The Constellation Returned From Hell

The Constellation Returned From Hell

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Earth, the land that the constellations were aiming for. 
Hunter Choi Yeonseung decided to start special training to stop the constellations that want to monopolize Earth. His training location was the Abyss, a space where time flowed infinitely slowly. However, Choi Yeonseung was suddenly caught up in a magical storm and had to face the harsh Abyss head-on. 
Choi Yeonseung went through unprecedented and infinite practical training throughout the Abyss and discovered a clue to be the first human to become a constellation.
The hard-working hunter, Choi Yeonseung, was reborn safely as a constellation. 
Will he be able to save Earth, which is destined to fall prey to the constellations?
The hard-working, overpowered martial artist, Choi Yeonseung! The path he walks on to become the first human constellation!
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527 Chapters
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Editor: Invictum & Square Tom

Status in Korean: Completed @ 573 chapters.

14 Reviews
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a year ago
The main character is basically a “training madman” who through circumstances ends up in a different realm trying to get stronger. He also has many misunderstandings about why he is where he is and what he should avoid, which are pretty funny, and I’m enjoying the misunderstandings so far. He’s OP at the start of the story, with at least the next few chapters dedicated to depicting how he got so OP, but OP characters have their own charm and are some of my favorites, since it’s always interesting seeing how different authors provide tension for the story they are in.

Still, it’s hard to know exactly how things will go once he escapes from where he is trapped. How will things go once he makes it back to earth? The quality of the story will ultimately depend on that, I would think.

All that said. I just wish there was more to read, which is a good sign in my mind.

8 months ago
Not recommended
Review at 256 chapters.

Genuinely getting bored.

According to chapter count this is not the halfway point yet but it's simply fizzling out.

The same kind of comedy and slice of life can only carry a novel so far if it doesn't invest in characters or a more overarcing storyline - this novel does neither of those.

After the initial training arc, it's just underdog trope all the way. It still is. There is a kingdom building part but it is extremely minor. The novel consequently runs nationalistic stereotypes for most characters and doesn't bother at all at giving any character any depth - not even the main character.

There's a limit at which the same thing can't be milked over and over again and I probably reached it some dozen chapters ago so I'm dropping.

a year ago
I have yet to read the Novel, but I have read about 100 chapters of the manga. This is great in the start, then when he gets to Earth again it becomes so stale and boring.. Most people start dropping it at that point, and it seems to still be (at this point) quite boring. This might be something you want to bookmark until its nearly done instead of following a daily update. This just so that you don't get bored and drop it.

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