Chapter 371 – Some Gifts for the Murderer

Just like that, the night had passed. When the sun was almost up, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan were then called out of the Inheritance Space by Pan Wen. The murderer had killed someone almost every night, they were used to being alerted at this timing.

In reality, it was not only them that felt that way. Everyone in the Spirit City was equally used to it. They’ve developed an unspeakable fear for this creature. The Gold Class Warriors no longer dared to sleep alone at night, but even if that was the case, someone was still killed every night.

“The both of you must be having a good time, being able to sleep so soundly every night,” Qiao Yeshu complained. Only the heavens knew how long it had been since he had gotten a good night’s sleep. Ever since the first body had been found, he was sent over to Wei Lingshu’s study every day to assist him with the investigation. In the day, they had to constantly move from place to place and gather leads from eyewitnesses; at night, they had to patrol around the city once in order to get some proper sleep. It took him some time before he finally got to lie on his bed, but before he could fall into deep sleep, he was alerted by someone yet again. When he saw Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan who were full of energy, he could not help but complain.

Gu Lingzhi saw his dark eye circles and with a hint of sympathy in her voice, she said, “Don’t worry, you’ll be able to get some good sleep these few days.”

“What do you mean? Do you have new leads on the murderer?” Qiao Yeshu was fully awake now.

“Not really,” Gu Lingzhi smiled mischievously, “But I’ve prepared some gifts for the murderer.”

Qiao Yeshu’s eyes lit up and prompted her to elaborate on what “gifts” she had prepared. Yet, Gu Lingzhi intentionally kept him in suspense and merely told him that he would find out about it himself tomorrow.

Just like the previous times, the four of them headed to the new crime scene to investigate. To their surprise, there were a number of victims this time – one Gold Class Warrior, two Silver Class Warriors and a few Bronze Class Warriors. According to the people who lived nearby, this particular Gold Class Warrior was afraid that something would happen to him at night, so he called over a few of his friends to stay the night at his sleeping quarters. Who knew that there would not be safety in numbers, and instead, it would cause them to be targeted instead? On the contrary, a few of his close friends would die together with him. This caused the families of the Silver and Bronze Class Warriors who had died to come into conflict with the family of the Gold Class Warrior.

Gu Lingzhi sighed to herself as she walked towards one of the victims that had died traumatically, his eyes still open and looking towards the ceiling. With her hands, she gently closed his eyes. She looked towards a missing part of his skull and as expected, she found a few inconspicuous bite marks. At this point, she could confirm that the murderer was not human.

When they finally exited the crime scene, the sky had started to darken. Yet, there were still many people out in the streets. In these few days that the murders started to occur, many people had changed their way of lives. None of them dared to rest at night. When the creature had killed all of the city’s Gold Class Warriors, it was not hard to imagine who it would target next.

“Didn’t you say that you had gifts for the creature? Aren’t you taking them out yet?” Qiao Yeshu asked as he looked at the people on the streets.

He was not taking out his anger on Gu Lingzhi, but he simply felt frustrated every time he had to deal with the reality that there were people losing their lives every day without a reason and yet they were nowhere close to catching the creature.

Gu Lingzhi looked at him and said, “Let’s go to Master Wei’s manor to chat.”

Apart from knowing that the murderer was not human, they had no other clues. Gu Lingzhi decided to give up on finding more clues from the bodies. Instead, she decided to lure the killer out.

“Can this thing really record everything that it sees?” Qiao Yeshu picked up the object, his face full of uncertainty. The object had a strange shape, it resembled a mirror, but it also resembled a rock.

“You people from the Tianyuan Continent sure are weird, having such a weird and ugly-looking object.”

Gu Lingzhi’s face darkened. She had forged this object herself, and even though it looked strange, surely it was not worthy of being called ugly, did it? At least, she thought that it looked rather appealing.

“If you think it’s ugly, then don’t use it,” Rong Yuan remarked unhappily as he snatched the Recording Crystal away from Qiao Yeshu’s hands. In order to forge this, Gu Lingzhi did not even let Rong Yuan near it for the past few nights. Qiao Yeshu had the nerve to call it ugly, he didn’t even know how good he had it!

“I didn’t say it was useless, return it to me!” Qiao Yeshu stretched his hands out, wanting to snatch the Recording Crystal back. However, he was no match for Rong Yuan. Rong Yuan teased him and refused to pass it back.

Wei Lingshu looked at Qiao Yeshu who had overestimated himself and had to now embarrass himself. He laughed to himself whilst shaking his head, and picked up one of the Recording Crystals that Gu Lingzhi had put on the table.

Due to the lack of spiritual energy, objects that were not important or not as useful, such as the Recording Crystal, had long disappeared from the Lost Lands. For Wei Lingshu, it was his first time seeing it for himself as well. Previously, he had only read about it in the historical records. Humbly, he asked Gu Lingzhi to teach him how to use a Recording Crystal.

The Spirit City occupied a large area, so they needed a large number of Recording Crystal in order to monitor the entire city. Roughly, there were around 40 to 50 Recording Crystals. Some of them had been forged previously whilst some of them were forged hurriedly in these recent days by Gu Lingzhi.

“…Put these Recording Crystals in different places in the Spirit City. On the second day, we’ll check the footage. I’m sure we’ll be able to find out what the murderer looks like,” Gu Lingzhi instructed them whilst telling them how to activate it. These Recording Crystals had been forged using techniques from the Spirit Tribe, thus they were able to capture much more things than a normal one could. It could record for a total of four hours. If the spirit stone in the Recording Crystal was replaced after the spiritual energy had been depleted, it could be reused.

Wei Lingshu was extremely delighted. The murderer would not have anywhere to hide now. After knowing that these Recording Crystals had been forged by Gu Lingzhi herself, he was filled with joy.

“I didn’t think that other than having such a high level of cultivation, Elder Gu would also be a skilled Weapon Forger. May I know…what’s your Weapon Forging rank?”

Gu Lingzhi replied casually, “I’m a low-grade Heaven-Level Weapon Forger.”

“Oh, so you’re a Heaven-Level Weapon- wait, did you say you were a low-grade Heaven-Level Weapon Forger?” Wei Lingshu complimented Gu Lingzhi without thinking twice, until he came to a realization what she had just told him.

He didn’t hear it wrongly, right? She was a Heaven-Level Weapon Forger? She could forge Heaven-Level Spiritual Weapons that could allow Demigods to fully showcase their spiritual power? She was the legendary Weapon Forger?

How did the Endless Sea propel two such remarkably talented Martial Artists into the Lost Lands? Forget the fact that one of them was a Demigod, but the other was actually a Heaven-Level Weapon Forger? In the entire Lost Lands, the most skilled Weapon Forger was a Black-Level one, who had wasted lots of precious materials in order to achieve such a feat.

Now that there was a Heaven-Level Weapon Forger in their midst, it meant that the Martial Artists in the Lost Lands could use better Spiritual Weapons from now on.

Many Martial Artists used weapons that had different attributes from their Spiritual Roots, and thus they were not suitable for them. However, they had no choice due to a lack of Weapon Forgers. Many high-levelled Martial Artists could only use Spiritual Weapons that had come from the outside world. However, the people of the Lost Lands had limited spiritual energy at their expense, so they could not utilize the full power of the Spiritual Weapons. To them, they were just swords that were slightly sharper than normal swords. The Chancellor of the Spirit City, Lin Chongyuan, possessed only a low-grade Earth-Level Spiritual Sword that was passed down to him from his ancestors.

As for the Gold Class weapons that the Lost Lands produced, they did not undergo the stage of using spiritual fire during the forging process. Thus, these weapons were just tougher and sharper than normal weapons, but it was nothing compared to Heaven-Level Spiritual Weapons. Otherwise, Lin Chongyuan would not have given his Gold Class weapon to Chu Jiang and kept an Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon for himself instead.

Wei Lingshu looked at Gu Lingzhi, visibly moved. His mouth opened and closed, wanting to request for her to make a set of weapons suitable for himself, yet he was embarrassed to do so. Crafting weapons required one to use spiritual energy, but it was a precious limited resource in the Lost Lands, how could he possibly ask that of Gu Lingzhi?

On the other hand, Qiao Yeshu did not stand on occasion. When he heard that Gu Lingzhi was a Heaven-Level Weapon Forger, he was extremely shocked. When he recovered from his trance, he did not bother snatching the Recording Crystal from Rong Yuan anymore. He rushed towards Gu Lingzhi and asked, “Elder Gu… Master Weapon Forger Gu… could you make a few Spiritual Weapons for me?”

“No way!” Rong Yuan interjected, blocking Qiao Yeshu’s advance towards Gu Lingzhi and pushed him towards Wei Lingshu.

“Why not? It’s such a pity for a Weapon Forger to not make weapons!” Qiao Yeshu looked intently at Gu Lingzhi to the point that Rong Yuan had to stop himself from beating him up.

“She’s not going to forge weapons for you and that’s final. Who says that Weapon Forgers have to make weapons?”

He then locked Gu Lingzhi in a tight embrace, wanting to show everyone that she belonged to him. How could anyone dare to make advances on his wife, did they think he was dead?

Qiao Yeshu was overly happy that Gu Lingzhi was a Heaven-Level Weapon Forger, he did not catch onto the message that Rong Yuan was trying to send him.

“It’s a waste of her skills if she does not craft weapons,” he continued, before advancing towards Gu Lingzhi again. As expected, Rong Yuan chased him away yet again.

Seeing the treatment that Qiao Yeshu was getting, Wei Lingshu’s hopes of getting Gu Lingzhi to forge weapons for him had greatly diminished. He scolded Qiao Yeshu before starting to talk about official matters.

Gu Lingzhi took out a total of 36 Recording Crystals. Wei Lingshu took out a map of the Spirit City and looked for the most suitable places to install these Recording Crystals.

Whilst the four of them worked together, in a corner nearby, someone leaned on the walls and smiled slyly.

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