Chapter 308 - A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Upon hearing this, Bian Cheng remembered his purpose and did not bother about the both of them after laughing. He then led Lin En in the direction of the kitchen.

Everyone in the army ate together in the cafeteria. That was also where he planned to attack.

It was already lunch time at this moment. The cafeteria was filled with soldiers waiting to fill their stomachs. After passing by the crowd, Lin En pretended to be ignorant of the plan and sat at the most inner seat that was specially prepared for the Marshal. Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were seated at a table next to him. Across him sat Bian Cheng who was smiling brightly.

“Brother Lin, we are so grateful that you are able to come over and assist. You must drink a few more glasses later!”

“Brother, you are too polite. Helping each other is a tacit understanding for the nations in the Alliance, you need not be so courteous.” Under the enthusiastic greetings of Bian Cheng, Lin En could only withstand his uncomfort and pretended to forge a relationship with him. Anyone would have thought that they were a pair of devoted brothers.

Not long after, various dishes were served by several soldiers.

Life in the barracks was not comparable to life back at home but the dishes used to greet Lin En were relatively decent. There was spiritual power pulsating from the meat dishes.

Seeing how Lin En’s gaze had fallen onto the plate of fourth-order demon beast meat that he deliberately ordered and had added a bunch of “good stuff” to it, Bian Cheng rejoiced convertly. He introduced the dish to him with enthusiasm, “Knowing the Brother Lin is coming, I have deliberately asked my men to capture a fourth-grade demon beast as an additional side dish for you. This isn’t common nowadays, you must eat more of it.” With that, he diligently picked up a few pieces of the demon beast into Lin En’s bowl.

Lin En glanced at the demon beast meat in his bowl and slowly sent a piece that was full of flavours and colours while emitting spiritual power into his mouth, under the eager gaze of Bian Cheng. After chewing, he gave a thumbs up to Bian Cheng and said, “It's delicious!”

“Eat more if it’s nice.” Seeing that Lin En had really swallowed that piece of meat, Bian Cheng whose heart has been pounding non-stop since the moment he knew that Lin En would be arriving, had finally calmed down. The smile on his face has also become more cordial, “Due to the successive years of battle, it is really not easy to find a demon beast of third-order or higher here. Brother, eat more…” After all, this would be his last meal.

Lin En here was deceived and fooled into eating the “special” food while the soldiers brought over by Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were not left out.

A large group of soldiers had come and attempted to persuade them into eating. They used excuses that were similar to what their Marshal had used such as thanking them for coming and asking them to enjoy and eat.

Even though Lin En and the generals knew that Bian Cheng and his men had ill intentions, they did not inform their subordinates about it in order to not let the opponent find anything that was abnormal. Under the persuasion of the Qi Kingdom’s soldiers, they had all begun eating and drinking to their content. Lin En, who was watching the situation, almost wanted to slam the table and begin cursing.

His subordinates were a brainless bunch that simply devoured upon the sight of food. Fortunately they had come prepared, or they would have been finished!

Just as Lin En stared at his group of unpromising soldiers from the corner of his eyes, Rong Yuan’s voice suddenly rang out, “Supporting each other is what we should do. The brothers of the Qi Kingdom are really too kind. Don’t just focus on patronising us. We can’t finish as there are so many dishes here. Let’s all sit down and eat together.”

Rong Yuan said while using his own pair of chopsticks to pick up some vegetables into the bowl of the general that sat opposite of him. He then smiled cheerily at the opponent. The man hesitated for a moment before reminding himself that he had already taken the antidote that could counter the Spiritual Pill from trapping their spiritual power. He paused briefly before eating the vegetables in his bowl.

Seeing this, Rong Yuan smiled and took more vegetables for the others. Each of them did not reject him. At last when his vision fell onto Gu Lingzhi’s bowl, he joyfully clipped her favorite vegetables for her while laughing and teasing, “Have some too.”

Due to this action, those who were originally skeptical of Rong Yuan had now swept away the suspicions in their hearts. Each one of them began eating as if nothing had happened. However, their eyes were fixated on Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi, silently calculating the time in which they would faint.

It seemed that their time was almost up. Gu Lingzhi was the first to put down her chopsticks and pretended to rub her head as though she had a little headache. She said to herself, “How strange. I didn’t drink at all. Why do I feel a little dizzy and my limbs weakening?”

Rong Yuan, who was beside her, laughed and dragged her towards him. He teased, “You’re drunk without drinking. You have put our Minglan’s soldiers to shame. No matter what, you have to drink…Ah, this is weird, why do I feel a little drunk?”

Rong Yuan shook his head in confusion and laid lazily on Gu Lingzhi’s body. The hand under his body took advantage of this opportunity and kneaded Gu Lingzhi’s body. Gu Lingzhi was so angry that she cursed him for being a pervert in her heart. He had never once forgotten to take advantage of her these hundred years.

The other Minglan generals that were seated at the same table also began looking soft and weak, leaning and using the table as a support. There was even a general that was too engrossed in his acting that he directly fell onto the floor and gasped in disbelief at Qi Kingdom’s generals. Upon seeing this, the others could not help but wanted to applaud his superb acting skills.

At this moment, Lin En also shuddered his head and cast an unfathomable look at Bian Cheng, “Brother, you…poisoned us?”

“Who is your brother?” Bian Cheng scorned and slapped away the hand that was pointing at him, “My mother had only given birth to me as her only son. Don’t casually mistake me as your relative.” There was no sign of the person that was still calling Lin En affectionately just half an hour ago.”

Lin En’s hand landed on the table and he continued to play along by using the table as a support. He struggled with his entire strength in order to not let himself fall before spitting out, “Why? What has the Minglan Kingdom done to offend you?”

“Actually, nothing.” Thinking that the victory was within his reach, Bian Cheng did not bother to hide further, “It's just that your Alliance is an obstacle to the Empire. Do you know how strong the North Qiu Kingdom is? It is a powerful country that remains undefeated. Do you think that they would be defeated by you people? What a pity that the Minglan Kingdom did not think it through carefully. You had already sought asylum from the North Qiu Kingdombut chose to defect to the Alliance instead. If you need someone to blame, blame it on your own ignorance.”

Hearing this, several of Minglan’s generals had now seen Bian Cheng’s true colours. He had never once regarded them as his friends, otherwise, he would not have said such things.

“Darn! You bastards! To think that the Minglan had come to save you as soon as we heard your call for help. Never did I expect that you would have such wild ambitions!” The general who said this sentence was the one with the superb acting skills and had fallen onto the floor, General Xun Jingzhou.

Because of the anger, he had forgotten to pretend that he was still poisoned.

“It’s because of your stupidity! When did the Qi Kingdom ever need you to save us?” Bian Cheng taunted subconsciously before realising that something was wrong. The man in front of him had clearly consumed the Spiritual Pill that sealed his spiritual power. How could he still stand up and scold him?

Just when his doubts began rising and before he could question them, a dazzling sensation struck him and his body started to tremble.

“You, you aren’t…” Poisoned.

Before he could finish speaking, Bian Cheng fell to the ground with a bang. His entire body could not move other than his eyes.

As if it was contagious, the other generals of the Qi Kingdom began falling one after another onto the ground. Just as they fell onto the ground, they had also lost all the power and the ability to speak. They could only move their eyeballs but all they could see was each other’s panicked expressions. It was futile.

“Ha, you traitors! How would I be fooled by you!” Just as Xun Jingzhou was still worried that his recklessness had spoiled their scheme, he saw people falling down one after another. A wide smile was plastered onto his face. He then walked in front of Bian Cheng and used the soles to kick his face.

“ ... ” Bian Cheng used all his strength to open his mouth but was unable to utter a syllable at all. He looked at Xun Jingzhou in horror and anger, not knowing how they could see through his scheme. He had been very secretive about it! 

At this moment, Rong Yuan also helped Gu Lingzhi onto her feet and fade away the effects of the Yirong Pill. Under the shocking eyes of Bian Cheng, he came towards him and whispered, “What a surprise. Would you like to find out how I’ve figured out your ploy?”

After saying this, Rong Yuan paused here deliberately. Under the expectant eyes of Bian Cheng who was eager to find out the truth, he spitted gently, “I won’t tell you.”

Bian Cheng was so angry that he almost spat out blood. He thought that Rong Yuan would still let the truth be known before killing him.

Considering the current situation, Rong Yuan had no further intention to waste any time on him. He dealt a heavy blow to his chest causing Bian Cheng to spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. He could only stare at him with his eyes wide open. Gu Lingzhi swiftly pulled at Rong Yuan. Bian Cheng was then kept by Gu Lingzhi into her Inheritance Space.

But in the eyes of others, Bian Cheng was killed by Rong Yuan with one blow and Gu Lingzhi had only helped him to dispose of the body by putting it into her Storage Ring. After all, there was no storage item that was known to be capable of keeping a living thing within it in the Tianyuan Continent.

Although it was felt that Rong Yuan had dealt with this too urgently and should have saved his life in order to torture and enquire about the Empire’s situation, it was still not a good time to raise any complaints. Lin En glanced at the nearest general and wanted to follow suit and kill him off. Just as he had raised his hand, he was stopped by Gu Lingzhi.

“Marshal Lin, slow down.”

Lin En stopped and looked at Gu Lingzhi in puzzlement.

“Is Your Highness keeping this person alive so as to question him?”

“Something like that. It’s still useful to keep their lives.”

Lin En remained silent. If they had wanted to keep them alive for questioning, wasn’t it best to have kept Bian Cheng? It was a little too late now to have realised this after killing them.

Just when Lin En and the Minglan’s generals exchanged a complex look, Gu Lingzhi swiftly took out a black bead from the Storage Ring and sent it into the mouth of the person under everyone’s astonished gazes.

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