Chapter 178: Prologue

Chapter 178 – Prologue

“I am disappointed in your handling of the task I gave you.”

A dark and gloomy voice echoed on top of an abandoned cliff. The texture of the voice was distorted, akin to a person talking from a great distance away.

“It’s not my fault, Master. Zarvel turned out to be more useless than I anticipa-“


A tall lone figure stood on the edge of the cliff, his cloak fluttering in the gentle breeze of the night. Only his back was visible in the dim light, but he appeared to have a lean body. Through the figure’s sleeveless robe, his muscular arms could be seen covered with numerous tattoos.

Although it looked like the tattooed man was alone, if one paid close attention with their senses, they would detect another mysterious presence surrounding the lone man.

“I entrusted this task to you, so it was your responsibility to fulfill it to completion. Without the King and the Tower Lords, taking over the human kingdom would have been an effortless endeavor. Now, we have to change our plans.”

“What do you want me to do, Master?”

The tattooed man asked with a slight trace of irritation hidden within his tone.

“I need you to send someone into the human kingdom and discover why Zarvel had failed. Despite your opinion of him, Zarvel was both a meticulous and devious creature, so his plan would not have been so careless. Find out what or who was the cause of his failure.”

The dark voice stated ominously. 

“Send a darkling into the human city? Impossible!”

The lone figure blatantly rejected the idea.

“Darklings are not the only ones under your command, Zieter. You know exactly who to send… ”

The dark voice snarled as its presence slowly faded away from the cliff.


The man cursed in a whisper once he was sure that his Master had left. What his Master had asked was not simply to send someone to inquire about what had happened inside Selior city, but it was to eradicate whoever or whatever it might be.

He was asking for an assassin.

“They have no idea what is coming… ”

The man muttered while glancing down the cliff, seeing his subordinates in heavy armor and marching rhythmically across the plain.

It was an army of a million warriors.

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