Chapter 33 - New Housemate

Tianfeng Jin’s offer to lower her cultivation to the level of a Level Three Martial Student surprised Gu Lingzhi, she was even starting to develop a mildly good impression of Tianfeng Jin.

Tianfeng Jin was so different from Tianfeng Wei whom she had met at the city’s entrance.

Slightly dazed, Yuan Zheng had no choice but to be the judge for the two equally outstanding young ladies in front of him. Since Tianfeng Jin had said that she would suppress her cultivation in order to fight with Gu Lingzhi, he had no reason to stop them. He helplessly took a few steps backwards and stood at the main entrance of the dorm, allowing the two of them to use the whole space to fight.

Yuan Zheng’s worry was only alleviated when he saw Gu Lingzhi’s quick and nimble footwork, allowing her to dodge a few of Tianfeng Jin’s attacks. He spectated the fight objectively.

Tianfeng Jin’s swordplay was very similar to her personality, being extremely direct without unnecessarily fanciful moves. Every strike was meant to hurt the opponent.

Although Gu Lingzhi was not as experienced in battle as Tianfeng Jin, she was superior in terms of her unique footwork and technique. No matter how many times Tianfeng Jin attacked her, it all missed by a few inches. From time to time, Gu Lingzhi would even find time to counterattack.

With the two people attacking back and forth, in no time, they had actually reached a standstill. Seeing this, Tianfeng Jin’s eyes glowed as her attacks became more rapid.

As the attacks became faster, it made Gu Lingzhi’s adrenaline level rise as she became more energized, dodging the attacks Tianfeng Jin rained down upon her. Occasionally, she would even manage to retaliate, albeit at a weird angle, causing Yuan Zheng who was watching to gasp in surprise. He never thought that Gu Lingzhi was not only talented in Alchemy, but was also promising in combat. It was really difficult to imagine how Gu Lingzhi was a wastrel that people had looked down upon just a month ago.

The fight lasted for a solid hour before Gu Lingzhi ran out of stamina. She took a wrong step, resulting in Tianfeng Jin being able to pierce her waist.

Thankfully, Tianfeng Jin reacted quickly and pulled back her sword, preventing Gu Lingzhi from really getting hurt. But this still scared Yuan Zheng, causing his heart to skip a few beats.

“I have lost,” Gu Lingzhi admitted defeat as she saw a tear on the side of her robe.

Even if her opponent had suppressed her cultivation to the same level as her, the difference in the two of them with regards to their physical abilities and battle experience was too different. She could very clearly feel her opponent taking it easy on her which was why she was able to fight for an hour.

“No, our cultivation levels differ too much and I only won because I had an unfair advantage,” Tianfeng Jin replied. The look she gave Gu Lingzhi was completely different from the demeaning one she had earlier. “If our cultivation levels were the same, I might not have been your opponent.”

No matter how good one’s swordplay was, it was useless if it could not strike the opponent. Gu Lingzhi’s footwork exceeded Tianfeng Jin’s expectations. Her occasional counterattacks were also nimble and unique, almost striking her at times. Hence, Tianfeng Jin had completely meant what she said to Gu Lingzhi.

It only heightened her desire to battle. She was already excited regarding the prospect of being able to completely let loose and fight Gu Lingzhi properly in the future. After all, one could only improve when fighting someone of the same cultivation level.

“Fine, I accept you as my roommate. Hopefully, we can have a proper battle this time next year.”

Next year?

This roommate of hers had really high expectations. Did she truly think that she would be able to catch up within a year?

“Okay, I’m looking forward to it.”

The two of them exchanged glances and smiled simultaneously.

As Yuan Zheng watched the two people who were fighting head-to-head suddenly become friends, he internally sighed and could not help but think that women were such complicated creatures. He left promptly after briefing Gu Lingzhi on some things to take note while in the Royal School.

Knowing that Yuan Zheng had many responsibilities and things to do as the Third Prince’s personal bodyguard, Gu Lingzhi did not bother trying to get him to stay any longer. After she thanked him for his help, she saw him off.

Tianfeng Jin was someone that could not care less about anything other than fighting. After informing Gu Lingzhi that the second room on the second level was empty, she rushed to the Battle Arena to find other people to fight. She allowed Gu Lingzhi to realize what it truly meant to be battle-crazy.

However, Gu Lingzhi did not know whether it was a good thing that she was living with someone so battle-crazy. She hoped that she would not wake up one day to see a shining sword pointed in her face.

What Gu Lingzhi did not know was that the image in her mind would happen in the near future…

When night fell, Gu Lingzhi did not know where the school’s cafeteria was and could only resort to finishing the two pieces of sesame biscuits that she had in her Storage Ring.

She did not want to get lost in a school this huge and have to ask someone to send her back.

Just as she finished setting up her room, she heard a series of light footsteps outside her door.

Gu Lingzhi subconsciously peered through the open window and saw a petite girl wearing a bright red dress about to enter the dorm.

Just as Gu Lingzhi saw the young girl, the young girl who seemed to be around 12 or 13 years old also looked up and saw her. She hesitated slightly before flashing a brilliant smile and shouted a greeting to Gu Lingzhi, “Are you my new housemate? I am Ye Fei, welcome to the house.”

Gu Lingzhi also smiled as she greeted back, “Nice to meet you, I am Gu Lingzhi.”

“I know you. You are the new Alchemy talent from the Gu Clan.” As Ye Fei spoke, she could not be bothered to walk through the main door and simply jumped up onto the windowsill. She sat on the windowsill and smiled, “I heard that you performed a miracle by making the Spirit Moulding Pill within a month. Even Beicheng Haoyue did not manage to achieve this feat.”

This was the first time that someone was calling Gu Lingzhi a talent, causing her to be slightly stunned. Looking at Ye Fei still sitting outside her windowsill, she decided to invite Ye Fei into her hostel, “It must be cold out there, how about you come in to talk?”

“Good, I was waiting for you to invite me in,” Ye Fei blinked as she flipped elegantly into the room. Seeing the arrangement in Gu Lingzhi’s room, she could not help but twitch her nose as she asked curiously, “You are the First Mistress of Gu Clan, why is your room so… plain? Didn’t you take enough spirit stones when you left?”

Afraid that she would touch on a sore spot, Ye Fei attempted to soften her words but the sympathy in her eyes showed.

She had long heard that the first daughter of the Gu Clan was not treated as well, but she never thought it would be to this extent. Seeing the decorations in the room, other than the bed and cabinet that originally came with the room, there was actually nothing else. There was not even a chair for guests.

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