Chapter 379 - Finally Appearing

Unexpectedly, after experiencing that spiritual pressure, not only was his body unharmed, it even circulated around in his body and smoothed out any blockages.

Jiang Xinghai was stunned. He faintly recognised this strand of spiritual power. Lu Heng urged him to travel with Wei Lingshu and even taunted him a few times, before he suddenly remembered sensing this aura before.

This was the aura of Rong Yuan’s spiritual power!

When they had first met and had had a lively discussion, Rong Yuan’s cool yet strong spiritual attack had given him a big shock. Hence, he was very familiar with this aura.

But weren’t Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi already melted into liquid spiritual power? How could it appear again? Could it be…

Just as Jiang Xinghai was getting excited over this theory, Lu Heng was unhappy with him standing there in a daze, “Sixth Brother, what is wrong with you? Aren’t you going to stand up for Rong Yuan and Lingzhi?”

They didn’t die, so there’s no point in standing up for them anymore!

Jiang Xinghai was about to say that but quietly swallowed his words when he saw Lu Heng’s upset expression.

Their Seventh Brother was still alive, yet he did not inform them directly, choosing to let them know in an indirect manner. He obviously did not want others to know that he was still alive. However, knowing Lu Heng’s character, he definitely would not be able to keep it a secret. If Lu Heng were to ruin their plans just because he was unable to keep a secret, then everything that they had done beforehand would have gone to waste.

Immediately, Jiang Xinghai understood Rong Yuan’s intention and nodded at Lu Heng, “Alright, let’s go.”

This time, he did not ridicule Wei Lingshu with Lu Heng. Instead, he looked at the other party. He was afraid that they would ruin Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi’s plans if they were too fierce.

Not long later, they had arrived at the place where the incident occurred.

Before they arrived, everyone was already affected by the crying sounds and their mood had turned sombre. When they saw the body of the victim, several people could not help but curse out loud.

“This damned murderer still isn’t dead yet!”

“Exactly, the murderer isn’t dead yet, you’ve sentenced the wrong people to death!” Lu Heng heard someone mock. The person who had cursed out loud was speechless, as his face turned white. In the end, they had killed the wrong people. It was not wrong for them to be scolded.

The corpse in front of them was the same as the previous one. The internal organs and brains had all been dug out; and on the head and chest areas, small teeth imprints could be seen. It looked similar to the marks left behind by a human’s bite, except that the radius was bigger. Lu Heng said inexplicably, “Look at the distribution of the teeth marks. To be bitten like this, the mouth has to be able to open till it is as wide as the head. How do these people conduct their investigations? Seventh Brother and Eighth Sister had already said that the murderer isn’t a human, yet everyone did not believe them. The people from Spirit City are amazing indeed.”

Everyone was fuming mad, but he spoke the truth. When they found some evidence pointing towards their first suspect, they immediately jumped the gun and had that person killed. In their haste to find the culprit, they had neglected to properly examine the clues. Did they think that killing their suspect would solve everything?

Jiang Xinghai stood behind Lu Heng, observing the expressions on everyone’s faces, and he noticed some clues that he did not notice before.

For example, he had thought that Wei Lingshu’s silence earlier was due to her feeling guilty. Now, he realized that this had nothing to do with guilt, but she was just holding herself back.

As for the stranger who transferred spirit energy to him earlier, while he did not know how that stranger managed to change his facial features, he felt that the aura that person gave off was exactly like Rong Yuan. That would mean that the person behind him was most likely Gu Lingzhi.

When he considered this, he realized that his suspicion was probably right. Giving a silent thanks to Wei Lingshu, who must have received other instructions from Lu Heng, Jiang Xinghai began to redirect Lu Heng’s anger towards finding the real culprit.

“If not for this detestable murderer, why would our Seventh Brother and Eighth Sister have to suffer like this? The people of Spirit City are at fault, but it’s ultimately the murderer who is the biggest evil. We must find the murderer and get revenge for Rong Yuan and Lingzhi!”

“That’s right! We must not let the murderer get away!” Lu Heng echoed, easily influenced by Jiang Xinghai. Rong Yuan nodded his head secretly, expressing approval towards Jiang Xinghai’s actions.

And so, Lu Heng and Jiang Xinghai entered Wei Lingshu’s camp.

Without Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan around, the original four-men team had become a full team. They patrolled every night. However, Jiang Xinghai knew that these two pinnacle experts were actually hidden within the team and had some intentions to talk to them. Yet, each time he attempted to do so, he would be dragged around by Lu Heng, who would remind him of Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi’s deaths in anger.

After a few days, Jiang Xinghai suddenly realised that the two guards whom he had identified as Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had disappeared. Only after he questioned Wei Lingshu, did he find out that they had been dispatched for other duties.

Jiang Xinghai nodded his head in understanding, he knew it was very likely that they had gone undercover to find the murderer.

Jiang Xinghai had guessed it correctly. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were staying in a house in Spirit City at that very moment. The original owners of the house were a Gold Class Warriors couple, who had been knocked out and secretly brought somewhere else to be placed under house arrest. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were thus disguised as them.

After this period of hunting, there were few Gold Class Warriors left in Spirit City. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had figured out some hints from the Recording Crystal and were currently exploring their leads.

This was the third day that they had replaced the original Gold Class Warriors couple who had been staying here. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi’s faces were as fearful as all the other Gold Class Warriors. Any movement or noise from outside would give them a scare.

“Husband, are we really not heading to the main street to join the others?” Gu Lingzhi asked, trembling.

“What are you scared of? Spirit City is huge with lots of Martial Artists, the murderer might not necessarily target us.” Rong Yuan answered in low spirits, “So what if we stay together with the others? Will those who are meant to die somehow stay alive? In fact, other people might even be implicated.”

“Oh… If only I hadn’t let you train and improve so quickly… Husband, you have only just become a Gold Class Warrior only to meet with this situation. Why are we so unlucky?”

Gu Lingzhi threw herself into Rong Yuan’s embrace. Rong Yuan patted her back and comforted her, “Don’t worry, all will be fine once the murderer has been caught.”

Gu Lingzhi felt Rong Yuan’s hand move from her shoulder down to her back, then even further down to her buttocks where he continued to rub. She was so annoyed she wanted to hit him. They were supposed to be an old husband and wife pair, how could they still be so hungry for sex?

Just as Gu Lingzhi was about to raise her objections, a faint blue light suddenly appeared. It had blended into the surroundings very well. If it were not Rong Yuan’s incredible eyesight, it would have been extremely difficult to see the traces of the light.

They had finally made a move!

Rong Yuan’s eyes flashed. He did not dodge, but instead, he utilised a large portion of his spiritual power to form a protective layer over himself and Gu Lingzhi. There was only a soft sound as the ray of light landed between Rong Yuan’s brows. Rong Yuan crumpled even as he still held on tightly to Gu Lingzhi. Another sound rang out as another ray of light landed on the back of Gu Lingzhi’s head. Gu Lingzhi then collapsed onto Rong Yuan’s body.

The whole process took less than two breaths and was silent throughout other than the moment when the people collapsed. No wonder no cry for help had ever been heard even though there had been so many victims.

If it had been the real Gold Class Warriors couple then, they would definitely have lost their lives.

The person in the dark waited for a while to confirm that nobody would be coming before slowly appearing.

It was a cute and innocent-looking young girl, with large eyes and long hair that touched the ground. When she looked at the two people on the ground, she even gave off a sense of charm and ignorance.

However, anyone who saw her definitely would not look down on her.

It was because in those large eyes of hers, there were no pupils. The silvery white colour of her eyes made her look strange, not to mention her sky-blue hair and translucent skin.

Perhaps it was because she was not used to walking on her feet, the young girl used her arms to support her body and crawled forward. As she crawled forward, her skin dragged against the floor and created a hair-raising sound.

Gu Lingzhi could not stand it any longer and opened her eyes a slit to look at the source of the sound. Immediately, she was shocked by the sight of this strange creature that resembled a human but did not at the same time. She was unable to continue acting and pinched Rong Yuan’s chest as she stood up suddenly.

The young girl was taken aback when she saw Gu Lingzhi stand up. She stared at Gu Lingzhi, seemingly wanting to know how this prey of hers had escaped her killing move. Regardless, she would become her food.

She used her arms and sprung towards Gu Lingzhi like an arrow. Gu Lingzhi drew her sword to block, but was stopped by Rong Yuan who stated, “Let your husband deal with this, you can have a good rest.”

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