Chapter 319 - Sacred Weapon

Observing the disappointed looks, Pan Luming laughed in amusement, “The cultivation ranks of these stonemen are low because we used inferior materials. If we used precious materials, they would be much stronger.”

With that, he stared at the horsetail whisk in his hand with burning eyes. If he could create stonemen that obeyed him anytime he wanted, the horsetail whisk was a powerful tool. As long as sufficiently good materials were used to create them, the North Qiu Kingdom could take control of the entire continent.

If they had obtained this item a few dozen years ago, they would not have had to waste their efforts to try to convince other kingdoms to join them in their cause.

Gu Lingzhi observed everything that happened as she hid on the shelf. Her hand was kept over her mouth and she forced herself to remain silent. With such a powerful item in the hands of North Qiu Kingdom, what chances of winning did the Alliance have? 

Thankfully, nothing came without a price. The horsetail whisk could not create life and the stonemen created would eventually turn back into stone. All of a sudden, a loud ‘snap’ occurred and the stoneman collapsed back into dust.

“This is the ‘Life Whip’ that belonged to the Spirit Tribe Leader! Pan Luo, that bastard, how could he give it to such despicable men?!’ Zi Zi cursed from within Fenlan Painting. Its voice rang through Gu Lingzhi’s head, “This is a middle grade Godly Weapon! Although it is old and it was damaged in the war, it cannot be given to any person! Pan Luo is looking down on the Spirit Tribe Leader’s items. This bastard…I ought to…”

Zi Zi continued to curse and rage at Pan Luo. However, Gu Lingzhi’s heart sank at that point and she started to worry.

How strong was a middle grade Godly Weapon? The strongest weapons in the entire continent were only high-grade Heaven Level Spiritual Weapons. Pan Luo had changed the entire face of the war with his gift of the Godly Weapon. One could only imagine the difference between a True God and a Martial Artist which could not be measured by cultivation levels alone.

Even a damaged Godly Weapon was much more powerful than the Spiritual Weapons on the continent.

She must get her hands on it!

Gu Lingzhi had never wanted anything more than that Godly Weapon. The desire to possess it created a powerful ambition within her. Yet, it was now in the hands of the North Qiu Kingdom!

As Gu Lingzhi set her heart out for the Life Whip and she dug her mind for ideas to steal it, Pan Luming and the two ministers left the place gleefully. They had no reason to fear the Alliance with the Life Whip with them.

Fifteen minutes seemed like a short time but it was enough to change the face of the entire war.

Gu Lingzhi crawled out from the shelf after the sound of footsteps disappeared. She knew that it was of utmost importance that she inform the Alliance about the way things had changed.

In the Realm of the Gods, Pan Luo sipped on his tea with an expressionless look on his face. Yet, his eyes carried mischief.

Pan Luo was a young man with a clean look. However, the aura around him was that of a higher being. His beady eyes brightened with wisdom and he held himself as a respectable person. Pan Luo’s smart look was what caused the Spirit Tribe Leader to take him as a disciple back then. However, who knew the evil intentions that Pan Luo harboured? No one had expected Pan Luo to turn against his own master.

It seemed that after such a long time, some people wanted to disrupt the order and status quo that he created when he left. He hoped that the Pan Family would remember their identity with the warning he gave. After so many years without news of the Spirit Tribe, he was eighty percent sure that they had disappeared. Hence, he decided to spare the Pan Family for their missight since they had served him for such a long time. If they wanted to use his name to conduct misdeeds in the future, he had a thousand ways to teach them the wrath of a god!

In the next few days, Gu Lingzhi begged Zi Zi multiple times to steal the Life Whip. However, that object was the lifeblood of the Empire and numerous guards kept a lookout for it constantly. Zi Zi’s weak combat strength would guarantee that the operation would be a failure. Even if Zi Zi could go anywhere near the Life Whip, there was no way for it to steal it under the watchful eyes of the guards. It could only stay in the surroundings of the Life Whip and stare at it helplessly.

At the same time, the Alliance received Gu Lingzhi’s message of the Life Whip through the Communication Conch. To prevent creating fear among the troops, the higher ups of the Alliance decided to keep the news confidential. Similarly, a few top experts infiltrated the Empire by concealing their strengths. Everyone had the same plan - to steal the Life Whip!

During the night, Gu Lingzhi lay comfortably on the royal bed that belonged to Pan Wen. She released Rong Yuan from the Inheritance Space.

Thankfully, Pan Wen had been instructed by Pan Liwen to remain vigilant and proper, hence, he was not allowed to have women serve him. As a result, Gu Lingzhi was comfortable with letting Rong Yuan out.

The moment he appeared, Rong Yuan wore a bored and unamused face. His sharp eyes stared lovingly at Gu Lingzhi as he lamented, “Your Highness, you finally remembered about me…” Rong Yuan purposely used a childish tone in front of Gu Lingzhi. His childish ways caused Gu Lingzhi’s hair to stand and she shuddered at his ways.

“...Why do you look like this again?”

Rong Yuan had used the Yirong Pill to alter his appearance to that of a teenager.

Winking, Rong Yuan playfully teased, “Your Highness, do you not like me already? You praised someone else a few days ago. Have you fallen for someone else already?”

Squeezing out a few tears, Rong Yuan’s eyes glistened with tears and he acted innocent. Yet his words made Gu Lingzhi cringe and she wanted to dump him back into the Inheritance Space. However, Rong Yuan’s cultivation rank was higher than her and she would not be able to overpower him to force him back into the Inheritance Space.

Falling silent for a while Gu Lingzhi wondered if the Yirong Pill could influence one’s personality in addition to changing the appearance of a person. Otherwise, why did Rong Yuan appear to be a whole other person when he looked like a teenager now. However, nothing happened to her when she used the Yirong Pill in the past.

“Are you confessing to it since you are silent?” Rong Yuan scoffed. All of a sudden, he switched his attitude from that of an innocent child to a wild beast. Without warning, he pounced onto Gu Lingzhi and pinned her down on the bed. Rong Yuan revealed his teeth like that of a predator before he scolded, “Even if you don’t like him anymore, I will not give you to anyone else! You belong to me, and me only for this lifetime!”

At that point, Gu LIngzhi recognized this episode as another one of Rong Yuan’s playful acts. She pushed him off her body and the two bickered and pushed each other playfully.

They made love to each other through the night and the tortured Gu Lingzhi was pulled into Rong Yuan’s warm embrace after the act. The pair entered the shower together and Gu Lingzhi allowed the warm water to rain down her body, washing off her fatigue. Her stress from the past few days was released and she closed her eyes as she allowed Rong Yuan to touch her.

“Are you feeling better?” Rong Yuan’s warm and husky voice flowed through her ears.

With a soft nod, Gu Lingzhi assured Rong Yuan.

Rong Yuan’s warm breath blew against her face and his soft chuckle melted her heart. Gu Lingzhi seemed to forget her stress and responsibilities as she enjoyed Rong Yuan’s company.

Gu Lingzhi opened and closed her eyes multiple times through the night before she finally assured herself that he was really there. Rong Yuan’s warm hands wrapped around her torso and he pressed his strong chest against her back before he smoothly massaged her.

“Don’t stress yourself out too much. There are many people with the Alliance, they should be able to steal the Life Whip.”

Gu Lingzhi lowered her gaze at Rong Yuan’s words. She understood what he meant. He had directed the question to her mental wellbeing and not her physical body.

His actions that night helped her relax.

At that instant, Gu Lingzhi was filled with gratitude. Although she was at a loss for words for Rong Yuan’s methods, it had been effective. The nervousness she had in her for the past few days was gone.

“Thank you.” Gu Lingzhi bit her lips and thanked Rong Yuan.

Lifting his brows, Rong Yuan teased, “You can say it with words, but I would prefer something more tangible.”

Before Rong Yuan had finished his sentence, his smooth palms that had been massaging her back, slipped down and grabbed her butt suddenly. Gu Lingzhi could not help gasping at Rong Yuan’s move.

“Compared to an insincere ‘thank you’, I would prefer if you thank me with your body next time.”


Gu Lingzhi thought that Rong Yuan would tell her that she would never need to thank him.

Yet, Rong Yuan did not accept her gratitude and even flirted with her again.

Gu Lingzhi wanted to nag at him but she could not help falling for his smooth hands that teased her again. They made love a second time that night. Once their breathing returned to normal, Gu Lingzhi suspected whether Rong Yuan had used the excuse of helping her to relax to have sex with her. Could Rong Yuan’s real motive be to make love to her?

Knowing that he might have gone overboard, Rong Yuan cleaned Gu Lingzhi’s body tenderly before he placed her gently down on the bed. He lay on the other side of the bed before he said, “Relax. Since we found out about the North Qiu Kingdom’s ploy, we will not let them execute it. By now, Lord Fashen would be informed about the matter. He would make sure to steal the Godly Weapon from them!”

Gu Lingzhi’s lips quavered. She was accustomed to Rong Yuan’s smooth words and ways.

She rolled her eyes at him. Just as she was about to speak with him regarding the Godly Weapon, a loud shout came from the door.

“Catch the assassin!”

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