Chapter 38 - An Astonishing Feat

Gu Lingzhi felt that the best way to resolve misunderstandings about her were through facts. She calmly walked to the furnace located in the centre, and retrieved the ingredients needed to make the Spirit Moulding Pill.

In every challenge, there are five rounds, where contestants had to make one pill per round. The number of pills made successfully would decide who the winner was.

Xin Zhixuan picked a furnace that she was more familiar with, and put the ingredients needed for making the Pill at one side. Seeing how calm Gu Lingzhi was, she felt increasingly uneasy.

Even Beicheng Clan’s most talented Alchemist, Beicheng Haoyue was only able to make the Spirit Moulding Pill after half a year, how could Gu Lingzhi possibly be better than that? She must just be showing off.

Xin Zhixuan felt better after comforting herself. She tilted her chin down and said, “Let’s start, to make five Pills will take up the entire afternoon. I still have plans with other people.”

Gu Lingzhi nodded her head and did not say a word before starting to make the Pill.

Xin Zhixuan immediately began after she got the ingredients, whereas Gu Lingzhi first observed them. According to the books that she has read, even the same ingredients had different compositions. Using the sense of sight alone to cultivate pills would yield a low rate of success, which was a common problem amongst most Alchemists.

There were different ways to analyze different ingredients, and the books in the Inheritance Space had listed a secret method for the best way to do so. Gu Lingzhi was using this secret method to understand the uniqueness of each ingredient, but her actions to the crowd made her seem like she did not know what she was doing.

Xin Zhixuan also thought that Gu Lingzhi did not know what she was doing, and the corner of her lips turned up slightly. Gu Lingzhi was a wastrel who had just awakened her Magical Roots not long ago, it was impossible for her to win. It seemed to Zhixuan that she had indeed been overthinking.

Putting down the nervousness in her heart, Xin Zhixuan focused on making the Pill.

She used to only have one successful attempt out of ten. Today, she actually succeeded once in four attempts. When she looked over at Gu Lingzhi, she was still looking at the ingredients in a daze. Unexpectedly, Gu Lingzhi changed one of the ingredients she was using.

Xin Zhixuan removed the leftovers from her failed attempts from the furnace and started to make the last Pill.

At this moment, Gu Lingzhi started to move her hands. In an instance, she fired up all five furnaces that were in close proximity to her.

She had picked the spot in the middle of the Arena for a good reason. Since everyone wanted to know how she got into the Royal School, then she would show them what she was made of.

“Oh my, is she crazy? Firing up all five furnaces at once - does she think she’s a Black-Level Alchemist?”

Only Black-Level Alchemists had the ability to manage multiple furnaces at once, and Gu Lingzhi was doing exactly that, even though she was only a low grade Yellow-Level Alchemist. Her actions had caused people who originally did not believe the rumors about her to switch sides. Now they all thought that she was overestimating and making a fool out of herself.

“Lady Gu, you don’t have to use such ridiculous methods to admit defeat even if you know that you are going to lose to me,” Xin Zhixuan mocked Gu Lingzhi.

Gu Lingzhi who had focused all her attention into making the pills did not even spare a glance at Xin Zhixuan. She began to purify and mix her ingredients based on her complete understanding of every single ingredient.

Nearby, at the entrance of the Training Tower, a number of boys had encircled a young man. This person looked extremely pretty and he adorned a red robe. If it was not for his Adam’s apple and his flat chest, he would have passed off as a girl.

“Young Master, are you not entering the Training Tower anymore?” one of the boys asked.

The young man waved his hand and said, “Zhixuan is currently challenging someone else at the Arena, I should go down to show my concern. I can enter the Training Tower anytime, but I cannot miss this.” The boy who had spoken silently retreated but he had his suspicions as to why his young master was suddenly interested when all along, he had never thought highly of Xin Zhixuan.

At the arena, the sun was setting. Xin Zhixuan had a delighted expression on her face as she smelled the medicinal fragrance coming from the furnace.

In the five furnaces she had successfully made two Spirit Moulding Pills. Even if both the pills only had a single Spiritual Root, it was already considered to be an excellent attempt.

Cao Yi, a teacher who had been overseeing the arena nodded his head satisfactorily. He recognized Xin Zhixuan and knew that she had enrolled in the Royal School just last year. He felt that she had a great potential for Alchemy, becoming a middle-grade Yellow Level Alchemist in the span of just a year.

When Xin Zhixuan passed the pills to Cao Yi for him to judge, he found out that the Spirit Moulding Pills that she had made consisted of two Spiritual Roots.

“Good job!” Cao Yi was pleased with Xin Zhixuan’s performance and was about to announce her as the winner, until he smelled an even stronger fragrance.

Could it be the smell of something that had been successfully made from the previous challenge between two seniors?

Curious, Xin Zhixuan turned to look. She was shocked by what she saw.

The five furnaces around her all had their lids open and the fragrance came from two of these furnaces.

“How is this possible?”

The crowd had the same reaction. No one could believe that Gu Lingzhi, who had been staring at her ingredients in a daze, would actually produce such results. Out of five attempts, she actually succeeded in two of them, and she was not even recognized as an Alchemist yet.

Whoever said that Gu Lingzhi was a wastrel and had to rely on the Third Prince to enter the Royal School? It was all a lie!

Suddenly, everyone’s opinion of Gu Lingzhi had changed.

“We can’t be sure that the pill she made successfully is the Spirit Moulding Pill! For all we know, it may just be some low grade Yellow-Level pill!” Xin Zhixuan shouted agitatedly.

Without a word, Gu Lingzhi handed over her two Spirit Moulding Pills to Cao Yi.

“Teacher, please take a look.”

Cao Yi was astonished to see that one of the pills had one Spiritual Root while the other had two, and the quality was comparable to those pills made by Xin Zhixuan.

“Yes, these two pills are indeed Spirit Moulding Pills. One of them has two Spiritual Roots.”

The crowd erupted in discussion.

How could she successfully make a Spirit Moulding Pill that had two attributes after only one month of awakening her Spiritual Roots?

No wonder the Third Prince would specially invite her to study at the Royal School, she was truly talented!

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