Chapter 373 – Alarmed

Rong Yuan could guess that the Chancellor that Lu Heng was talking about was not Lin Chongyuan. To think that Guan Yue had just relayed a message to them a few days ago asking them to assist the Spirit City in catching the murderer. Just two days later, Lu Heng and Jiang Xinghai had been sent over.

Guan Yue was indeed smart in selecting people, sending over two people from the Langya Troop without involving any one of his own personal troops. Even if a problem arose, it would not be traced back to him.

He cursed silently at Guan Yue for outsmarting him, before focusing on the things that mattered.

Since Lu Heng and Jiang Xinghai were already here, then the people that were sent by the Chancellors from other cities must be reaching soon as well. They had to make good use of their time and catch the killer quickly; else the others would catch up to them. No one knew if the demon beast could be convinced by the troops from other cities, it might collude with them to fight against the Spirit City.

However, the Spirit City toppling was the least of Rong Yuan’s concerns. He was more afraid that the demon beast would devour it together with the secret techniques that could help them leave the Lost Lands.

“It’s not just us from the Forgotten City that have come, people from all the other three cities are coming down as well. They claim to assist the Spirit City, but we all know what their true intentions are,” Jiang Xinghai said.

At this moment, Chun Tao entered the room with a tray of tea and snacks. Lu Heng happily took the tray from her and shoved a piece of the pastry into his mouth. He smiled at Chun Tao and commented, “This is really yummy.”

Chun Tao’s face reddened instantly as she left the room, shy and anxious. She thought to herself Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi did not seem like violent people, and their friends seemed to be easygoing as well, why did the people of the Spirit City accuse them of being murderers? It made all their servants uneasy, afraid that if they accidentally got on their nerves, they would become the next victims.

At the same time, at another inn in the Spirit City, more guests had arrived. A group of six people entered the inn, led by a woman who was slender and wore clothes made out of demon beast fur.

The men that had seen her walking down the streets could not help but look at her breasts that were covered only by a thin piece of demon beast fur. Even in the Tianyuan Continent, it was rare to find women that dressed so skimpily. Her appearance had certainly caused the tension in the air to dissipate, creating a lively atmosphere.

Before the innkeeper could take a glance at the woman’s chest, the men behind her coughed. The innkeeper then jolted and welcomed them, “May I know if you people are interested in staying in our rooms or having a meal here? The Ruyi Guesthouse may not be the best in town, but it is still rather luxurious. If the bunch of you are looking for a comfortable accommodation, you’ve come to the right place.”

“Oh, really?” Le Yao smiled cunningly at the innkeeper, before delicately placing a finger on his shoulder and lowered her voice, “If I stay here, what benefits do I stand to gain?”

Le Yao’s voice register was rather low to begin with, but when she lowered her voice even more, she became even sexier. The bystanders around her that had heard what she was saying immediately salivated, wishing that she was talking to them instead. However, the men in her group furrowed their brows dissatisfied and looked at the other men in the inn with a threatening aura.

“Of- of course!” the innkeeper replied, visibly delighted. He could not resist her. It was only a few seconds later that he realized what he had said. He was just a mere worker, not the boss, how could he give any discounts to her? However, he could not take back what he said in front of a beauty like her.

Thankfully, he was quick-witted. With a smile, he continued, “If you stay at our inn, you will receive the best service in this city. As long as you call out for me, I will attend to you whenever you wish.”

“Oh? I’ll have to trouble you then,” Le Yao dipped her head and laughed. She requested for three rooms on the upper floor.

The innkeeper arranged the three rooms to be side by side, and Le Yao entered the room in the middle. The innkeeper followed her into her room excitedly and asked her if she needed any food. Unexpectedly, he was rejected harshly by her.

“Get out!”

The two words were filled with threat, causing the innkeeper to be shocked for a moment before leaving the room. After he walked three steps away, he turned back to take another look. It was only when he heard the door closing, did he make his way back down.

When he had reached the main hall of the inn and showed the other guests the way to their rooms, he realized that something was strange.

Le Yao’s group had a total of six people, why did they only request for three rooms? Other than her, the five men dressed rather well, why were they still being so cheap? Wasn’t it too small of a space for five men to squeeze in two rooms?

At this moment, the five men did not enter the two rooms as the innkeeper had expected. Instead, they entered Le Yao’s room. It felt almost as if they were going to do something dirty inside.

Le Yao laid on the recliner as she enjoyed the service of the five men. She was the leader of the Burnt City’s second-best Expedition Troop, a strong and highly-valued Amethyst Class Warrior. Under her command were countless strong men. As part of the second-best Expedition Troop, they were all highly regarded as they served a great purpose for the Chancellor of the Burnt City.

This time, Le Yao had come to the Spirit City under the Burnt City Chancellor’s orders; to try and find out who the murderer that had disrupted the peace of the Spirit City was. If she could find who this killer was, she could try to get the killer to work in collaboration with the Burnt City. If she could not, she would not let others try to rope the killer in for themselves either. If necessary, she could even report any sightings of the killer to the Spirit City so that they would owe the Burnt City a favor. Whatever it was, she had to get the upper hand.

“Yao Yao, your mind isn’t here,” one of the men, Ding Jiule, murmured as he bit gently on her earlobe. There was jealousy in his voice as he said, “Were you thinking of the innkeeper? He’s just a small fry, how can he possibly please you?”

Le Yao let out a delicate laugh, “Why would I be thinking of him? You’re the best that we have, how could others compare to you?”

Ding Jiule was pleased when he heard this, which propelled him to try even harder to please her. The other four men similarly used their hands to explore her body and just a few moments later, sounds of pleasure could be heard from their room.

Elsewhere, there were two other groups of people who were waiting at the city gates undergoing an identity check. On Lin Chongyuan’s table, he had received news about the four groups that had arrived in his city. When he read one of the letters that said Le Yao had entered the city and immediately rented three rooms to mess around with five men, his eyes twitched. He was speechless at the boldness of the women that came from the Burnt City.

In another report, the Forgotten City had sent the Second and Sixth Elder from the Langya Troop. He pursed his lips; Chu Jiang who saw this asked, “Chancellor, are you worried about Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi?”

Lin Chongyuan was silent, but his thoughts were loud. Chu Jiang merely smiled, “I think that you shouldn’t worry about them, they are both wise people and wouldn’t do anything silly. Lingshu has always been good at reading people, he wouldn’t bother getting to know them if he thought that they weren’t trustworthy. Also, doesn’t the Second Mistress like the both of them too? If they truly dared to do something, they would not have extended help in the Heavenly Lands so many times.”

Lin Chongyuan had gained lots of reassurance from Chu Jiang’s words. He sighed in response, “I hope you’re right.”

Hopefully, Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi would not do anything to disappoint him. Otherwise, he would not go easy on them as well.

In Wei Lingshu’s manor, he and Qiao Yeshu had been staring at the Recording Crystal for almost the entire day. Their eyes had turned red, yet they had not found anything interesting. The footage was reaching the part that they had gone through before earlier, giving them a sense of hopelessness.

“Report to the Chancellor that we’ve retrieved the Recording Crystal, so that he can find some other trustworthy people to go over the footage as well. I don’t believe that the murderer can just appear out of thin air,” Wei Lingshi suggested as he massaged his nose bridge.

Qiao Yeshu laughed bitterly, “I suppose that’s the only thing we can do now.”

With this, they could conclude that the killer was much more scheming than they had previously thought. After Lin Chongyuan had agreed and assigned more than ten men to go through all 36 Recording Crystals, the outcome was the same – they did not find anything that was strange. They even wasted a number of spirit stones, and their confidence in finding the killer waned even more.

The killer was so cunning that it did not even show up on all Recording Crystals, was it truly possible for them to find out who it was?

“Deploy even more men to patrol the city at night, make sure they are thorough and cover every nook and cranny in the Spirit City!” Lin Chongyuan ordered.

“I will make the necessary preparations,” Wei Lingshu answered weakly as he did not feel that such an arrangement would have helped much. In the past few days, many citizens of the Spirit City had grouped up and formed search teams, yet they were still unable to catch the killer. Every night, they continued to lose a Gold Class Warrior. He was calm on the exterior, but on the inside his heart ached. They would take years to train more Gold Class Warriors to compensate for the ones that they had lost.

“If there isn’t enough manpower in the Spirit City, hire some mercenaries to join us. I don’t believe that the killer would still be able to commit such heinous crimes under everyone’s watchful eyes!”

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