abruptly opening his eyes and glancing at Tarnila.

“How did you know I was going to ask you that?”

The raccoon asked with both her eyebrows raised in surprise.

“If you were going to do it yourself, then you would not have come to me. Also, take care of Avi until I return.”

Calron responded to Tarnila with a slight smile.

“Get on my back, Rebran, and let’s go stop this war before it blows out of proportion.”

Calron commanded the young lion as he slowly brought his body closer to the ground.

“Eh? Y-you are not mad that my father is here to capture your city?”

Rebran stuttered, but began to quickly climb onto the bird’s back.


Calron started to vigorously flap his powerful wings, and turned his head back to answer the young beast.

“You got one thing wrong, Rebran… this is not my city.”  


With a thundering screech, a massive golden bird spread into the sky.


“This human surprises me with each passing day.”

The raccoon whispered to herself, gazing at the disappearing figure of the large bird.

She did not show it on her face, but Tarnila had been shocked at the rapid pace at which Calron had adapted to the lightning techniques that she taught. Usually, any cultivator would feel a draining amount of resistance from their lightning element when they commanded it to follow their wishes, but for Calron, the lightning simply obeyed.

“It’s at times like these that being an Elder is more useless than being a common soldier… I wonder how the others are doing…”

The raccoon muttered quietly while picking up the sleeping wolf pup and vanishing from her spot under sparks of lightning.


“Tell me when you see them.”

Calron yelled back to Rebran, as he flew over the city.

The whole place was in chaos with beasts wildly running around and gathering all their close ones and loading their belongings onto a caravan. Simple citizens had no way of protecting themselves against combat-trained beasts, and the only option that they had was to run to a safe distance until their own army prevailed over the enemy.

“I d-don’t see them!”

Rebran shouted back as his head darted back and forth at the scenery below.

His mind was in shambles, seeing the panic and fright written over all of these beasts’ faces. The children kept crying as they held onto their mother’s legs, asking why they had to move and why everyone was so afraid.

The cause of this entire situation was one person.

His father.


“No… please not now…”

Rebran groaned with pain, as he tightly clutched his chest.

It was acting up again.

I must find father… I need to stop this!

The young beast’s thoughts raced on, desperately trying to push back the pain.

“Hey kid, what is happening? Are you alright?”

Calron inquired, sensing that something was strange with Rebran.

“Yes, I’m alri-“

Suddenly, Rebran’s eyes rolled back and he started to lose his conscious.

“Oh f*ck!”

Calron cursed, as he summoned his lightning essence and sent it all towards his wings.


With the sound of an explosion, Calron’s figure rapidly vanished from above the city and towards an isolated alley.

While mid-air, Calron quickly transformed back into his human form and gripped Rebran’s body as it was falling down.

Gently placing the beast on the ground, Calron checked his heart-rate and breathing.

“Not good… it’s worse than last time. Is his disease something more than crippled meridians?”

Calron pondered, as he tried shaking Rebran to rouse him awake.

Hearing the distant sounds of chaos, Calron felt helpless as he stared down at the immature youth in front of him.

His emotions were in turmoil. On one hand, there was a possibility that this entire war could be stopped with Rebran’s interference, and on the other, if Calron decided to go along with what his heart was telling him, then there might be unpredicted consequences to his actions in future.

No matter what, I believe in you, kid.

Ezkael’s soft voice breezed from the side of Calron’s mind, soothing his thoughts.

“I hope my feelings are right about this one, Teacher…”

Calron breathed out, and in the next instant, his eyes turned to a dark crimson red.

Bringing his right palm to his teeth, Calron bit on it until traces of blood started to flow.

“From this day on forth, you will walk the same bloody path as me. This is our legacy, Rebran, the legacy of blood…”

Slowly, Calron placed his wounded palm over young lion’s forehead.

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