Chapter 313 - Ding Wei’s Decision

In the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Palace, the Emperor, Pan Yu, was seated comfortably on the throne as he looked down upon the girls dancing elegantly. Occasionally, he would take a sip from his cup made of specially crafted spiritual jade and he smiled pleasantly in satisfaction.

Half an hour ago, he had just conversed with Pan Wen and learned that the other side had smoothly integrated with the Muji Kingdom’s troops. From the current outlook, the Alliance’s east territory was practically guaranteed to be in the Empire’s bag already.

“His Highness is capable, indeed. He has only been there for a few days, but he has already taken over the troops from several countries in the Alliance. He is just like Your Majesty in your youth, no wonder he is our Crown Prince.” A confidante complimented as he saw the good atmosphere, causing Pan Yu to feel delighted.

“The Alliance is just a ragtag bunch. We have let them do whatever they wanted to do for so long, it is about time to let them know who the real owner of Tianyuan Continent is,” Pan Yu snorted.

Suddenly, the Communication Conch that was hung around Pan Yu’s waist flashed. Pan Yu thought it was Pan Wen again and tapped the Communication Conch nonchalantly. However, a voice full of urgency sounded, “Your Majesty, the Alliance suddenly attacked! The Dayin Kingdom cannot hold on anymore, we need reinforcements!”

“What?” Pan Yu froze, he thought that he had misheard and asked him to repeat himself again. His eyes twitched furiously as he spoke in a low voice, “Don’t you still have 20,000 guards? Why are they so useless? Where do you expect me to find reinforcements from in such a situation?”

For this operation, they had dispatched their men to the eastern side a long time ago. Other than the 10,000 elite troops sent into the territory of the Alliance, several tens of thousands of elite troops were also dispatched to the Empire’s eastern line of defence. They were prepared to invade the Alliance in cooperation with the elite troops from within the Alliance to win as much land as possible from the Alliance.

Now that preparations on the Eastern side were going well, he could not possibly ask them to send some soldiers over to provide reinforcements for the Dayin Kingdom.

“But…We really cannot hold on for much longer!” Chu Chao cried out. He was so angry he even felt like he would vomit blood. If it was not for their Dayin Kingdom sending half of their troops over, why else would they be unable to hold up under the Alliance’s assault?

However, for fear of offending Pan Yu, he controlled his tone as much as possible to try and gain some support.

“I don’t know what is going on with the Alliance, but suddenly started to attack us very fiercely. It has already been one day and one night. If there are no further reinforcements, I fear that we won’t be able to hold down the western line of defence.”

“No matter what, you have to protect that line of defence! Just hold on for a few more days, once we start our assault of the Eastern side, those troops on your side well naturally disperse. I believe you will not let me down.”

Pan Yu cut the connection after that sentence and snorted in disdain, “Luckily, Wen’er informed me earlier that the troops from Dayin Kingdom have been behaving oddly recently, otherwise I would have been taken in by them.”

On the other side, Chu Chao almost smashed the Communication Conch in his hand after receiving no further responses. It was only because of Ding Wei’s gentle reminder that he did not smash this one and only precious Communication Conch. However, his face had turned extremely black.

“Your Highness, the North Qiu Kingdom is obviously burning the bridge after crossing it! They haven’t even won yet, but they are already treating us like this. In the future, when they have won, will there even be anywhere left for us?”

“…Perhaps the Empire really has its own difficulties.” However, even Ding Wei could not bring himself to believe his own words.

As Dayin Kingdom was the first country revealed to be in cahoots with the North Qiu Kingdom, they had already been attacked by the Alliance several times ever since the start of the war. In just a few years, their land had already shrunk by a third of its size and was still shrinking as they were subject to even more intense attacks. In the end, they were even being pushed out by the Empire who were focusing everything on their eestern lines of defence. Now, they could not even restore Dayin Kingdom to its previous strength, much less expanding it.

What angered them the most was the North Qiu Kingdom’s attitude. Back when Dayin Kingdom was still a considerable force, they had been treated with respect and had always been courteously invited to the conference room for meetings. However, now, with just half of their original land and several of their Demigods either dead or injured, they were much weaker than before. The North Qiu Kingdom no longer held them in high regard and were even trying to get rid of them.

However, now that half of their troops had been dispatched elsewhere, they were no longer able to maintain their line of defence. Pan Yu had even told them to send in more troops. This was obviously telling them to defend by trading their lives! This was the military strength that Dayin Kingdom had slowly built up over many years. With each death, they would have one less soldier. They had already lost many soldiers. In order to build up such a military again, they would have to start choosing from the youths who had just awakened their Spiritual Roots.

“Your Highness, should we just give up?” Pang Huan suggested.

“Give up?” Ding Wei smiled sadly, “Now that Dayin Kingdom is only left with this piece of land, if we really give up here, then where else can we go in the future?” He was deeply afraid that Pan Yu was aware of this fact and hence could not be bothered with Dayin Kingdom anymore.

“Isn’t the Empire focused on their eastern front now? At that time, we can…”

“When the war on that side is over, do you really think a country with no land to itself can benefit from within a colony of foxes?” Ding Wei interrupted Pang Huan coldly and waved his hand, “Send down the orders. We are to maintain the defensive line at all costs, even at the cost of our own lives.”

Chu Chao and Pang Huan were stunned. Ding Wei was listening to Pan Yu’s suggestion and was trading the lives of his soldiers to maintain their defence. In their hearts, they felt sour and unwilling. They had done so much for the Empire, but was this all they were going to get? They were extremely unwilling!

Pang Huan clenched his fists and gritted his teeth, “Your Highness, perhaps we had made the wrong choice from the very start…”

“So what if we chose wrongly? It is not like we can go back in time and choose again.”

“Why can’t we?” Under Chu Chao and Ding Wei’s confused glances, Pang Huan continued, “We can go and find the Xia Kingdom’s Third Prince.”

“Have you gone crazy?” Ding Wei raged, “Let’s not even mention whether or not Rong Yuan will be willing to take us in. Just based on the enmity between the Alliance and the Empire alone, it is already impossible for us to go and find him!”

“That may not necessarily be the case.” Pang Huan stared at Ding Wei, “What if we leaked the situation on the eastern side to Rong Yuan?”

Ding Wei and Chu Chao were taken aback. Since the Alliance had been spending so much effort against them, it was obvious that they were unaware of the happenings on the eastern side. If this was really the case, the Alliance might view this information as a huge merit and accept them. But what would happen after?

Their hands were stained with the blood of countless members of the Alliance. Even if they were accepted, the Alliance might still want to take some revenge afterwards. Furthermore, it was obvious that the Empire had the upper hand at the moment, what use was it even if they changed sides?

Ding Wei sunk into deep thought as various ideas flitted across his mind. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, “If we release the news about the eastern side and bring the attention of the Alliance over there, then we will be fine here.”

“That’s right, once the Alliance gets wind of the news, they would not have the energy to spare against us anymore. As long as we do it discreetly, who would know that it was us? The Empire would not be able to pin it on us either,” Chu Chao applauded.

Pang Huan’s face changed colours several times, as though he wanted to stop Ding Wei. However, it was clear that personally, Ding Wei had no intention of making any deals with Rong Yuan. With this second option, there was no need to look for Rong Yuan at all.

Pang Huan stared silently at Ding Wei’s back as he watched Chu Chao carry out Ding Wei’s suggestion and send people to spread the news. He knew that anything he said now would be useless.

Meanwhile, in the Qi Kingdom’s military barracks, Gu Lingzhi sent everyone back with only Rong Yuan left inside the conference room with her. “How are you so sure that Ding Wei will not choose to surrender to us and will instead send people to secretly let the news out?” She asked Rong Yuan when she heard that there were people bearing news about the eastern front.

Rong Yuan patted Gu Lingzhi’s head, “Don’t you feel that Ding Wei is very similar to me in some aspects?” They were both extremely prideful people who would never turn back after they made a decision. He knew it would be impossible for Ding Wei to come and admit his loss to him. This was also the reason why they had been such close friends in their youth.

It was just that he had had better luck and had met Gu Lingzhi, who helped him to learn how to give in. Rong Yuan could not help but pat Gu Lingzhi’s head a few more times before he pulled her into his embrace and kissed her. He looked at Gu Lingzhi tenderly for a moment, then frowned.

“Argh, so ugly.” His own woman was wearing the face of another man. Just because of this, he wanted to go back into the Inheritance Space and completely eliminate Pan Wen, who was tied up within. However, if Pan Wen was killed, his Soul Stone back in North Qiu Kingdom would shatter. It was not yet time for them to kill him.

Gu Lingzhi giggled. She could guess what was on Rong Yuan’s mind just by the annoyance shown on his face. Rong Yuan pulled her back into his embrace, “You dare to laugh at your husband? You need to be punished!” What followed was a deep kiss.

Chu Chao was very efficient. In less than half a day, the 100,000 soldiers under the Empire had already entered the borders of the Alliance. Even the news about how Minglan and Muji Kingdom’s 80,000 troops were defeated, had reached the ears of the upper levels of the Alliance.

The upper levels of the Alliance could not sit still and gathered in the headquarters to discuss some countermeasures.

Only when they were about to start the discussion and express their views on the issue, did they realise that they seemed to be missing one person.

Where was Rong Yuan? Why did he not come back even after a big event had happened?

A few members of the Alliance who disagreed with Rong Yuan immediately pointed out, “Where is Rong Yuan? He was still around just a few days ago. Yet now that we are at a crucial point, he has disappeared and is nowhere to be seen. Or has he gone to some corner to make his sweetheart happy?”

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