Chapter 115: Prologue

—- Selior City —-

“Patriarch, something unusual has occurred.”

A tall dark-haired man with a robust build stated, as he walked towards the back of a figure and knelt down on the carpeted floor.

Adorned in a golden regal suit of armor, the Patriarch remained still while continuing to observe the city through the magnificent glass window before him.

With hair the colour of ivory, and eyes bright as the azure sky, the Patriarch exuded an extremely noble and dignified aura.

After what seemed like over an hour, the Patriarch finally turned around and said in a gentle voice.

“Our city’s youngsters are somewhat lacking, Tharin.”

“Patriarch, how could that be? House Raizel’s young masters are said to be some of the most talented individuals in their entire generation!”

The housekeeper, Tharin, adamantly protested.

“Talent? Sigh… not one of them has awakened the ancient bloodline of our clan, and yet they call themselves ‘geniuses’.”

The Patriarch lamented while shaking his head.

“B-but, that is just a myth! No one in our clan’s history has ever managed to awaken the ancient bloodline of the Divine Bird.”

Tharin replied in a stutter. Even as the servant of the clan, he knew that the bloodline of the Divine Bird was a rumor started in order to encourage the young people of the clan to train harder and to give them a goal to achieve in their martial path.

“Forgot about this old man’s rambling… So, tell me what has happened for you to come rushing back this far?”

The Patriarch calmly asked, as he walked towards a shelf and began to take out a book.

“The Azure Lightning appeared around the clan’s sacred monument.”


The book that the Patriarch was about to open immediately crashed to the ground.

“When did this occur!?”

The Patriarch roared, as a light blue torrent of lightning surged around his golden armor, causing the entire room to start quivering.

Instead of the steady and calm composure, a frightening and violent aura now surged around the Patriarch.

Seeing the sudden change within one of the most powerful cultivators of the human kingdom, Tharin quickly started speaking.

“Just an hour ago, Patriarch! I have already sent a few servants to identify why the monument was acting this way.”

“Call my sons right right now and tell them to get their asses in here! Leave the monument alone and send along my order that no one is to the enter the sacred grounds from now on!”

The Patriarch commanded in a heavy voice, as the bolts of lightning wildly crackled around his eyes.

Without a single sound, Tharin scrambled out the door before the dangerous lightning fried him.

Others might not know what the sacred monument of the clan signified, but how could he not know as the Patriarch?

“The Ancient Bloodline of the Divine Bird…”

The soft whispers of the Patriarch sounded out in the empty room.

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