Chapter 99 - The Formidable Power of Spiritual Weapons

The past few days, Gu Lingzhi had to put up with the Third Prince annoying her endlessly. She found out that Rong Yuan would never give up until he got his way, no matter how shameless he had to be, so every time he bothered her, she would just clench her teeth and give in helplessly.

What choice did she have? There was no way she could win him if she decided to fight with him, there was no way she had skin thicker than his. She could only close the door on him and pretend that he did not exist. To think that she had ever felt pity for him when Yuan Zheng told her about his backstory! For someone who had such thick skin, there was no way he would ever need someone’s sympathy!

Though Rong Yuan was thick-skinned, he knew when to stop. When he finally entered Gu Lingzhi’s room, he quietly sat at the table without bothering her. He watched as she took out materials from her Storage Ring and started to forge weapons.

In the beginning, Gu Lingzhi had been distracted from knowing that he was watching her. Slowly, she started to focus all her attention on what was in front of her and ignore the fact that Rong Yuan was observing her from afar.

She realized that it was not that she did not have a talent for forging weapons, but rather, moulding weapons. The weapons that she made did not look physically attractive.

All the weapons that she had previously made looked funky. She tried to correct it multiple times to no avail, after which she did not bother anymore, as long as the weapon still served its original purpose that she had intended. The physical aspect did not matter to her anymore.

After ensuring that she could make lower grade Yellow-Level weapons without any failures, she moved on to forging middle grade Yellow-Level weapons.

The first weapon that she would attempt to wreck… no, forge, was the Recording Crystal.

Though the Recording Crystal was not as helpful in a battle, yet it was extremely functional. There was demand for it everywhere.

Putting the materials needed aside, Gu Lingzhi started to examine the materials one by one just like how she did when she was practicing alchemy. She tried to feel the internal energy of every material, so that she could maximize all of their potentials.

After she had a thorough understanding of all the qualities of the materials, she put them into the weapon stove for them to dissolve, transform and fuse together.

Rong Yuan watched from afar, looking at Gu Lingzhi’s every movement, his eyes full of infatuation. He was proud to have fallen for her, who was somewhat like him, talented in almost every aspect.

Her method of forging weapons was exceptionally exquisite and almost comparable to how they forged weapons in the Royal Family as well. Except… what is that blue lump that she had made?

As Gu Lingzhi was done shaping the Recording Crystal and was about to take it out of the weapon stove, it cracked. Rong Yuan smiled to himself when he saw this.

If he recalled correctly, she had indeed used the correct materials to make the Recording Crystal. If that was the case, why did the object look nothing like a Recording Crystal except for the color? The five spikes that came of the object looked like an octopus… unless those were the five sides of the Recording Crystal?

Rong Yuan felt that his cognitive abilities had been severely reduced.

Gu Lingzhi, on the other hand, did not think that there was anything wrong with the Recording Crystal she had made. To test its functionality, she purposely activated the recording function and took a shot of the room. She then looked through the cracks of the crystal to see if it worked.

Not bad, the image and sound were clearly captured. It was a successful attempt.

She did not think that she would succeed on her first try. It looks like she had an innate skill for forging weapons after all.

Satisfied, she put the Recording Crystal into her Storage Ring and started to make another one.

“Ling… Xiao Hei, so that object you made… was a Recording Crystal?” Rong Yuan stuttered, almost slipping the fact that he knew that she was Gu Lingzhi because of how shocked he was.

Gu Lingzhi narrowed his eyes at him. Did he need to ask a question with such an obvious answer?

“What could it be if it’s not a Recording Crystal?”

“Heh… so it really is a Recording Crystal,” Rong Yuan laughed dryly. Suddenly, he realized why Gu Lingzhi’s mask looked so ugly.

It was not because she had purposely made it ugly so that people would not look at it twice, but it was because she did not even have the abilities to make it look more attractive. The mask was not even symmetrical.

Rong Yuan tried to comfort himself by thinking of her Qingfeng Sword that had at the very least, resembled a sword. After all, the most important part of Spiritual Weapons were their abilities and not their physical appearance.

Just like that, Gu Lingzhi spent a few days consecutively forging weapons in her room. If she was not making a Recording Crystal, then he was making a middle grade Yellow-Level weapon. Even though she did not bother giving her creations a presentable physical appearance, she had used the exquisite methods adopted from the Spirit Tribe in making these weapons. Though they were ugly on the outside, their capabilities exceeded weapons that were in the same tier.

When Rong Yuan had found out about this, he found himself in a dilemma. He did not know whether he should feel proud or embarrassed of the weapons that she had made.

Gu Lingzhi left the inn when her wounds had completely healed. When she was about to head to the Town of the Brave, she had coincidentally bumped into the shopkeeper of the Store of Many Treasures, Qin Boyu.

“Lady Hei, we meet again,” Qin Boyu addressed Gu Lingzhi warmly.

Initially, he did not think that he would manage to sell any of the ten weapons that Gu Lingzhi had made for him. However, just a few days ago, he sold one of the weapons.

That was not all. On the second day, all nine weapons were sold out. Some customers even asked to pre-order the same weapon which made him shocked and curious at the same time.

After further investigation, he found out that the customer who had bought the first weapon was a mercenary. He did not have much spirit stones with him, so he bought the cheapest weapon that he could find hung at the side of the store.

He had been mocked by the comrades in his squadron after they saw the weapon that he bought.

Embarrassed, this customer had wanted to save enough money so that he could buy another weapon that looked more intimidating to prevent himself from being mocked again. However, he did not expect this weapon to save his life.

When he was out on a mission to hunt a first-order high grade demon beast, the beast had unexpectedly advanced to become a first-order peak grade demon beast. Enraged, the beast became a killing machine.

In the midst of danger, the mercenary suddenly thought of an additional feature of the sword that he had bought. He poured all his spiritual energy into the weapon, causing the weapon to glow brightly with a golden light. Then, he cut off the connection between the spiritual energy and the sword, directing it towards the demon beast.

Whoosh! The golden spiritual energy let out a sound as it surged towards the beast, killing it.

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