Chapter 364 – Someone has been Killed

Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan temporarily resided in the small house next to the Chancellor’s Manor.

Dismissing the female servant and eunuch, the two of them entered the bedroom. After checking the surroundings for anything suspicious, Rong Yuan’s natural tendency revealed as he pulled Gu Lingzhi into his embrace. Burying his nose in the small of her neck, he breathed in her scent as said in a daze, “It is finally only the two of us. Let me kiss you.”

His thin lips then landed on Gu Lingzhi’s neck and face. His kisses landed on her temples and made its way down to the corner of her mouth. His mouth then took one of Gu Lingzhi’s lips into his mouth, their lips and teeth met as he tried to take in as much of her as possible.

Gu Lingzhi pushed him away once but failed and gave up, letting him do what he wanted. It was so rare that they were finally alone with no one to bother them. Why would Rong Yuan be satisfied with just a kiss?

The kiss developed and one thing led to another. Soon, they rolled onto the bed.

When everything was finally calm, wearing a satisfied smile, Rong Yuan then laid lazily on the bed, embracing Gu Lingzhi and talking about what they managed to achieve in the big living room earlier.

“From what Lin Rong said previously, Chu Jiang’s question and Lin Chongyuan’s reaction, it must be true that they had sent a lady to the outside world one hundred years ago.”

Gu Lingzhi nodded, “Mmhm, in order to send the girl called Lin Yu out, they must have paid a hefty price.” From the entire scene since they entered the city, they had understood the rough situation of the Spirit City. They had minimal interaction and news from the outside world. Especially in terms of spiritual energy, they had a lot less than what they were rumored to have in the outside world. In ten over more years, the spiritual energy in the Spirit City might completely disappear. When that time comes, all the Martial Artists in the entire Spirit City could only rely on collecting Spiritual Origins from the Heavenly Lands to train.

“I wonder how the girl that has been sent out is doing? Do you think that she might be someone we know?” Gu Lingzhi asked casually.

“It’s very possible.” Rong Yuan pinched her cheeks, “The Alliance has numerous talented females about hundred years of age. Maybe one of them could be ‘Lin Yu’ but we just don’t know who.”

“What a pity, the hints that they give are too little. It is too difficult to guess just based on a name and a rough age. If only we had more concrete details.”

“Why? Do you want to help them find her?” Rong Yuan smiled, “Even if you know who it is, it won’t be of any use. If they could send a few people out of the Lost Lands, then they wouldn’t just have sent a single girl to begin with.”

“You are right.” Gu Lingzhi rolled over and smacked away Rong Yuan’s hand which was touching her weirdly, “Aren’t you going to sleep? We still have to get up early tomorrow for the Spirit Essence Awarding Ceremony. I wonder what it is about, the name is so weird.”

Hearing the exhaustion in Gu Lingzhi’s voice, Rong Yuan did not disturb her anymore but pulled her into a hug lovingly. His big palm pressed on several of her acupuncture points, giving her spiritual energy allowing her to sleep better. It was only when Gu Lingzhi’s breathing stabilised did Rong Yuan remove his hand. He placed a kiss on her forehead as he fell asleep with her in his arms.

Not long after the two of them had fallen asleep, under the deep blue sky of the Spirit City, a demonic silhouette appeared on the streets. Its light blue figure was a contrast against the sky, looking like a fantasy. Crawling, its naked body wiggled down the street.

All of a sudden, a female human’s figure appeared, and the light blue figure paused. Lifting its head and looking in a direction, its nose twitched as its eyes lit up. Its eyes glinted as it crawled ominously in that direction. It was crawling so fast that it made people think that it was just a shadow caused by the wind. In the silent dark night, a pained cry resounded, breaking the silence.

After sleeping in a tent for a few months, the two of them were extremely comfortable as they could finally sleep on a bed again. As the dark sky slowly brightened, the two of them were still in deep sleep. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi lingered for a while before crawling out of bed satisfied. When the two of them had straightened out their clothes and walked out, the servant girl that was serving them was clearly shocked. Carrying a basin of water and washcloths, she came up to them in trepidation.

“Two- two elders, please wash up.”

Looking at the water in the basin, Gu Lingzhi smiled and rejected, “In the future, you both don’t need to bring us water to wash up, we can do it ourselves.”

“How- how can we do that?” One of them stuttered, “Housekeeper Lin has instructed us to pay careful attention to you. How- how can we not do such basic things like these for you?”

Gu Lingzhi frowned as she realised something was wrong. When they came yesterday, the two servants had surrounded her and asked her to tell them more about the outside world. How did they suddenly become so jittery after one night? They could not even hide the fear in their eyes. Gu Lingzhi did not doubt that if she just raised her voice a little, the two servants would burst out crying.

“What is wrong?” Gu Lingzhi asked without holding back.

“There- there’s nothing wrong with us.” Chun Tao was on the brink of tears. She looked at Gu Lingzhi with so much trepidation it seemed like she was staring at a monster. Her body was trembling so much it looked like she was about to fall apart.

Seeing how her caring question created such a strong response, Gu Lingzhi did not dare to ask anymore. Glancing at Rong Yuan, she rubbed her nose and took the basin and washcloth from the two servants. She then waved them away.

“Okay, there is nothing for you to do now. You can go and rest.”

Behaving as if they had received a pardon, the two servants ran from their sight as if trying to escape.

Looking speechlessly at the direction they had retreated to, Gu Lingzhi asked, “Do I look that scary?” The two servants had looked so afraid of her.

“How can that be? My wife is the most beautiful woman. No one can compare to your beauty.” Rong Yuan immediately praised her.

Although she knew Rong Yuan was mostly sucking up to her, Gu Lingzhi was so affected by the servants that she was actually comforted by his words. Happily, she stood on her tiptoes and ruffled his black hair, saying approvingly, “Good.”

She silently realized why Rong Yuan loved to ruffle her hair as the feeling on her hand was quite nice.

When the two of them were ready to eat and came to the living room, they once again saw the two trembling servants. Beside them, there two more pale and lean looking manservants. They looked at the two of them with similar fear in their eyes.

Gu Lingzhi was once again taken aback by the behavior of the four of them, “Do we really look that scary?” Was there a need to look at them as if they were seeing ghosts?

The four of them shook their heads simultaneously.

How was it possible that they looked scary? Both Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan were extremely good-looking and their looks were appreciated wherever they went. Unfortunately, the incident that happened last night was so terrifying that they could not help but look at the two of them in horror.

No one replied to Gu Lingzhi as the four of them were like frightened kids as they pushed each other. No one dared to reply to Gu Lingzhi. At last, Chun Tao, who was the bravest among them, spoke up in a voice that sounded like she was on the brink of tears, “Two elders, we have never met two people that are as good-looking as both of you. We are excited, not afraid.”

Who were they kidding? So excited that they looked as if their souls had left their bodies?

Knowing that she was not going to get anything out of them, Gu Lingzhi refrained from asking any further. She sat at the table and enjoyed her breakfast.

Although the four of them were behaving weirdly, their cooking skills were excellent. Just the buns themselves had numerous varieties. In addition, there were also two plates of vegetables, a bowl of pickles and porridge.

As the two of them were savoring their food, a shout came from outside, “Whoever is inside, come out! You two evil demons, return my daughter-in-law to me!”

“Come out! You are going to pay for killing someone. Get your ass out right now!”

“We are not going to let you go just because you are honorary guests of the Spirit City! Come out and let’s go meet the Chancellor!”

A series of shouts caused the two of them who were enjoying their meal to be slightly stupefied. It took a while for them to react and realise that the people whom they were scolding…were actually them.

Stealing a glance at the jittery behavior of the four servants beside them, Gu Lingzhi finally realised why their behaviors had changed so drastically over a single night.

Someone must have committed murder using their names while they were asleep.

Realising the reason for the change in their servants’ attitudes, Gu Lingzhi continued to eat her breakfast, turning a blind eye to the shouts outside. After the two of them had taken their own sweet time to finish eating their breakfast, they wiped their mouths and slowly stood up from their seats. Relieving themselves from the looks of their four servants, they walked out of the house.

As the group shouting outside saw the door finally open, they fell silent for a second. In the next second, they surrounded the two of them with even more agitation. A white-haired old woman standing in the middle immediately pounced onto Gu Lingzhi as she scolded, “Demon, demon!”

Rong Yuan pushed her aside firmly, making sure that he did not hurt her. He placed Gu Lingzhi in front of him protectively as he looked coldly at the people around them.

“Who can tell me exactly what is going on?”

“What is going on? You have the cheek to ask us what is going on?” Yang Pengyu glared at Rong Yuan with hatred, “Weren’t you the ones that killed my younger brother’s entire family?”

“No.” Rong Yuan replied straightforwardly, “Last night, we slept in our room for the entire night and never took a step out. How can we have killed anyone?

“You are lying! If it is not the both of you, then who can it be? No one has been killed in the Spirit City for hundreds of years. Just when you guys arrive, something happens. How can it not be done by you?” Someone fumed.

“Oh? Just because we just arrived here means we did it? Then wouldn’t everyone who had just returned from the Heavenly Lands be suspects?” Rong Yuan rebutted.

“How can that be? Why would Leader Wei and the others do something like this?” That person argued back, “I know it is the both of you. Only Demigods from the outside world like you guys can kill Gold Class Warriors without making any sound.”

“Oh really?” Rong Yuan looked at him from the side of his eyes, “Who saw us do it?”

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