Chapter 43 - The Student Union’s Quests

Every student had a medallion that served two functions – their hostel room number, as well as to record their points.

Gu Lingzhi had a student medallion as well, just that up until now, she did not have a single point in it.

As a Level Three Martial Student, as long as she did not challenge anybody openly, nobody would intentionally challenge her because it would be considered bullying. Of course, other than Tianfeng Jin, she was battle-crazy.

She had not attained the status of an Alchemist, so even if someone had challenged her and the result was a draw, she would stand to gain because she would technically be battling someone of a higher rank than her, which meant that she would gain points.

“Tonight, I shall go to the Alchemist Association to get an appraisal so that I can start receiving challenges tomorrow,” Gu Lingzhi said to herself.

Qin Xinran leaped down the combat stage nimbly. With a timid smile plastered on her face, she asked Gu Lingzhi, “Lingzhi, do you want to try? You can challenge me, I’ll give you free points.”

“It’s okay.” Gu Lingzhi only had the capabilities of a Level Four Martial Student and after seeing Qin Xinran’s ferocity, she did not think that she could beat Xinran. The male student that Xinran had fought with previously could not even stand up and needed people to hold him up.

“Qin Xinran, I may have lost today, but sooner or later, I will defeat you!” that male student shouted indignantly.

“I welcome you to challenge me anytime,” Qin Xinran said with no trace of politeness, and the timid expression on the face immediately became one of determination.

Gu Lingzhi wondered how Qin Xinran look so harmless yet be so violent and ferocious.

Almost as if Xinran could sense Lingzhi’s thoughts, she said, “Some people are just like that. They still want to challenge you even though they know that they are no match for you. I had no choice but to do this. If I went easy on them, they would keep asking me for a challenge, it’s annoying.”

“Yes, I get what you mean,” Gu Lingzhi nodded and agreed, but internally she did not believe a word of what Xinran said.

If Xinran did not have a choice, why did she still look so ecstatic? Obviously, she was so excited that she could not control her powers.

“Do you want to enter the Training Tower?” Qin Xinran asked.

“Yes, are you going too?”

“I don’t think so,” Xinran wrinkled her nose. “I was bored of going through those few Levels anyway. Why don’t we go do a quest instead?”

“A quest?”

Gu Lingzhi knew about this. The school would release a few quests every day for students to complete. Upon completing a quest, students could earn points. These points could be accumulated to be used in exchange for resources to help them in Alchemy. Because of this, it was common for students with poorer family backgrounds to go to the Student Union and complete quests during their break times.

But Qin Xinran was the only daughter of the Qin Clan which meant that she was wealthy. Why would she need to complete quests?

“Don’t you know that you could exchange points for cultivation resources?” Qin Xinran asked. Upon seeing the expression on Gu Lingzhi’s face, she could tell what Gu Lingzhi was thinking. “Though I have my clan supporting me, there’s a limit to how much they can provide for me. I get cultivation resources for completing quests and I also get to train myself at the same time, isn’t that better than going to the Training Tower?”

After weighing the options again, Gu Lingzhi agreed to Qin Xinran’s suggestion. Gu Lingzhi had already gone into the Training Tower yesterday, but she had not tried completing a quest. This would be a good chance to familiarize herself with the process of doing a quest.

The Student Union was located in the center of the school, which took them half an hour to get there. It was very crowded as all the students had just ended class.

Just as Gu Lingzhi was thinking of how to get to the front of the crowd, someone at the front had shouted, “The lunatic is here!”

Immediately, the crowd split into two to give way to Gu Lingzhi and Qin Xinran. Some students wrinkled their brows in annoyance, but they still stepped aside, not because they were scared of Qin Xinran but because they did not want to provoke someone as crazy as her.

Gu Lingzhi finally understood why everyone had steered clear of her every time she was with Qin Xinran. Thinking back to the time when she first met Qin Xinran in the classroom, there was no one seated near her too.

Could it be that Qin Xinran had talked to Gu Lingzhi because nobody else in the school had cared about her?

When Gu Lingzhi looked over at Qin Xinran, she still carried that timid expression on her face, as if she did not care about how people were looking at her.

Inside the Student Union was a long table where some seniors were seated. Behind them was a wall written full of quests. Students that wanted to receive quests had to register the quests under their names.

As both of them were about to choose their quests, the crowd clamoured.

Gu Lingzhi turned her head instinctively, and saw a girl wearing a white robe. She was not particularly good-looking, but her aura was strong. Amongst the commotion, Gu Lingzhi heard the name ‘Beicheng Haoyue’.

Was this the person that the Great Elder had warned her about?

Like Tianfeng Jin, Beicheng Haoyue looked like a cold person. However, Beicheng Haoyue had an aura that made her unapproachable.

The entrance of the Student Union was crowded but no one had gone in to receive their quests. Beicheng Haoyue saw Gu Lingzhi and Qin Xinran at the front of the long table. She paused for a while, before she gave a slight smile.

“You must be Gu Lingzhi. When you have the time, let’s have a discussion about Alchemy.”

“Sure,” Gu Lingzhi agreed with a grin.

Although Gu Lingzhi was confident in her abilities, she was not arrogant enough to believe that Beicheng Haoyue would harm her.

The two of them were equally good-looking and outstanding, which made the crowd stare in awe. Many of them thought that standing beside Beicheng Haoyue would make Gu Lingzhi look dull, but unexpectedly, she did not seem inferior in any aspect.

Both of them had their own unique beauty, it was difficult to judge who was better than the other. But one thing was for sure – they were both extremely beautiful.

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