Chapter 382 – The Spirit Tribe’s Survivors

Chu Jiang was also shocked when he heard Lin Chongyuan’s words.

As he saw Lin Chongyuan’s excited expression, he recalled the predecessor’s note that he had seen in the Chancellor’s secret library. He started to have a crazy guess in his heart, the expression with which he looked at Gu Lingzhi at, slowly started to resemble Lin Chongyuan’s.

Rong Yuan looked at the two people who were acting unnaturally and silently stood beside Gu Lingzhi so that he could protect her if required. He stared vigilantly at them.

“How do you know about the Spirit Tribe’s Sacred Lands?”

“Because the citizens of Spirit City are the survivors and descendants of the Spirit Tribe!”

Lin Chongyuan’s words caused Rong Yuan, who had already moved into a defensive stance, stunned, only able to react after a long period of time.

“What did you say…?” Gu Lingzhi asked in a trembling voice.

Lin Chongyuan sucked in a deep breath, the way he looked at Gu Lingzhi having softened, “I said… All the citizens of Spirit City are people of the Spirit Tribe. Child, I never thought that there would still be others of the Spirit Tribe on Tianyuan Continent.”

Gu Lingzhi felt like all the blood in her body was surging when she heard those words.

Her whole life, she had always believed that she would never be able to find another member of the Spirit Tribe. Now, there was even someone telling her that not only were there existing members of the Spirit Tribe, there were even plenty of them. The Spirit City that she had been staying in for a few months and liked, was actually built by the people of the Spirit Tribe.

No wonder she had never harboured any negative feelings for the Spirit City citizens despite being accused of being the murderer. This was probably due to some resonance amongst the Spirit Tribe people.

“You said that you are survivors of the Spirit Tribe, but do you have proof?”

Compared to Gu Lingzhi, who had become emotionally agitated, Rong Yuan regained his calm and reason very quickly.

Chu Jiang said proudly, “Us of the Spirit Tribe have all five Spiritual Roots. Our unparalleled talent in cultivation is the best evidence.”

Chu Jiang stretched out his left hand and on his five fingers, five different coloured balls of flame appeared. It was the colours of the five types of spiritual energy. Similarly, Lin Chongyuan also stretched out his right hand with the five different balls of flame.

Gu Lingzhi’s eyes lit up and she performed the same action. On her jade-like fingers, were five balls of flame. Just like what Chu Jiang had said, there was not much need for evidence. The presence of all five Spiritual Roots was the best evidence of a member of the Spirit Tribe. At that moment, Gu Lingzhi finally understood why the children never tested for their Spiritual Roots during the Spirit Essence Awarding Ceremony and would directly start to absorb spiritual power. It was because there was never a need to test for their Spiritual Roots.

Rong Yuan relaxed and removed his defence. He felt delighted for Gu Lingzhi, having found her fellow members of the Spirit Tribe after such a long time.

After confirming their identities, Gu Lingzhi was ecstatic. She continuously asked Lin Chongyuan and Chu Jiang about the matters of the Spirit Tribe.

Back then, after being set up by Pan Luo and his minions, all the powerful people in the Spirit Tribe were either dead or injured. They simply did not have the ability to fight a war. If they were to continue, it would only have resulted in the decimation of the Spirit Tribe. In despair, the remaining True Gods in the Spirit Tribe gathered up the remaining people and isolated them in a pocket dimension. As long as they did not step out from there, Pan Luo and his people would never be able to enter the area and kill them.

Unable to find the entrance to this space, Pan Luo sealed up any space that could have been the entrance in a fit of anger. Hence, he completely cut off the Spirit Tribe’s access to Tianyuan Continent, preventing their return. However, with so many areas being sealed up, Tianyuan Continent was unable to draw sufficient spiritual power from the primal chaos. This resulted in the thinning of spiritual energy on Tianyuan Continent and was the reason why it was unable to support Martial Artists of the True God level.

Even after this, Pan Luo was still unsatisfied. He gathered countless other True Gods together and set an extremely large array on the Tianyuan Continent. This resulted in Tianyuan Continent’s Endless Sea Realm. This huge array had constantly absorbed the spiritual power in Tianyuan Continent for countless years and was the reason behind why Tianyuan Continent was no longer able to produce any True Gods.

Pan Luo had indeed laid out a meticulous plan, but just as the saying goes, ‘the heavens will not forsake those who have the willingness to try’. Also, because of his excessive scheming, he had ended up shooting himself in the foot.

The seals that he had set up were actually more than enough to seal up the pocket dimension that the Spirit Tribe were living in until their death, unable to return to Tianyuan Continent forever. However, his insecurity caused him to create the Endless Sea Realm which was isolated from the Tianyuan Continent.

Before they exhausted their powers, the True Gods in the Spirit Tribe inadvertently opened a passage between this pocket dimension and the Lost Lands. They brought the remaining survivors of the Spirit Tribe to this land and managed to continue to survive.

What happened after, was about the same as what Gu Lingzhi had heard from Lu Heng and the others.

The Spirit Tribe built Spirit City once they had decided to stay there. After that, the other four cities appeared, followed by the appearance of their cultivation methods. After countless years, it eventually became what was now the Lost Lands and Spirit City.

“Chancellor, since you all have been forced to stay here for survival, have you never ever thought about returning to Tianyuan Continent?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t we think about it?” Lin Chongyuan smiled wryly, “After all, that is the motherland of the Spirit Tribe, why wouldn’t we want to return? However, it is too difficult. With the current situation of the Lost Lands, it is an impossible matter.”

Rong Yuan looked at him, “I heard that about a hundred years ago, you once sent a child over to Tianyuan Continent?”

Lin Chongyuan wrinkled his brows, then slowly said, “Guan Yue told you this? It’s true, a hundred and three years ago, I used a secret technique recorded within the Tribe to transport my eldest daughter outside the Lost Lands. Just that one transfer exhausted about five hundred years of accumulation of spiritual energy from the clan, and it was only enough to send away a young six-year-old girl. I’m afraid it would be impossible for us to even attempt this again.”

At this point, Lin Chongyuan revealed an expression of loss and helplessness, saying, “Lin Yu was our last hope. If she could not succeed, I’m afraid our clan will no longer have a chance to leave ever again.”

“Why is that so?” Gu Lingzhi asked concernedly. “If you have successfully sent someone out before, can’t you do it again?”

Lin Chongyuan was still recalling painful memories of his daughter that he had to send away. Seeing him lost in his memories, Chu Jiang replied on his behalf, “The formation that created the Endless Sea Realm is extremely overbearing, so it is extremely difficult to get someone through the formation. With all the energy we managed to accumulate in the Lost Lands over a few hundred years, we only managed to send one young child across. If it were a grown adult, before the transfer is even complete, he or she might be detected by the formation and annihilated.”

“Is there no other way to leave then?” Gu Lingzhi asked, persistent.

“There is,” Chu Jiang replied, with a hint of anticipation in his voice. “As long as the First Mistress can become a Demigod and return to the Lost Lands, we would have a way out!”

“You mean that…as long as one’s cultivation reaches the Demigod rank, they can leave this place?” Rong Yuan questioned, zooming in on the key point mentioned by Chu Jiang.

Unexpectedly, however, Chu Jiang shook his head, clarifying, “No, not just anyone can do it. It has to be the First Mistress.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because in order to create a channel through the Endless Sea Realm would normally take at least ten Demigods working together. Just one Demigod would be insufficient to meet that high requirement on their own.”

“But your First Mistress is also just one person,” Gu Lingzhi pointed out. But then, Gu Lingzhi remembered about the Inheritance Space and its capabilities. Even if one Demigod was not enough, it was not too difficult to train up a few more.

Chu Jiang was somewhat intrigued by her sudden change in expression, but still patiently replied, “The Chancellor’s family members are the direct descendants of the Spirit Tribe Leader. Furthermore, the First Mistress had awakened her abilities at a very young age, being selected by our clan’s Inheritance Space. Hence, as long as she manages to make it back from the outside world with the cultivation level of a Demigod, we would then have sufficient energy to cultivate.” If not for this important reason, who would bear sending their six-year-old daughter all alone to the Tianyuan Continent? Even if they prepared many life-protecting treasures for her, for Lin Yu, it was still an extremely cruel reality.

The moment he said this, however, he noticed a big change in Gu Lingzhi’s countenance, which previously showed a sense of excitement. Gu Lingzhi stammered, “What…did you…say?”

“I said…as long as the First Mistress manages to return from the outside world as a Demigod, we would have sufficient energy to cultivate,” Chu Jiang said. Thinking back to when these two people had first arrived at Spirit City, he recalled how they had immediately started trying to gather information on the big mistress, although they did not even know her name.

At that time, he was hesitant to reveal too much, in case the two newcomers had bad intentions, so he did not delve into the matter. Now, however, he once again had the chance to ask them more about the issue. “Lingzhi, did you manage to hear any news about someone like the First Mistress while you were in the Tianyuan continent? Our First Mistress was a very beautiful child, and I believe she would be even more beautiful grown up. I’m wondering if there is anyone that matches her description within the Alliance? Perhaps she is hiding among them.”

Even as Gu Lingzhi shook her head, hot tears had gathered in her eyes. Rong Yuan pulled Gu Lingzhi into his warm embrace, instantly understanding what was going through her mind.

Lin Chongyuan and Chu Jiang did not know, but he was very clear. That Inheritance Space could only be possessed by direct descendants of the Spirit Tribe Leader, and it was only when the previous owner had passed on did the Inheritance Space appear on the next successor. Given that the Inheritance Space was in Gu Lingzhi’s control, that could only mean one thing. The previous owner of the Inheritance Space was no longer in this world.

When Rong Yuan first met Gu Lingzhi, she was fifteen years old. It had been 76 years since then. He had heard that Gu Lingzhi’s mother had given birth to her when she was about eighteen years old – the description matched the age of Lin Yu. Gu Lingzhi’s mother was coincidentally surnamed Lin, so the matter was clear as day to him. Without saying anything, he just hugged Gu Lingzhi tightly.

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