Chapter 309 - Change in Space

Rong Yuan’s eyes darkened, he had managed to catch onto Gu Lingzhi’s hand before she fed the bead into the man’s mouth. He seized the bead from her hand and fed the man personally instead. Then he pulled Gu Lingzhi onto her feet and fished out a handkerchief before gently wiping her fingers. It seemed as though her fingers had been stained with something unclean. He mumbled, “I have not even enjoyed being fed a few times by Lingzhi. How can I let him have the advantage?”

Everyone broke out in a cold sweat. Was now a good time to be sour and jealous?

Gu Lingzhi no longer got angry at this jealous man. However, upon seeing the strange eyes of those around them, she gave him a harsh stare.

At this moment, the man who had been fed the black bead by Gu Lingzhi stood up suddenly. Just when the people of Minglan wanted to take action and knock him unconscious, the man quickly kneeled down respectfully in front of Gu Lingzhi, “Master.”

What exactly was going on? 

Gu Lingzhi coughed lightly and explained softly, “I’ve fed him something that can control people. He is now completely under my control.”

The crowd was startled upon thinking of the black bead that Gu Lingzhi had fed him earlier. What exactly was that thing? How could it control someone so easily? If there was a large quantity of it, would they be able to control as many people as they like?

Thinking of this, everyone’s eyes were alert when looking at Gu Lingzhi. After all, no one would want to be with someone who could easily control others.

Knowing what they were thinking inside, Gu Lingzhi mouth tweaked, “This item can only control for a period of one month. Afterwards, he would then return to his original state. This Soul Controlling Pearl was obtained from the Spirit Tribe’s relics. There are less than twenty of them in total and would be gone after all are used.”

Gu Lingzhi’s explanation had successfully dispelled the thoughts that Rong Yuan was under the control of a Soul Controlling Pearl such that he was so obedient to her.

Taking advantage of this moment, Gu Lingzhi took out several other Soul Controlling Pearls and fed it to the others.

Those who were able to enter the room for meals were of the higher ranks in the army. There were a total of seven generals from the Qi Kingdom that were lying on the ground. Gu Lingzhi fed everyone the Soul Controlling Pearls. Not long after, there was a row of generals kneeling in front of her.

Gu Lingzhi commanded while facing them, “Simply pretend that we have fallen for the trap and place everyone in the cell. Find an opportunity afterwards to release us. Thereafter, just follow along with your original plans.”

“Yes, master.” The first one to have consumed the Soul Controlling Pearl replied while kneeling on the ground.

What happened in that room seemed like a long story to tell. But in reality, it all happened in less than a quarter of an hour. The soldiers outside did not notice any form of abnormalities. Things went on smoothly in the direction that he had already expected.

When the doors of the room were opened up once again, the people outside were faced with the scene of Minglan’s generals lying all over the ground after losing their spiritual power. The Marshal sat in the main seat and laughed proudly before saying to the soldiers outside, “Have them all thrown in jail and be well taken care of. After all, they are here to save us. We cannot be too harsh and let their hearts down right?”

“Bian Cheng, you bastard! Don’t pretend to be the good person here. Let us go!”

Rong Yuan had disguised himself as “Bian Cheng” and laughed wickedly, “Let you off so that you can tip them off? Just be good and stay in the cell. It won’t be long before others will join you.”

After Rong Yuan had finished speaking, a row of soldiers came forward and brought the Minglan’s army that had pretended to be poisoned into the cell.

Instantly, the room became half empty. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi, who had disguised herself as a military advisor, came out of the room and saw a floor of Minglan’s soldiers that were poisoned. They apologised silently in their hearts before Rong Yuan commanded the officer by his side, “Tie them up and gather them at the school grounds. When they wake up, see if there is any that is willing to pledge allegiance to our Qi Kingdom. Take in those who are willing and continue tying those who are not. We can use them for negotiation afterwards with the people of the Alliance.”

“Yes, Marshal.” The officer immediately went to carry out his command.

Rong Yuan nodded with satisfaction before leading Gu Lingzhi back to the chamber.

The generals that were under the influence of the Soul Controlling Pearls had also returned to their respective positions under the control of Gu Lingzhi. As the Soul Controlling Pearls were made from the Martial Artists’ souls, it led those who had consumed it to be loyal to those in control. It had no effect on their past memories such that no one was able to recognise that the top generals in the army had anything wrong within a short span of time.

When they reached the chamber, he ordered the gatekeepers not to let anyone enter before pulling Gu Lingzhi into the Inheritance Space.

The Inheritance Space was completely different from the one more than seventy years ago. If it was not mentioned, people who entered would have definitely thought that this was an independent miniature world, because the space in here was simply too big. The range covered by the sight comprised a view of continuous greenery. The thick spiritual energy was no less than any Secret Territory.

However, the most striking thing was the milky lake right in front of them. The spiritual power that emanated from it formed a thick white fog above the lake. It seemed as though there was something in the middle of the thick fog.

The Spiritual Essence Spring was the size of a pond back in those days. It had since grown in scale along with Gu Lingzhi’s improvement in her abilities. As for the unclear shadows in the middle of the Spiritual Essence Spring, they were precious Spiritual Plants that Gu Lingzhi had brought out from the Spirit Tribe’s Sacred Lands. Under the nourishment of the Spiritual Essence Spring, they had since grown to become of a considerable scale.

At this moment, Bian Cheng, who had just regained his consciousness, was looking at everything in shock. He wondered if he had reached the so-called Realm of the Gods. Otherwise, how could there be a place with such abundant spiritual energy?

The Spirit Herbs that laid underneath his body, if not mistaken, were ordinary plants that had absorbed a certain level of spiritual energy and became mutated. To be able to nourish ordinary plants into Spiritual Plants was strong evidence of the richness of spiritual energy in this space. If he were to cultivate here, his stagnated cultivation of many years would then be greatly improved. He might even have the confidence to take on a Demigod!

“Marshal Bian, it seems as though you are very satisfied with this place.” Seeing how Bian Cheng was still lying on the ground and had seemed to forget about his situation and was just staring at the Spiritual Essence Spring that was not far away with a look of ecstasy in his eyes, Rong Yuan interrupted his imagination.

Who is calling him? Why does this voice seem so familiar? 

Completely forgetting how he had entered here, Bian Cheng subconsciously followed after the voice and saw Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi who were not far away. He held his breath and was immediately reminded of what had happened earlier.

Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had now completely removed the effects of the Yirong Pill. They had restored their original appearances in which Bian Cheng was able to recognise immediately at one glance. He murmured in his heart - Why are they here? Unless he did not accidentally enter the Realm of The Gods but fell into some Secret Territory instead? But there wasn’t a Secret Territory nearby, and these two people were at the barracks. How did they end up here? Was this a Secret Territory that had appeared spontaneously such that no matter which location they had fallen from, they would end up at the same place?

But he had been stationed at the border for so many years and had yet to see any signs of a Secret Territory. Why was there one all of a sudden?

Astonished at the sight of the Inheritance Space, Bian Cheng would have never thought that there was another kind of space in this world that could be incredible to this extent. Intuitively, he thought they had fallen into a Secret Territory that had suddenly opened up. After all, he had never heard of anything that was capable of containing a living person.

Bian Cheng was overthinking in his heart while his eyes were eagerly blinking at both of them. He hoped that they would realise his current state and relieve the poison on him. After all, what they did was rather secretive and he did not believe that the two of them would find out.

But he was wrong. He looked at them expectantly as though his eyes were suffering from a cramp. Both of them pondered for a moment before understanding his thoughts. Rong Yuan mischievously pranked him by turning into the appearance from before when they had initially entered the Minglan’s barracks.

Seeing this face, Bian Cheng felt breathless as he understood how he got here. His eyes then turned unfriendly. The two of them had easily blended into the Minglan’s army, it was no wonder that he would fail.

How did he only manage to find such an incredible place now? After being unknowingly poisoned and having his entire body weakened, he could barely turn his eyes and was at the slaughter of his enemies, let alone use this place to cultivate his spiritual power…

“You have the cheek to think of cultivating here?” Seeing the regrets in his eyes, Rong Yuan felt a little amused. He wondered how this person managed to climb onto his current position.

After coming here, they were not afraid of him running away. Gu Lingzhi then resolved the poison in him before Rong Yuan tied him up with a spiritual cord.

Upon finishing this set of actions, Rong Yuan then returned to Gu Lingzhi’s side. His chin jutted out as he asked Bian Cheng, “Do you want to answer us honestly? Or do you want us to force you to answer?”

“You’re despicable! You had actually planted poison in the dishes!” Once the language ability was restored, Bian Cheng did not answer Rong Yuan’s question first but wickedly accused him.

Rong Yuan laughed, “If you hadn’t harbored any ill intentions first, how were we then able to play along with your entrapment? Speaking of this, if you had not taken the antidote to counter the Spiritual Pill that would seal off your spiritual power, you would not have been poisoned.”

There were such people in this world nevertheless, who tried to justify what they had done to others but when others did the same to them, it was wicked beyond redemption. Evidently, Bian Cheng was such a person. When asked by Rong Yuan, he did not show any signs of remorse and instead, spoke naturally, “I am a citizen of the Empire. It’s expected of me to plot and scheme against the people from the Alliance. Rather, aren’t you all afraid of mistakenly hurting your loyal generals by poisoning the food?”

“Since we have taken action, we have full confidence that you are our enemies. Let’s not waste anymore time on him and use the Truth Serum.” Gu Lingzhi said.

The Trust Serum was the Spiritual Medicine that Gu Lingzhi had used to help Xie Jianyu and make one confess honestly. No matter how strong his willpower was, under the influence of the medicinal effects, he would come clean about everything.

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