The Creatures That We Are

The Creatures That We Are

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Peng Pai
In a world where monsters dominate, and humans are but one out of ten thousand of the population, Gao Yang, having transmigrated to this world at the tender age of six and led the life of a normal boy until his eighteenth birthday, must seek the truth and survive against all odds—with the help of a mysterious system, a bottom-of-the-list Talent, and the companions he meets along the ways.
What is hidden under the facade of an ordinary city and its ordinary occupants? What are these different manners of monsters, and where is the line drawn between monsters and humans? Could relationship and love be true when all are merely playing their own parts?
Ride along on his journey and find out!
Official blurb translated from Chinese:
An orphan, Gao Yang transmigrated to a parallel world at the age of six, and he was given the gift of a loving family of five.
However, with the coming of his eighteenth birthday, Gao Yang found out by chance that this is no parallel world, but a strange domain where his family and friends can all be terrifying monsters! He almost got killed when he realized the truth, and he would, if not for the system and Talent he acquired at the last moment, Lucky—the longer he lives, the stronger he will become!
Now commenced the battle royale of a lamb among wolves…
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24 Reviews
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7 months ago
I’m writing this review because I feel like people are overly critical of this story despite their agreement that the world and setting is interesting.

Objectively there are a few plot holes with regard to how joining an organization arc works out. It’s a bit weird and I agree that it is a bit of huge coincidence for the number of people in that plot but at least the arc explores the world more and give reasoning for things that happened. It’s not like it’s a bad arc, some people just hate passive mc.

Quite honestly in my view, the mc is not really passive. He just accept things that are out of his control. Why be angry? He isn’t 14. The world is insanely unsafe and untrustworthy that he understood for the kind of test.

The most characters are probably the least good part of this story but each of them has their uniqueness that I enjoy. The world building is really good that I understand why other review don’t give it a time for explanation to be taken place. The bits and pieces start to get releases that left you wanting to learn more. There are creativity and decent writing here that you could be happy with.

Is it a masterpiece? No. Is it decent? Yes. If you are looking for something interesting and not copy pasted Chinese hero story or dungeon diving then this is something that works quite well.

8 months ago
15 chapters in. There are a lot more questions than answers but I was entertained the entire time. Kind of gave a “Promised Neverland” feel in that the entire world is against the MC and his group and has done a good job of setting up a psychological thriller. That being said, MCs power is concerning because it’s essentially a joker card and is a license for the author to give whatever power ups he wants to without them feeling earned. Either way though, I am excited to see how it pans out.

Word count filled in 3 2 1

7 months ago
Not recommended
Initially I enjoyed the story quite a bit, currently caught up at chapter 52. The world building is different and enjoyable so I have no complaints about that.

The power system is alright but since it is categorized later I don't understand the numbering stuff. But whatever, it isn't horrible. The system aspect is kind of dull, might have been better with out it. It doesn't add much to the story that couldn't have been better explained using some variation of luck. Making his skill seem actually functional than a currency generator.

The reason I'm dropping the story happens later. They get involved in joining an organization but are set up and almost died. However the characters don't even flinch and the story carries on as if that never happened. If it were me, there is no way I'd have joined that particular organization once it set me up like that. They nearly killed him and all his friends and the main characters don't seem to care. It's weird and poorly written. At least give some justification. I don't care for passive, accept the situation and move on type MC s, at least do something, voice out your anger , anything.

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