Chapter 448 – I Am Back! (Final)

The chaotic ball of energy at the end of her sword slowly grew bigger but there was still a bit more to go before it was able to detach itself from the sword.

Feeling the spiritual energy in her body slowly being depleted, Gu Lingzhi stuffed one Spiritual Medicine after another to help replenish her spiritual energy. However, it was still insufficient.

The chaotic energy ball needed much more spiritual energy and the rate that she was replenishing her spiritual energy with spiritual pills was of no use.

Anxiously, from the corners of her eyes, Gu Lingzhi caught sight of the three people that were shooting at Pan Luo and called out to them, “Three elders, please help me.”

The three of them looked at Gu Lingzhi before seeing the ball of chaos on her Fengwu Sword. The ball of chaos made their hearts palpitate. Without needing her to say anymore, they came over and stood behind Gu Lingzhi. Placing their palms on her back, they did not hold back any spiritual energy as they sent their energy over to her.

With their help, Gu Lingzhi’s spiritual energy which was on the edge of exhaustion slowly became abundant again. Controlling the spiritual energy that they gave her, she slowly directed it into her Fengwu Sword.

Alas, the small grey ball of light which was about as big as her fingernail trembled slightly, resembling a grey flame waving in the air.

Looking at the small ball of light that would be able to finish all living things, she smiled. Pursing her lips, she blew lightly on the end of her sword.

The chaos energy that appeared like a grey flame floated towards Pan Luo like a dandelion seed.

Whenever the fire came across branches on the way, the branches seemed to know that the flame was helping it and paved out a way as the flame passed. Even the main body of the tree, at the cost of getting its branches cut off by Pan Luo, also coordinated and trapped Pan Luo. It was trying its best to keep Pan Luo in the way of the flame.

Pan Luo’s heart suddenly palpitated as if he could sense something dangerous nearing him. But other than the tree that was currently holding him down, what else could pose a threat to him?

As for Gu Lingzhi and those ants, he would take care of them after he had settled the tree.

With absolute confidence in his abilities, Pan Luo missed the last opportunity for him to be victorious.


A soft sound, that could not be any softer, landed on Pan Luo.

Pan Luo only felt as if he had been bitten by a mosquito and there was a slight numbing feeling. All of a sudden, his inflated body that had absorbed a lot of spiritual energy slowly deflated.

“Damn it! What is happening!” Pan Luo panicked.

But no matter how much he panicked, he could not change the fact that his body had been pierced through by a ball of grey chaotic flame.

From the outside, this small injury did not seem like much and would not be a threat to him.

But it was fatal. All the spiritual energy in him seemed to leak out of the small hole that was about as big as a fingernail. Like a balloon that was deflating, Pan Luo’s body immediately shrunk.

Pan Luo, who had become skinny, did not have a large amount of spiritual energy to tap on and was slapped ferociously onto the ground by a thick tree branch. The force of him getting thrown on the ground created a hole that was three meters tall.

Before he could crawl out of the hole, numerous small branches beat him to it and wrapped around him, dragging him out of the hole and lifting him up in the air. All four of his limbs were spread open.

“Bastard, let me go. Lin Tian, you old man! Let me go!” Pan Luo bellowed in fear.

Having lost all his extra spiritual energy, he was now just a normal upper-class True God and would be affected by the Demon Plants’ ability to restrict spiritual energy. With his spiritual energy trapped in his body, he could not produce any threatening attacks.

Gu Lingzhi, who had fallen to the floor, paralyzed with exhaustion immediately looked at Pan Luo with wide eyes.

“Lin Tian…” Was that the name that she remembered?

At this moment, Pan Luo did not possess even a slight threat as the Deity King. Facing imminent death, he was not even comparable to a child. With no result after his shouts, he started to shamelessly plead.

“Teacher, teacher, I know what I have done wrong. Please let me go. I swear I will never go against the Spirit Tribe ever again. Please let me go on account of our teacher disciple relationship…”

Pan Luo’s words repeated itself in Gu Lingzhi’s mind.

Pan Luo only had one teacher and that was the Spirit Tribe leader, Lin Tian, which he had taken advantage of.

Could it be that the Spirit Tribe Leader was not dead?

Gu Lingzhi’s breathing sped up.

Unfortunately, Demon Plants were Demon Plants and were unable to say anything.

As Pan Luo was shouting, the tree seemed to lose control of itself. Even if it could not say anything, its fury and anger could be felt by those nearby.

A branch that was as thick as an arm seemed to not want to hear anymore words come out of Pan Luo’s mouth as it stuffed itself into his mouth, preventing him from being able to say anything more.

The branches that were holding Pan Luo up also tightened. The branches that were holding onto his four limbs and head started to pull in all five directions. Under Pan Luo’s miserable cries, his right leg was torn off his body under the pressure of the tree, creating a mist of red in the air. Thereafter, his right arm, left leg, brain and left arm got pulled off, one after the other. Finally, only his bare body was left. His body was then thrown by the tree far into the distance, landing amongst numerous Demon Plants until it was finally swallowed.

One generation of Deity King ended pathetically. On the other side, the three True Gods were looking at the huge tree warily, taking a few steps back in fear. They were afraid that they would suffer the same fate as Pan Luo.

Gu Lingzhi stared dumbly at the scene in front of her. She did not feel the wild happiness that should have come after getting her revenge. Instead, tears rolled down her face, gently caressing the tree branch of the tree.

The Heaven-Reaching Tree could not speak, but could transfer its emotions to her.

From the feelings that the tree was directing at her, Gu Lingzhi could see a scene in front of her. It was a memory that belonged to Lin Tian.

Back in the past, when Leader Lin Tian had been killed by Pan Luo and a few other True Gods, his soul did not disappear. Instead, with a huge grudge, it had attached itself to a large tree, coexisting with it.

This large tree was the one in front of her that had killed Pan Luo.

Thereafter, living in the tree for so long, Lin Tian had discovered a unique way of cultivation. It was to swallow other Martial Artists in order to strengthen himself.

After all, the people that remained in the Realm of the Gods all owed the Spirit Tribe their lives and he did not feel guilty swallowing them.

In this manner, as he swallowed more, the body of the tree became stronger and stronger. Maybe it was because they were near him, but the plants that were growing next to him changed. They became smarter and turned into Demon Plants, slowly giving rise to the reputation that the Thousand Mountains range had.

As he got stronger, he attracted Pan Luo’s curiosity as Pan Luo found out how the Thousand Mountains Range had formed. There were numerous times when Pan Luo tried to kill him but almost died because his spiritual energy got restricted.

It was no wonder Pan Luo was the person that could massacre the entire Spirit Tribe. After thinking and planning for some time, he came up with an idea that was to use the blood of the Spirit Tribe to create a Teleportation Spell right into the middle of the tree. This was why when he knew that there were people that ascended from the Tianyuan Continent, he immediately called for their capture.

When Gu Lingzhi and everyone else entered the Secret Territory, it was actually the inside of the large tree and all the balls of lights were the tree’s life force.

Using all sorts of methods, Pan Luo tried to reduce the strength of the large tree. That so-called exit was the life source of the tree. As long as they smashed it, they could injure the tree.

It was just that he never thought that the Gui Yuan Clan would appear and ruin his plans. According to his original plan, he would have used the badges of spiritual energy from the remaining survivors on the tree. However, because of Gu Lingzhi, he had used it on them instead, allowing the tree to find a chance to make a move. Having inflicted self injury on over 800 of them, the tree then pulled Pan Luo out.

Of course, the reason why Pan Luo spent so much effort trying to get rid of the tree was not only because of Lin Tian, but also the tree that Lin Tian had been raising. It contained a crystal soul.

As long as he could get the crystal soul made from Lin Tian, even if he could not enter the Realm of the Deity King as legend foretold, his powers would definitely rise by another level. He would then be the true ruler of the Realm ofthe Gods. However, this was all up in smoke now.

Looking at the blue crystal that appeared in her hand like an illusion, Gu Lingzhi held it preciously to her chest.

“Ancestor, let me bring you home.”

The blue crystal glowed as if it was replying to her.

Gu Lingzhi smiled as she looked at the three people beside her who held complicated expressions, “Let’s go.”

With the soul crystal made from Lin Tian, the Demon Plants in the Thousand Mountains Range would not attack them.

Giving her a complex look, the three of them followed along.

Behind them, the tree who had lost the soul of its old friend that it held for so many years, swayed its branches reminiscently in the wind as if bidding farewell.

Who knew that the Thousand Mountains Range that caused fear to well in people’s hearts was actually created by the Spirit Tribe Leader. It looked like the history of the Realm of the Gods were going to be rewritten.

As she exited the Thousand Mountains Range, Gu Lingzhi quickly returned to the Gui Yuan Clan and let everyone out. She then told them the story of how Pan Luo had perished in the Secret Territory.

With the lucky survivors as witnesses, the Deity King’s Palace which had been upheld and respected by the people of the Realm of the Gods was now a hated existence. The Tianyan Clan also gradually disbanded after the Deity King’s Palace was destroyed and with the pressure of the other clans.

As for the Gui Yuan Clan, they shifted from being located near the Thousand Mountains Range to moving directly into the Thousand Mountains Range. They became the force that no one dared to touch in the Realm of the Gods. Almost all their disciples were trained in spiritual cultivation and physical strength. In addition, Martial Artists that possessed wood Spiritual Roots all raised Demon Plants as pets. They were an existence that gave people a headache.

Of course, that all happened after.

When the Deity King’s Palace was destroyed, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan went to the common border of the Realm of the Gods and the Tianyuan Continent.

The two worlds were separated by a chaotic energy. Taking a deep breath, she created an array on the outside of the chaotic energy according to a method that she had found in the Deity King’s Palace.

With a flash, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan vanished from the Realm of the Gods and reappeared in the place where they had first ascended.

Looking at the familiar scenery of the Tianyuan Continent, Gu Lingzhi shouted excitedly, “I am back!” Her voice travelled in all four directions, awakening the Tianyuan Continent that had been sealed for millenia...

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