Chapter 40 - Training Tower

Xin Yi was very efficient. When Gu Lingzhi finished her dinner with Ye Fei and was about to go shopping in the capital, a huge amount of medicinal ingredients had already been delivered to her dorm.

“I never thought that Xin Yi could actually be so thoughtful. He knows that the most important thing when practicing medicine cultivation are the ingredients and he sent such a large amount over. Sheesh, I actually feel pain for him.” Ye Fei said as she saw Gu Lingzhi place the items in her Storage Ring.

Gu Lingzhi was mildly surprised, the medicinal ingredients that Xin Yi has ordered for her were all used to make middle grade Yellow-Level Spiritual Medicine. There were even some pill formulas for commonly-used medicines. This compensation package was worth almost a fifth of what Gu Rong had given to her. In addition, the things that Gu Rong gave her were meant to last her for half a year.

Alas, Ye Fei returned the Storage Ring to Gu Lingzhi and concluded, “Your Alchemy talent must have caught Xin Yi’s eye and he wants to buy you over.”

Gu Lingzhi laughed blandly and did not believe Ye Fei’s deduction.

Thereafter, under Ye Fei’s guidance, the two of them went for a leisurely stroll in the capital city’s busiest East prefecture.

It is no wonder that the Ye Family was the biggest conglomerate in the Xia Kingdom. At least half of the shops located in the busiest streets belonged to the Ye Family.

Ye Fei emphasized to Gu Lingzhi that in the future, when she made medicine, she had to sell it to the Ye Family first. Gu Lingzhi could only laugh bitterly and agree. That night, with Ye Fei guiding and explaining things to her, Gu Lingzhi had a rough idea of how the capital city worked.

At the very least, she now knew which shops to buy her medicinal ingredients from so that she would not be scammed.

When she returned to her room, Gu Lingzhi took out the cupboard and chairs that she bought and decorated her room with Ye Fei’s help. According to Ye Fei, her room had finally transformed from being pitiful to becoming a room that was somewhat livable.

The night passed and the next day, as Gu Lingzhi did not have any Alchemy class, she went to learn Martial Skills in the Martial Student District.

There was a lot of freedom in the Royal School and students could attend any class they were interested in. The class that Gu Lingzhi joined today was one that taught wood-based Martial Skills.

Due to her astounding performance the day before, Gu Lingzhi received significantly lesser malicious gazes as she entered the class.

Glancing over them, Gu Lingzhi saw arrogant looks directed at her from some pretty girls.

It seems like the Third Prince’s admirers were everywhere.

After class, Gu Lingzhi realized that although the methods the teacher taught were not as detailed as those that were noted down in the Inheritance Space, they were still very practical,nonetheless. A simple punch and kick could have ten over combinations that were completely new to Gu Lingzhi. Once again, she was overjoyed at the fact that she entered the Royal School, if she were to disregard the many admirers of the Third Prince that caused trouble for her.

After her class in the morning, Gu Lingzhi headed to the Training Tower in the Martial Student District before lunchtime.

At the battle arena next to the Training Tower, there were several students battling each other. Surrounding the platform were a group of students spectating the match in excitement, which made it more lively than the Alchemy District.

It was a highly dangerous challenge involving real weapons and the violence made the matches more interesting than the ones at the Alchemy District.

As Gu Lingzhi watched on, she could not help but admit that the students from the Royal School were entirely in a league of their own. At least, compared to the battles between students she saw back at the Gu Clan, it was extremely clear that the students from the Royal School were much more outstanding.

Watching the matches in itself were extremely nerve-wracking.

It will not belong before Gu Lingzhi would be up there challenging other students as well! 

Gu Lingzhi silently cheered herself on as she turned and headed to her destination.

From the outside, the Training Tower looked identical to the Alchemy Tower. The most eye-catching difference was the white stone tablet displayed in front of the Training Tower.

The stone tablet did not contain many words, only a list of ten names. This simple list of ten names, however, represented the ten most outstanding Martial Students of the year.

Gu Lingzhi found Tianfeng Jin’s name on the third line just as she had expected.

The first was Xin Yi while Xi Hongru occupied the second spot.

“Hopefully, my name will be on this list before I advance to become a Martial Practitioner,” Gu Lingzhi muttered to herself. It was the exact same thing that almost every student had wished for, and it was also the reason why the stone tablet was placed here.

Entering the first level of the Training Tower, a wave of heat hit Gu Lingzhi. She could only see the ground that was dark red in colour, as well as a layer of white mist that rose due to the heat.

“The Training Tower is a special magical space and each level is an independent space. The first and second levels test the physical strength of a Martial Artist. Since I have been using the Spirit Essence Bath every day to strengthen my body, this should not be a problem.”

Commenting on herself, Gu Lingzhi stepped onto the dark red floor. Immediately as she stepped onto the red floor, she felt a boiling sensation rise from the bottom of her feet. Gu Lingzhi realised that the reason the floor seemed red was because it was made of sand that was heated until they glowed red.

To prevent the soles of her shoes from burning due to the heat, Gu Lingzhi utilized the earth and water spiritual energies within her to create a bubble of water to encase her feet. She then created an additional layer of earth energy to insulate the heat from getting through.

Carefully, she proceeded forward. Beside her, there were students who rushed forward in front of her and many used different methods to combat the heat from the sand.

There were those that encased their entire body using their spiritual energy to lower their temperature while there were others that just dashed through and tolerated the heat directly on their skin. At any moment, shouts of someone being burnt could be heard and the whole place was extremely chaotic.

Following the route, Gu Lingzhi proceeded forward and could feel herself becoming breathless soon enough. The extremely high temperatures were suffocating and filled the air with fire energy. It was almost too much for her to withstand even though she possessed a fire Spiritual Root.

Gritting her teeth, Gu Lingzhi learned from those around her to encase her whole body in an extra layer. She utilized all five of her spiritual energies to create a protective layer that completely separated her from her surroundings. Using the Heaven-Level Sparrow Wings movement technique, she weaved through the air swiftly. She had used the exact movement technique when she fought with Tianfeng Jin previously. It was rumored that in ancient times, the person that had created this technique had gotten inspiration from his close relationship with birds.

The Sparrow Wings movement technique had nine stages to it. For now, she had only learnt the first stage and she was only capable of making her body lighter. In the later stages of the Sparrow Wings movement technique, it was said that one can move as swiftly as a magical bird, moving thousands of meters in a flash. Teleportation was possible in the peak stage of this movement technique. the entire Tianyuan Continent, there were only a total number of ten books that taught the technique of teleportation. Each book was highly treasured by their owners, their whereabouts a secret.

Crossing the fiery space, just as Gu Lingzhi was about to buckle under the heat, she finally saw the exit to the next level.

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