Chapter 447 – In the Depths of Thousand Mountains Range

“My badge! What is going on?”

“Damn it, there’s something wrong with the badge, quickly destroy it!”

Everyone started to talk at the same time.

Gu Lingzhi immediately reacted and destroyed her badge the second it flew out of her Storage Ring. But still, there were quite a number of badges that flew towards Pan Luo.

With his hands wide open, Pan Luo welcomed the small badges of light. The many badges surrounded him as he absorbed them as if he was receiving a premium bath. His aura became stronger and stronger as he absorbed the light. Even the injury that he had gotten earlier was healing.

“Quick! Stop him from absorbing the spiritual energy!” Rong Yuan shouted as he quickly activated the strong force in his Dragon Sword.

Ever since Gu Lingzhi had modified all their weapons to become Godly Spiritual Weapons, there was no need to prepare the three special skills beforehand as they could be activated whenever.

Boom, boom, boom!

Numerous attacks fell on Pan Luo but none hit his body. They had all been deflected by the light. As everyone saw what happened, no one dared to waste their energy anymore.

If he was already so strong despite not having absorbed it completely, what would happen when he finished absorbing all the energy?

Everyone rose once again. This time, instead of attacking with the spiritual energy from a distance, they took their weapons and went head to head with him.

Pan Luo suddenly lifted his head and took a deep breath, breathing in the rest of the spiritual energy. Pan Luo’s entire body inflated like a balloon, looking as if he could burst any second.

“Get lost!” Pan Luo bellowed.

The air in front of him was mixed with the rest of the spiritual energy, forming a frantic wave that threw the people in front of him back. Blood flowed from their mouths.

It was just a soundwave and it could cause so much damage? Everyone was stunned.

Pan Luo’s abilities had increased by at least two fold after absorbing the spiritual energy.

Looking at the ‘cockroaches’ in front of him, Pan Luo’s round body turned at a speed that made the people in front of him dazed as they stumbled slightly. Immediately two people were thrown backwards as two holes appeared in their chests. They were completely dead. was this possible?

The same question rose in everyone’s mind. Pan Luo’s method definitely exceeded the powers of a True God. Did the Deity King possibly advance to another level after all these years?

Gu Lingzhi’s face fell as she thought of a realm that had been written in one of the ancient books of the Spirit Tribe – the Realm of the Deity King.

It was not referring to a realm that Pan Luo created by himself, but an actual and concrete realm that surpassed the True Gods.

But wasn’t that realm just a theory and no one had actually reached that stage?

Why…did it seem like Pan Luo might have reached that realm?

Was Pan Luo really favored by the heavens? Even after all his evil deeds, he would still be able to enter a realm that others would not even dream of touching? She could not believe this!

“All the energy he has now is externally gained and he definitely won’t be able to hold out for long. Let’s all give our strongest attack and suppress his realm!” Rong Yuan declared decisively.

“That’s right, this is definitely not his true abilities. If this really is what he is capable of then he would not have been forced into exhaustion by us just now!” Gu Lingzhi continued. Having thought out the critical factor, she calmed down.

“Ha…so what if you all found out?” Pan Luo mocked as if he was looking at a bunch of ants, “Before that happens, I will kill all of you one by one.”

Behaving as if he was sure to win, only he knew his true self.

Having plotted and schemed for a few hundred years, he was just about to succeed when suddenly the Gui Yuan Clan appeared, ruining his plans.

Why weren’t they threatened by the Demon Plants and even saved so many people! He had to quickly kill these people to prevent any more delays!

With his decision made, he did not care if he had to waste some of his spiritual energy as he pushed forth a wave of attacks.

The frenzy of attacks fell on the people around him, immediately killing the weaker ones. The threat of death loomed on everyone’s heads.

“Go and die!” Pan Luo bellowed. A surge of intense spiritual energy left his body and formed an enormous spiritual energy vortex. Gu Lingzhi wanted to destroy the horrifying vortex that was forming but the attack that she sent out merely added to the vortex. A blotch of red appeared in the vortex before it quickly turned into an ominous red colour, making everyone increase the intensity of their attacks.

A terrifying wave was emitted by the red colour that made it clear to everyone that if they were hit by that vortex, they would either die or be severely injured.


A deafening sound was accompanied by an intense wave, causing the entire Secret Territory to tremble.

The upper-class True Gods as well as the people near him were all affected by this attack and fell to the ground as they spat out blood.

Was this the power of the Deity King? It was absolutely terrifying…

Gu Lingzhi gave a miserable chuckle. She never thought that they who had the advantage would actually be defeated. The Deity King’s attack had prevented her from even making a connection with her Inheritance Space.

“How dare all of you betray me?” Pan Luo looked at the people on the ground as he laughed sinisterly, “You all are asking for death, don’t blame me for being brutal!”

As he finished speaking, a ball of light that was similar to the horrifying one earlier appeared in his hands. He raised it up…

Just when everyone thought they were sure to die, the entire Secret Territory shook as an even more explosive and intense light appeared from the exit they found earlier. A growl that seemed to be able to pierce through the sky sounded from the other side of the exit.

Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan had fallen near the exit. Rong Yuan’s eyes flashed as he made a split decision. Activating the remaining spiritual energy that he had left, he lifted his crippled body and threw his Dragon Sword towards the exit.

The light ray flickered because of that attack once again. Due to Pan Luo’s attack earlier, the Secret Territory was already on the brink of collapse. Now with Rong Yuan’s attack, it was the last straw as it fell apart, exposing the world outside.

Azure blue skies, luscious green plants and continuous mountains. That was…

Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi’s eyes contracted. Having been using the Thousand Mountains Range as a training ground, they could not have found this sight any more familiar.

They never would have thought that on the other side of the Secret Territory, it would be the Thousand Mountains Range. What was the Secret Territory’s exit doing here?

Before they could figure it out, a piercing cry sounded. It was the same voice that they had heard before the exit had opened.

Following that, a glistening emerald green vine that was filled with energy came through the exit. In a flash, it had wrapped around Pan Luo who had yet to react, throwing him out violently.


Were they saved?

Gu Lingzhi immediately tried to connect with her Inheritance Space and realised that she could use it. She immediately dragged her severely injured body through the crowd and placed anyone who had lost consciousness or had completely exhausted their energy in her Inheritance Space. Of course, she did not forget those that had died.

“Thank you.” A conscious man thanked her as he was placed in Gu Lingzhi’s Inheritance Space. He had used up all his energy and was no longer able to fight, he was only conscious because of his strong will to live.

Gu Lingzhi chuckled bitterly only following heaven’s orders, “Don’t thank me too early, I still don’t know if we can get out of here alive.”

Under Rong Yuan’s pleading look, she also placed him, who had depleted all his spiritual energy, in her Inheritance Space.

After she did all this, only her and three other people remained in the Secret Territory. Gu Lingzhi walked to the exit and said, “ If you all are scared, I can keep you in the Inheritance Space.”

This was the plan when worst came to worst. Nobody knew what the situation was on the outside. If they stayed in the space, they could even heal and train in her Inheritance Space until the situation improves.

The three of them fell silent for a while before shaking their heads.

As True Gods that had lived for so many years, while they still had energy, they preferred to control their own fates.

“Okay.” Gu Lingzhi nodded before taking a step into the halo.

As Gu Lingzhi had expected, the outside world was really the Thousand Mountains Range.

It was just that where they were now was the utmost center of the Thousand Mountains Range. According to the legend, no one has ever been so deep in before. The land stretched on for miles and the only thing that could be seen was a tall tree that seemed to stretch to the heavens.

Pan Luo, who was now fat because of the spiritual energy was currently fighting with the Heaven-Reaching Tree. The numerous branches joined together to form a brutal sight. They were like knives as they scratched Gu Lingzhi’s face.

Gu Lingzhi did not waste her spiritual energy trying to defend against the tree. Instead, she assessed the battle before lifting her Fengwu Sword slowly, The five colours representing the five Spiritual Roots shone, gathering along the body of her sword forming a grey halo at the tip of her sword.

This was a move that Gu Lingzhi created when she advanced to an upper-class True God level. She had integrated the five spiritual energies in equilibrium and formed a small halo of chaotic spiritual energy.

It was just that this integration required some time and during the fight previously, she was not given the luxury of time to prepare. Hence, she could only leave it till now.

Chaos, which was also known as the beginning of all living things.

With this unimaginable power, she hoped that this strike would cause a huge damage on Pan Luo. Or at least, create a chance for this tree.

Compared to dying under Pan Luo, Gu Lingzhi preferred dying because of this tree after getting her revenge.

Concentrating on her task, Gu Lingzhi did not realise that the small portion of branches that had intended on attacking her had stopped. After seeing her activate her spiritual energy, it froze as it saw the five spiritual roots that were unique to the Spirit Tribe. It stopped attacking her and instead surrounded her, looking as if it was trying to protect her.

At the same time, the branches that had broken up to attack the three other people also stopped their attacks here and regathered to attack their opponent – Pan Luo.

The fight between Pan Luo and the tree intensified. An uncountable number of branches attacked Pan Luo wildly. However, Pan Luo’s body was covered in spiritual energy and the impact of the branches on him was minimal. He could still use his spiritual energy to fight and even seemed to have an upper hand.

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