Chapter 445 – Fortune in Misfortune

“Say something! How are you going to explain what happened to Elder Wuxin?” The elder from the Xijian Clan demanded.

Gong Yichen got forced to take two steps back as his mind spun quickly, trying to think of an answer, “Elder Wuxin may have fallen because the disciples in his clan were too weak and he got into trouble while trying to rescue them.”

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the two of them fighting and no one noticed how Gu Lingzhi’s body stiffened as she caught sight of someone within the Tianyan Clan. Her face distorted with hatred.

Sensing the mood in Gu Lingzhi change, Rong Yuan immediately grabbed her hand and tried to console her. His eyes were indescribably gloomy as he looked across.

Hearing this excuse, the people from the Xijian Clan were extremely disappointed.


This word was present in the hearts of everyone in the Xijian Clan. The small amount of hope they had left had evaporated along with Gong Yichen’s meaningless retorts.

This was a conspiracy set by the Tianyan Clan and the Deity King!

No matter what their goal was, at this very moment, the people from the Xijian Clan knew that they would never be loyal to the Deity King ever again. They will not be a sacrificial chess piece of his.

“If that is the case, then you all should stay here too.” The elder from the Xijian Clan suddenly claimed as he drew out his sword, pointing it directly at Gong Yichen.

If the Tianyan Clan could plot against them then they could counter attack as well. He did not believe that with so many of them, they could not defeat the people from the Tianyan Clan.

Hearing the sound of his sword unsheathing, Gu Lingzhi refocused on the situation at hand, burying her strong feelings of hatred. Taking a deep breath, she turned to the elders of the Xijian Clan and said, “Let’s go.”

“Go?” The elders of the Xijian Clan could not believe what they heard, “Are we just going to let them go?”

The Secret Territory was extremely big. If they missed this opportunity, who knew when they were going to meet them again? If they did not grab the chance now, they might never have the chance to take revenge.

With her back towards the people from the Tianyan Clan, she used her eyes to get everyone’s attention on her. In a calm voice, she said, “What the elder from Tianyan Clan said is right, it was our choice to enter the Secret Territory and whether we live or die is up to fate. We shouldn’t blame the people who organised this just because we met with some danger.”

As she finished speaking, she then led the Gui Yuan Clan people away from the Tianyan Clan. The Wanhua Clan muttered within themselves before deciding to go with their ally.

Only the Xijian Clan was left. With only their clan, it would be difficult to deal with the entire Tianyan Clan who was stronger than them. The elder from the Xijian Clan had no choice but to lead the Xijian Clan away.

When they were far away enough from the Tianyan Clan and were sure that they would not be overheard, Elder Leng Shuang from the Xijian Clan asked, “Elder Gu, why did you ask us to leave? Now that we have missed that opportunity, there won’t be many opportunities that we will be able to make them pay.”

The people from the Wanhua Clan looked at Gu Lingzhi with similarly confused looks, wanting an answer.

Gu Lingzhi pronounced every word in this single sentence clearly, “The man wearing black among the Tianyan Clan is Pan Luo.”

Afraid that there would be some people that didn’t know who Pan Luo was, Gu Lingzhi added on, “The Deity King.”

The Deity King was amongst the Tianyan Clan!

“What is the Deity King trying to do? Does he really want to build the strength of the Tianyan Clan and reduce the power of all the other clans?”

In order to obtain good results in the Clan Tournament, all the participants were the pillars and backbones of every clan. If these people were to die, in the next few thousands of years, the Realm of the Gods would continue to be dominated by the Tianyan Clan.

The elder from the Wanhua Clan scoffed, “Isn’t this what the Deity King loves to do? It is not like we are short of people that he has harmed before. He is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing!”

In the next few days, as everyone was trapped in the Secret Territory, there were more and more deaths. On the outside, everyone was condemning the Tianyan Clan like never before due to the loss of numerous of their important members. They forced the Tianyan Clan to activate a spell to protect the clans, if not, the Tianyan Clan was going to perish under all the furious clans.

However, the spiritual mountains that were used to conduct the Clan Tournament could no longer be used.

In the Secret Territory, the space which had once been overflowing with an abundance of green was now in a discouraged state. The only colour came from the decaying plants, which was a greenish-yellow colour. The group with the Gui Yuan Clan had become a lot bigger. The small alliance which had started off with three clans had now become an alliance containing the remaining members of over ten clans.

On this day, everyone was working together to kill the Demon Plants that were surrounding them. All of a sudden, the ground beneath their feet shook.

In the north direction, a strong green light exploded into the sky.

“That is…”

“Could it be that someone found the exit to the Secret Territory?” Someone shouted in happiness.

Rong Yuan pondered for a while before deciding, “Whether or not someone found the exit, we must go over to take a look.”

The huge disturbance must mean something.

Everyone had the same thoughts as they changed direction and headed towards the source of the tremble.

Luckily, the epicentre of the tremble was not far from where they were and they reached in two hours.

When they rushed there, there were over ten people already surrounding the halo of light. Everyone looked exhausted as an aura seemed to ripple around their bodies. With one look, anyone could tell they had been through many life-threatening situations.

When Gu Lingzhi and the rest saw them, they also saw the group coming. Seeing this group of people supporting each other and forming a complete group, their pupils shrunk.

In the Secret Territory, usually, only one out of ten people could survive.

But looking at this entire group in front of them, they did not look like they had gone through a rough battle. Especially those that were even luckier and had joined the Gui Yuan Clan early, their groups were the most complete. It was so complete that it made them jealous.

“You guys…” An old man’s lips twitched. His clothes were in shambles and there was hardly a part of him that was not injured. Looking at Leng Shuang amongst them, he said, “Elder Leng, why are you all…”

Before the old man could complete his sentence, Leng Shuang already knew what he wanted to ask and chuckled bitterly, “We were very lucky to be helped by friends from the Gui Yuan Clan and manage to save our energy. If not, we would have lost our lives to the Demon Plants on the second day that we entered the Secret Territory.”

The other clans echoed along about how lucky they were and how grateful they were to the Gui Yuan Clan.

The old man’s gaze fell on Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan who were leading the Gui Yuan Clan. Rong Yuan immediately reacted and said sincerely, “They are too modest, we were set up by evil people and should naturally work together. That is the only way to survive. By helping them, we were helping ourselves too. If not, this journey would be too dangerous and with just our Gui Yuan Clan, we wouldn’t have been able to make it.”

“Elder Rong, you are too polite,” someone exclaimed, “Whatever the case is, we will forever remember the Gui Yuan Clan’s grace. As long as we can get out of this place alive, my Wandao Clan will forever be an alliance to the Gui Yuan Clan!”

Leng Shuang immediately joined in, “My Xijian Clan as well.”

“And my Wanhua Clan.”

“My Tianxin Clan too.”


Everyone from the different clans who managed to survive all expressed their friendship towards the Gui Yuan Clan.

This development caused Rong Yuan’s eyes to shine.

He did not know why Pan Luo had sent them in here, but from the looks of things, things were developing to the advantage of the Gui Yuan Clan.

Before this, he was thinking that their alliance was not strong enough and was afraid that they would not be able to do anything to Pan Luo. But from the looks of things now, Pan Luo was digging his own grave.

With one move, he had offended so many clans. There was only one sentence for this - when heaven brought about catastrophes, we might be able to survive them. But when we brought bad karma upon ourselves, there was no escaping!

As the people surrounding the light saw their behaviours, they asked if they knew anything about the Secret Territory. When they found out that the Secret Territory was a trap set by the Deity King to force them to their deaths, they exploded with fury.

They then heard that the Deity King was hiding amongst the Tianyan Clan. In addition, as long as they did not attack the green light, they would not be attacked by the Demon Plants within it. If they attacked any Demon Plants, they would be counter-attacked by all the Demon Plants within 50 meters of them. When they heard all this, their hatred for Pan Luo reached its maximum.

They had every reason to believe that this entire scene had been orchestrated by Pan Luo to reduce the power of the top 100 clans in the Realm of the Gods.

On the other hand, Gu Lingzhi and the rest believed that the halo green light in front of them could very well be the exit to the secret territory.

It was just that everyone had been traumatised by the light rays containing Demon Plants and was afraid that if they got anywhere closer than one meter of the green light, whatever horrific thing that was hidden within the green light halo would kill all of them here.

Rong Yuan was similarly undecided about the green halo. Just when everyone could not come to a decision, a group came rushing towards them from a distance.

Who else would it be other than the Tianyan Clan?

The person leading the group was wearing black as his pitch black pupils shone with wild delight. When they were still a distance away from the light ray, he could not help but attack the light ray. His golden sword energy striked the light ray, causing the halo to tremble violently.

Behind him, Gong Yichen immediately bellowed, “Aren’t you all going to quickly open the exit? The first one out will be ranked first in the Clan Tournament!”

No one moved.

If it were a few hours ago and the people that first discovered the light ray did not hear the truth from Gu Lingzhi, with this instigation, they might have actually struck at the green light and helped Pan Luo open it.

But now, they were not going to.

Knowing their plot, why would they still help them?

“Why are you all standing there and doing nothing? Aren’t you all going to hurry up?” Gong Yichen encouraged them as he led the Tianyan Clan to attack the light halo behind Pan Luo.

“Tsk, then as you wish.” Leng Shuang snorted. His long sword was set ablaze with an orange flame that looked as if it could burn even the air around it as he struck ferociously at the light halo.

“Stay here and pay for the innocent lives of my Xijian Clan disciples that were lost!”

With this one strike, he opened the gates that held back the fury he was holding in for days. Not only did he take action, the people that first found the gates also charged at the Tianyan Clan.

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