Chapter 105: Turmoil Within The City

Chapter 105 – Turmoil Within The City

This is a mess… bury their bodies before the smell of blood attracts the other beasts.

Ezkael interjected once all the reptilians were dead and bleeding onto the ground.

I have a better idea.

Calron responded, as thick bolts of lightning spread from his scale-covered arm and charged directly towards the two closest corpses in front of him.

The smell of charred meat wafted into the air, as the azure lightning rapidly disintegrated the flesh of the corpses until not even the bones were left remaining. Calron proceeded to burn the rest of the bodies, and finally walked back to Avi.

You know, maybe we should have checked their clothes and try to find any clues of who they were. This is clearly an isolated forest, so they must have come here for a specific purpose.

Ezkael murmured within Calron’s mind.

Calron stopped momentarily when he heard his Teacher’s words.

Why do you always tell me this stuff after I’ve already done it, and can’t reverse the situation anymore.

Calron shook his head, but continued walking. Even if his Teacher had told him that before, he was not sure whether or not he would have had the patience to interrogate them. The only thing on his mind earlier was to kill them as fast as possible.

“You have nothing to say?”

Calron asked out loud while picking up Avi from the ground and tilting his head to the side.

“Y-you’re really a human?”

Rebran stuttered as he fell flat on his back.

The only race that his father hated more than dragons were the detestable humans. They were the ones who had forced the beasts to be locked up in the Desolate Mountains. Furthermore, according to his father’s words, humans liked to enslave beasts like him.

“I am a human. However, I am also a beast just like you.”

Calron explained without turning his head, as he checked Avi’s fur to locate the open wounds and treat them before they became infected.

Her wounds closed up already?

A brief expression of surprise flickered across his face when he noticed that not even a scar was left behind from the previous punctures in Avi’s skin.

Meanwhile, Avi snuggled up in Calron’s embrace and playfully licked his hand. It appeared as if she had already forgotten about the whole kidnapping ordeal upon Calron’s arrival.

“Are you a Beast Emperor then?”

Rebran inquired, as he slowly stood back on his feet.

He did not know why, but he felt like he could trust this person in front of him. The way he cared for the little wolf pup and the fury he exuded when she was hurt, all showed that he was definitely not evil. Dangerous, yes, but not evil.

“Haha, I’m not a Heavenly stage expert. Enough with these questions! Now tell me, who are you and what are you doing here?”

Although Calron did not know why the reptilians were here, he had a feeling that it had something to do with the young white lion in front of him.

“Umm, I’m Rebran?”

“Not your name, idiot. I mean where do you come from and what is your purpose in this city?”

Calron explained, as he began spreading the burnt ashes of the reptilians around so it did not pile up in one place.

“I actually come from the neighboring city, and I’m the son of a Beast King! Hehe~”

Rebran proudly gloated as he puffed up his chest.

“A king? That makes sense…”

Calron quietly muttered to himself while thinking of the images he had previously seen in Rebran’s mind.

“Whatever kid, let’s go back. I can sense a few predators starting to approach our area. You can tell me about what you were doing in this forest while we are moving.”

Calron hurriedly declared, and a hint of crimson smoke began to emit from his skin, a distinct sign of the Blood Mist Step activating.

“I was actually here with my ball, but you see, I lost it while I was flying and then you- Hey!”

Rebran abruptly let out a scream when Calron grabbed hold of his neck and effortlessly picked him up from the ground. In the next instant, Rebran saw that he was already a few yards away from his previous location.

“Ugh, can we walk? I think I’m getting sick.”

The young lion groaned, the disorientation from the Blood Mist Step churning his stomach. Meanwhile, Avi stuck out her tongue and teased Rebran as if calling him a ‘baby’.

You were like that when we first flew up in the sky, Avi…

A slight smirk escaped Calron’s lips.

“Hang on tight, and if you dare to puke all over me, then I swear I’ll feed you to the next beast I come across.”

Calron threatened, as the three figures once again disappeared in a cloud of crimson mist. The resounding pitiful cry of a beast echoed in the vicinity, and then there was only silence.


“Have you found out anything?”

A deep voice inquired, as he remained seated next to a lake with a fishing pole in his grasp.

“Master said to leave him alone for the moment and to focus on the city.”

Laris replied, treading towards the lake and sitting next to Weir.

“More trouble?”

She asked, seeing the distant look on her friend’s face.

“Yes… Xardoth has decided to finally make a move.”

Weir sighed, gazing down at the water. Within the clear lake, not a single trace of a fish could be seen, but Weir sat there with his fishing pole.

“Something’s not right. Even Xardoth would not declare war against us, especially after the previous incident. Unless… the situation has changed…”

Laris spoke, while gently trailing her fingers into the mesmerizing water.

“I do not know what happened, but this is worrying. It feels like someone is orchestrating these events from the shadows. By the way Laris, I forgot to mention it, but Jarken is back!”

A bright smile quickly spread on Laris’s face, as she loudly exclaimed.

“That bastard always leaves without telling us, but you have to admit, he comes back at the perfect time!”

“Do remember in the past when we three used to meet at a lake similar to this one?”

Weir asked with a grin, as he turned to face Laris.

“Haha, for years  both of you would come to the lake everyday until I finally overcame my fear of walking on land.”

Laris laughed, while smacking Weir on the shoulder.

For the first time in a while, Weir felt content. Staring at the beautiful face of his general, and hearing her sweet laugh, he thought of what life would have been like if he had never decided to become a Beast King.

“Your highness! Grave news!”

A servant frantically ran towards them, yelling at the top of his lungs.

There goes my brief period of peace…

Weir sighed, as he slowly stood up.

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