Chapter 311 - Enchanting Devil

Three days later, Pan Wen, who had ruined several beauties in the Sangna Kingdom hurried over to the military barracks in Qi Kingdom.

This time, the Minglan Kingdom came to support the Qi Kingdom with a total of 30,000 soldiers. Among these soldiers, several thousands of them had betrayed the Alliance and swore allegiance to the Qi Kingdom. The remaining soldiers numbering over 20,000 were secretly released by Qi Kingdom’s General under the command of Gu Lingzhi. To others, these soldiers were said to have been mass executed. However, they were actually taken away in secret by the Minglan Kingdom and were now hiding in the mountains.

Pan Wen heard that several thousands of Minglan’s soldiers had defected to the Empire and was very satisfied with this outcome. He ordered the 20,000 soldiers that he had brought with him to change into the armor of the soldiers under Minglan, then raised his chin and sat down in the commanding seat in the conference room. He nodded his head towards Rong Yuan, who disguised himself as Bian Cheng, as though he was bestowing him, “Not bad, I will put in some good words for you in front of my Royal Father later and get him to reward you.”

“Thank you, Your Highness!” Rong Yuan thanked Pan Wen gratefully, then inquired about the upcoming plans, “Should I proceed according to the previous plans, or should I change them a little?”

“Change?” Pan Wen was confused, “Wasn’t the previous plan good enough? What is there to change?”

“This…I would like to discuss this in private with Your Highness.” Rong Yuan requested as he hesitantly looked at Pan Wen’s bodyguards.

Pan Wen waved his hand to signal his bodyguards to retreat and wait outside, then spoke impatiently, “Done. Now, can you speak?”

“Yes, I can.” Rong Yuan smiled and suddenly moved to be in front of Pan Wen.

Pan Wen thought that Rong Yuan had moved closer to him to discuss the plan as he was afraid of being overheard. Contempt showed in his eyes as he did not believe that the Marshal of such a small country could come up with a better plan than their North Qiu Kingdom’s think-tank.

Pan Wen’s lips were pressed together in dissatisfaction, “This distance is good enough, what do you have to…urgh”.

Before he could finish his sentence, Pan Wen’s body abruptly went soft and fell forward. By the side, Gu Lingzhi grabbed him agilely and brought Pan Wen into her Inheritance Space.

Inside the Inheritance Space, Gu Lingzhi immediately fed him a Truth Serum without delay. During the time the Truth Serum took to activate, she quickly consumed a Yirong Pill and changed into Pan Wen’s appearance.

Before Pan Wen could even understand what had just happened, he discovered that Gu Lingzhi had changed into his appearance and pointed in anger, “What audacity! How dare you take my appearance? Are you not afraid of my Royal Father sending his soldiers to trample over Qi Kingdom?”

Gu Lingzhi laughed, “Your Highness, before that can even happen, you first need to have the capability to escape from here.”

Pan Wen only noticed that his surroundings did not seem right after he heard Gu Lingzhi’s words. Subsequently, he was shocked by the concentration of spiritual power in the air.

“This…Is this the Realm of the Gods? No, it can’t be that easy to ascend to the Realm of the Gods. Could it be an ancient relic?”

Gu Lingzhi stared and lightly shook her head at the man who had become her prisoner but seemed to have no self-awareness regarding his current predicament and was even looking around greedily. Even a person like him could become the Crown Prince? The North Qiu Kingdom was really going to be destroyed. 

Pan Wen was ecstatic for only that short moment before the light in his eyes started to extinguish and his face became dazed. Gu Lingzhi tested him with a few basic questions, to which Pan Wen answered fully. Then, she took turns with Rong Yuan and started to ask him about more sensitive issues.

To prevent Pan Wen’s bodyguards from becoming suspicious, Gu Lingzhi went out for a walk. She instructed them to guard the door well and to stop anyone from entering, before she re-entered her Inheritance Space again.

As the next Emperor of the North Qiu Kingdom, Pan Wen was knowledgeable regarding a wide range of issues. Not only did he know about the information from Bian Cheng, he also knew about other confidential issues that the North Qiu Kingdom had never revealed to anyone else. Of course, these issues were recorded down by Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan to be put to good use in the future.

Gu Lingzhi did not stay in the Inheritance Space for long. In less than an hour, she had come out together with Rong Yuan as she imitated Pan Wen and swaggered out from the conference room.

The Yirong Pills that Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan used were all from the Sacred Lands of the Spirit Tribe, naturally, its effects were not easily seen through by others. Under the effects of the Yirong Pill, even her voice sounded exactly the same as Pan Wen’s. The two Martial Sages who were protecting Pan Wen did not notice anything unusual and followed behind Gu Lingzhi. Rong Yuan, who was still disguised as Bian Cheng, used the excuse of briefing Pan Wen on the situation in the military barracks and followed after them as well.

To keep up the act, they walked around the Qi Kingdom’s military barracks, before they arrived at where the troops brought by Pan Wen were staying.

The two of them slowly strolled around and quietly gauged the strength of the soldiers until the skies had turned dark.

Rong Yuan then invited Gu Lingzhi to the Marshal’s residence and took the opportunity to have dinner together. Just as they were about to bid farewell to each other, one of Pan Wen’s guards, Zhang Jun, suddenly asked, “Your Highness, which girl would you like to service you tonight?”

Girl? Service? Didn’t Pan Wen already become a waste?

Gu Lingzhi was dumbfounded. Then, she suddenly remembered the disturbing news that she had heard about recently as her face stiffened. Could it be that the rumors were true and that Pan Wen really derived pleasure from abusing girls?

Naturally, Rong Yuan had also thought about this point as his face turned similarly ugly. How could he have forgotten that Pan Wen had such a disgusting hobby? 

The two of them quickly exchanged glances as Gu Lingzhi waved her hands and stated, “It’s alright, I do not need any girls tonight.”

Zhang Jun immediately nodded his head in understanding, “Yes, Your Highness. I will go and inform Young Master Li and Young Master Lan to service you.”

Young Master Li and Young Master Lan? Just what in the world was going on?

Gu Lingzhi was dumbfounded. She realised that Zhang Jun had already left, presumably to inform the aforementioned Young Master Li and Young Master Lan. Her heart pounded furiously.

If he had no interest in the girls, then he would switch to the young masters? How did Pan En become so savage and cruel?

Most importantly, she did not need anyone to service her in the first place!

However, Zhang Jun moved too quickly. In the short time that Gu Lingzhi had been in a daze, he had already left to find the people. Gu Lingzhi could only look pleadingly at Rong Yuan, whose face had already turned green.

“His Highness is really blessed indeed.” Rong Yuan spat out as he resisted the urge to stop Zhang Jun and teach him a lesson. He forced a smile and suggested, “Since Your Highness has come all the way here, I’ll definitely have to entertain you properly. You won’t have to bother those few sweethearts of yours to service you. I just so happen to have a suitable person here with me. I will send him over to you later, how does that sound?”

“Good, very good. This suggestion is very much to my liking.” Gu Lingzhi nodded her head incessantly.

Although Pan Wen’s other bodyguard, Liu Yu, found Rong Yuan’s reaction to be slightly unusual, he did not think much of it. After all, the Qi Kingdom was already on the same boat as the Empire. Bian Cheng could not possibly be thinking of going against Pan Wen. Furthermore, Pan Wen had countless life-saving treasures on him. Even if Bian Cheng were to act against Pan Wen, Liu Yu would still be able to rush to the scene before all the life-saving treasures were used up.

However, he had not considered that self-defense treasures such as the Protective Jade Amulet, would only activate when the user has received an attack beyond his ability or is facing a life-threatening danger. As long as Pan Wen’s life was not being threatened, all these spiritual treasures would not be activated.

Soon, it was time for bed. Based on Rong Yuan’s words earlier, Gu Lingzhi calmly turned away the two handsome youths that Zhang Jun had sent over.

Not long later, footsteps sounded outside the door.

Gu Lingzhi frowned, she thought that Zhang Jun had sent some other people over. Instead, she heard Liu Yu call out, “Your Highness, the Marshal has sent a beauty over. Do you want to take a look?”

“Let him in.” Someone that was sent by Rong Yuan? She definitely had to take a look then.

The interior of the room was fully lit, with several lamps in each corner. It was as bright as if it were in the daytime. Hence, Gu Lingzhi could clearly see the youth who had entered the room.

The youth was tall and slender in a simple blue robe. He had smooth skin with pink, seductive lips and a dazzling pair of eyes that seemed to hold thousands of stars. His eyes could draw in the souls of people when he looked at them. He was truly gorgeous! With just a glance, Gu Lingzhi almost forgot to breathe.

Wasn’t this Rong Yuan?

Specifically, it was Rong Yuan in his youth. She never expected Rong Yuan to look so stunning in his youth. The brows that she had gotten used to seeing, seemed to give off a completely different feeling.

“Your Highness, are you satisfied with what you are seeing?” Rong Yuan chuckled with his lips slightly parted. He was the perfect symbolisation of an enchanting devil.

Both Zhang Jun and Liu Yu were also stunned. However, the main reason they were shocked was because this youth highly resembled the young leader of the Alliance! If not for the fact that this person was clearly a youth, they would have been suspicious and started to doubt if anyone was lurking around the Marshal’s residence.

Zhang Jun and Liu Yu saw that Pan Wen looked as though he was completely shocked and infatuated. In their hearts, they commended Bian Cheng for being able to find such a youth.

Everyone in the Tianyuan Continent all knew that it was Rong Yuan who had cut off Pan Wen’s manhood back then. Now, Bian Cheng had managed to find a youth who so greatly resembled that person. He had worked hard indeed! They could hope that this youth could last a little longer and not be ruined too quickly by Pan Wen.

The two bodyguards exchanged a knowing look as they quietly left the room with a smile. They did not forget to close the door after them.

When only the two people were left in the room, Rong Yuan slowly approached Gu Lingzhi. His eyes were full of warmth as he leaned against the table and tilted his head to reveal his slender neck. He looked utterly innocent and charming.

“Your Highness, do you need my service?”

Gu Lingzhi swallowed her saliva and her blood was rushing through her body. She had known Rong Yuan for so many years, but she never knew that he could be so enchanting. Her heart started to beat furiously.

“Rong- Rong Yuan?” Gu Lingzhi called out tentatively, in case she had recognised the wrong person and committed an irreversible mistake.

Rong Yuan laughed as he lifted Gu Lingzhi’s chin and whispered at her lips, “If not me, then who else would you want to wait on you?”

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