Chapter 368 – Another Incident

They spent another half a night in the main hall, discussing how to lure out the Demigod murderer. They did not manage to reach a conclusion and Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan returned to their temporary residence once again. Tomorrow morning, they were going to go with Chu Jiang and several other experts to Yang Xinyu’s house again to search for more clues.

The four servants in charge of tending to them turned pale as they saw the two of them return. It was obvious they still thought that the two of them were murderers. The two of them were not interested in explaining themselves as they just waved them off to rest, saying that they did not need anyone to tend to them as they retreated into the bedroom.

After cuddling for a while, the two of them entered the Inheritance Space to train. Although Rong Yuan had maintained a nonchalant and careless attitude towards the Demigod that was on the loose, he still wanted to strengthen his abilities. With so much uncertainty, he had to make sure he was in an advantageous position. This was the only way he could protect Gu Lingzhi.

The situation in the Inheritance Space was similar to before. Pan Wen and Bian Cheng were still cooped up in a corner. Forcing a Soul Controlling Pearl into Pan Wen’s mouth, Gu Lingzhi sent him out of the Inheritance Space to help her monitor the situation outside. She then went to hang out in the medicinal garden outside the main building.

Because no Spirit Plants could grow in the Lost Lands, every pill she used meant that she had one less pill. Gu Lingzhi had no choice but to try to grow some useful Spirit Plants. Luckily, she already had the habit of growing Spirit Plants in the Inheritance Space and she had quite a few seeds. Now what she needed to do was produce a lot more of these Spirit Plants.

Choosing a big plot of fertile land a small distance away from the medicinal garden, she started the new medicinal garden. Gu Lingzhi activated her earth-based Spiritual Roots, creating a perimeter wall around the area. She then used her spiritual energy to turn the ground soil. Thereafter, she waved her hand, scattering a bunch of common Spirit Plant seeds and once again moved the soil to cover the seeds. Waving her hands, she created a small bout of rain to fall on the ground where the seeds were buried, providing water for her newly planted seeds.

She repeated this action of loosening the soil, planting the seeds and watering the ground a few times. This patch of medicinal garden was finally filled with Spirit Plant seeds that Gu Lingzhi planted. In the future, she just needed to instruct Pan Wen, who was still under the influence of the Soul Controlling Pill, to water the plants with water from the Spiritual Essence Spring every half a month.

As Gu Lingzhi’s gaze turned to another plot of land, intending to plant some middle grade Spirit Plants, she could sense some movement from Pan Wen that she had stationed outside. There was someone trying to find her!

She had no time to set up the new medicinal garden as she took a glance at Rong Yuan who was still training and left the Inheritance Space.

Outside, Pan Wen was evidently relieved when he saw Gu Lingzhi appear and started to quickly explain the situation. In the time that they entered the Inheritance Space, another person had died in the Spirit City!

The victim this time was another Gold Class Warrior. They had lost two Gold Class Warriors in two days. To the Lost Lands, where it was extremely hard to train, this was something that rarely happened. The four servants that were serving them were now so scared they did not dare to show their faces. They had brought Wei Lingshu to come knock on their door directly.

“Elder Rong, Elder Gu, are you both asleep? Can you please come out for a moment? Another Gold Class Warrior has been attacked. We need your help.” Wei Lingshu’s voice permeated the room and he stated his intention clearly.

Hearing this, Gu Lingzhi frowned as she sent Pan Wen back into the Inheritance Space and pulled Rong Yuan out. Having been shifted out of the thick spiritual energy filled air of the Inheritance space, Rong Yuan had yet to adjust to this drastic change before he heard Wei Lingshu call, “Two elders are you all in? Please reply.”

After the two of them had yet to reply after a while, a peculiar voice said, “I think you don’t have to knock anymore. If they haven’t replied after so long, they are definitely not inside. They could be the murderers for all we know and are currently destroying evidence now.”

“Yeshu, how can you say that about the two elders? The Chancellor has said that they are not the murderers. Why can’t you just let it go?” Wei Lingshu was slightly speechless as his suspicions rose. If they weren’t in their rooms in the middle of the night, will they be out doing something bad?

Just as this thought popped into his mind, Rong Yuan’s lazy voice floated out of the room, “Only Leader Wei is able to distinguish right from wrong. Not like others who just assume things without knowing the full story and ruining people’s reputations.”

Hearing his voice, Wei Lingshu silently breathed a sigh of relief. Thank god they were in their houses and could wipe off suspicions. But if they were in the room, why did they take so long to open the door?

Wei Lingshu immediately realised why the moment he saw Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi appear.

Their clothes were dishevelled looking as if they had put them on in a hurry. Rong Yuan also wore a satisfied and lazy look on his face while behind him, Gu Lingzhi’s cheeks were slightly flushed and her lips were slightly glossy and wet. Her long hair was not as neat as it was during the day but was thrown behind her messily. Embarrassment filled her eyes as she pretended to be composed. Without even asking, it was obvious why the two of them had taken so long to open the door. Awkwardly, Wei Lingshu apologised, “Sorry for disturbing.”

Qiao Yeshu also pursed his lips somewhat awkwardly, “You all must really be in the mood.”

Achieving their intended outcome, Rong Yuan turned to block Gu Lingzhi from sight to prevent anyone else from seeing how alluring she looked. He chuckled coldly, “Every moment in the night is worth a thousand gold, if I don’t love my wife at night then should I be hollering at someone else’s door?”

“Who are you saying is hollering?” The slight bit of embarrassment that Qiao Yeshu had disappeared as soon as Rong Yuan spoke, “You can even speak about your own chambers so brazenly, you really don’t know how to be embarrassed!”

Rong Yuan breathed, “We make love behind doors and are not disturbing anyone. You on the other hand, are here doing god knows what. Who should be embarrassed?”

“You…” Once again rendered speechless by Rong Yuan, Qiao Yeshu was so frustrated he wanted to strangle Rong Yuan. Rong Yuan slapped him away easily and looked at him like he was an idiot, “You want to strangle me?”

An Amethyst Class Warrior, equivalent to a Martial Teacher rank wanted to challenge him? Was he ignorant or just plain stupid?

Seeing how Qiao Yeshu was about to lose his mind from the anger and start getting physical, Wei Lingshu pulled him away. His head hurt as he growled, “Stop messing around, we have important things to do!”

His growl made Qian Yeshu remember the reason he was here. Snorting, he stepped aside but still looked at Rong Yuan with a hint of animosity. Having been looked down by Rong Yuan a few times, this Amethyst Class Warrior was starting to hate Rong Yuan.

The victims tonight were a female and a male. When they had rushed to reach the scene, it was already surrounded by people shouting and scolding.

Seeing them appear, the people on the outside automatically shut up as they looked at Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi in fear. They opened up a route for them silently.

Wei Lingshu thanked them and walked in first.

The man and woman were lying on the floor in a similar way to the one they had seen in the day. They were similarly killed using extremely gruesome methods. Their internal organs were completely gone and only blood stains remained. The entire house was filled with the scent of blood.

Similar to what he did in the day, Rong Yuan kneeled down in front of the two bodies and checked for the cause of death. He then asked about the victims.

The one who replied to him was a thirty year old beautiful woman. She knew the background of the two victims very clearly and answered straightforwardly. Gu Lingzhi could not help but give her a second glance, “How do you know everything so well?”

Pan Meixian smiled bitterly as she looked at the man’s body, “He was my husband, how would I not know this?”

“You are his wife?” Gu Lingzhi was slightly surprised. The two bodies on the ground were clearly attacked in their sleep as they were wearing their sleeping gowns. If Pan Meixian was the man’s wife then who was that woman?

“That is his mistress from outside.” Without waiting for Gu Lingzhi to ask her, Pan Meixian explained. Her eyes drifted slightly over Rong Yuan’s body and chuckled, “Not every man would stick with their wife after they become powerful. They will all find ways to fill their nights.”

No wonder Pan Meixian was still so calm even after losing her husband. Gu Lingzhi threw her a sympathetic look. No matter how much love they had, it would not be able to withstand either party betraying.

At this point, Rong Yuan examined the body and looked solemnly at Wei Lingshu, “It is still the same person.”

Wei Lingshu nodded. The same method of killing, around the same time. Even without Rong Yuan’s confirmation, he knew it was the same person as the previous night.

Everyone around was still unclear about what went down in the Governor’s residence. Similar to Yang Pengyu they immediately pinned down the suspects as Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi. As they saw Wei Lingshu had no intention of questioning them and instead seemed to be relying on them, they were unsatisfied, “Leader Wei, what is going on? Shouldn’t you capture the person with the highest suspicion and interrogate them?”

“Capture?” Wei Lingshu threw the person that said that a look, “These two elders are guests of the Spirit City and had nothing to do with the two murders. They are even helping us try to find the real culprit. If you all know anything, you must inform us. If you all see any suspicious person in the city in these two days, you must immediately let us know. We have to narrow down the possibilities and quickly catch the murderer.”

Everyone immediately acknowledged his words and there were a few that gave some ambiguous leads. Qiao Yeshu recorded everyone’s statements and planned to get people to investigate all these leads later on.

In this manner, the night passed quickly.

With two murders in two consecutive nights, everyone thought that even if this person was extremely powerful and not afraid of getting caught, they would probably want to rest for a while. However, on the third night, a similar incident occurred.

This time, the victim was a Gold Class Warrior that had come to the Spirit City for business.

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