Chapter 307 - Into the Urn

Lin En looked at Rong Yuan with anticipation as he wanted to hear his plan.

Rong Yuan also had no intention to beat around the bush and directly revealed his plan, “The plan is very simple. While the Empire is still unaware that the information has been leaked, I will be secretly contacting the surrounding forces to reform their troops. Once the Empire has begun their operations, we would pretend to go along and beat them at their own game. They would then have no chance of escaping and the Empire’s hundred thousand soldiers would no longer be a threat.”

Lin En nodded his head after hearing but felt that something was not right, “Won’t the Empire be suspicious once we shift our troops?”

“No.” Rong Yuan laughed like a fox, “The Empire would be even happier when we deploy more troops over.”

Why would they be happier? Despite repeating his inquiries, he was not able to obtain any answers from Rong Yuan. Lin En could only scratch his head out of frustration.

Luckily on the second day, his doubts were clarified. Upon hearing Qi Kingdom’s distressing message from the the Communication Conch, the expressions on Lin En’s face were rather complicated. He calmly appeased the people who sounded anxious at the other end and gave Rong Yuan a puzzled look, “Your Highness, have you long known that the Qi Kingdom would seek us for help?”

Those who knew of the Empire’s plan would definitely be trustworthy people. Even the soldiers had probably taken a vow with the heavens to not disclose any information about the trip before their departure. Rong Yuan seemed to know this matter well. Where on earth did he obtain the news from?

When faced with Lin En’s inquiry, Rong Yuan gave a light smile. Gu Lingzhi answered on behalf of him, “Let’s not focus on how we acquire the news. Currently, the most important thing is to mobilise the troops and hurry over to the Qi Kingdom and provide our ‘support’.”

“Right, ‘support’ the Qi Kingdom.” Lin En subconsciously repeated Gu Lingzhi’s words before patting his head. He was annoyed at the fact that he was always led by the juniors. But with the impending situation, he had no other options but to follow along unless he were to confront the Empire directly which would be equivalent to suicide.

Thus, Lin En looked at Gu Lingzhi with a complex look, “What exactly are you all planning? If you are still unwilling to reveal your plans, I will not hand over Minglan’s soldiers that we have painstakingly nurtured over the years.”

“Rong Yuan and I are not people who are unable to read the severity of a situation. We will definitely tell you the plan clearly.”

“That’s good,” Lin En snorted while holding expectations in his heart. If Rong Yuan was really able to repel the hundred thousand elite soldiers of the Empire, the Minglan Kingdom would then be the biggest contributor of this battle. At that point of time, they would then earn the rights to have firsthand distribution of the Sangna Kingdom’s territories.

Actually, the scheme constructed by Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan was a simple one. The reason as to why the Qi Kingdom were to seek help from Minglan was to induce Minglan’s forces into the Sangna Kingdom so as to completely wipe them out. Now that they were aware of this plan, they had the upperhand in controlling the outcome.

They could actually beat them at their own game by disintegrating the Empire’s forces directly from the inside before contacting the neighbouring countries to surround the Sangna Kingdom. By that time, even if the Empire were to realise and an attack was launched from the west side under the leadership of Yuan Hang causing both the east and the west to engage in the battle, they could still strategise afterwards according to how the Empire would react.

“...Unless you all have already prepared a few countermeasures?” Hearing Gu Lingzhi’s connotations, Lin En was secretly surprised.

In his analysis, they should have received the news of the Empire’s soldiers sneaking into the Sangna Kingdom in the past few days. Within such a short span, it was already hard enough for them to rush over to the Minglan Kingdom while coming up with a countermeasure. In addition, they had actually come up with several solutions. Lin En could not help but to exclaim in admiration.

Seeing Lin En’s inferiority complex, Gu Lingzhi bowed her head awkwardly in order to conceal her guilty conscience.

How could they possibly have obtained the news within the last few days? As early as a decade ago when the Empire had intentions to conquer the east, they had already begun strategising. If they were still unable to formulate a good plan after more than ten years, they would have been living in vain.

Although Rong Yuan’s method may be simple, the feasibility was actually very high. After a thorough measurement, Lin En planned to convene his subordinates to the place where the Qi Kingdom was stationed.

Seeing how both Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had stood up, Lin En thought that they had something to address and continue to wait. Unexpectedly, Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi had used an unknown method to change their appearances in an instant such that even he could not detect the abnormality.

“The two of you...” Were they planning on following? 

His prediction came through. Under Lin En’s disapproving eyes, Rong Yuan spoke lightly, “Don’t worry. Since I have decided to go, I have already secured a safe way to return.”

Looking at Gu Lingzhi who stood beside him, Lin En did not question them further. Thanks to how Rong Yuan had spared no effort in demonstrating his love to Gu Lingzhi daily, the entire Continent was well informed of how much he cared about his Consort. If he were to go alone, he would only need to worry about his own safety. Seeing how Gu Lingzhi would be going along, Lin En knew that Rong Yuan was definitely certain.

On the other side, the Marshal of Qi Kingdom, Bian Cheng, was in a state of excitement upon receiving the assurance from Lin En that they were sending troops over to support him.

Lin En was so easily fooled over. Clearly, their plan had been going smoothly. When he thought of the handsome rewards that he would obtain after the plan was successfully implemented, he was so excited that he was unable to sleep and decided to sit in his study and cultivate instead.

It was finally noon on the second day. The soldier in charge of transmitting the orders reported news that Lin En had brought an army over with him.

“Quick! Are you ready? Don’t let him see any loopholes. Be sure to conquer the Minglan’s forces at the least cost.”

“Yes, Marshal.” A staff officer beside him hurried out for one final inspection. He exhorted each soldier earnestly before walking towards the study with a sullen expression.

Before reaching the door of the study, he saw a soldier bringing in Lin En and his troops.

Seeing that they had entered the study without any precaution, Jiang Yan felt a little conflicted. Just a few days ago, he had always viewed attacking the Empire as his only goal in life. He was then informed by the Marshal and the King that the Qi Kingdom and the North Qiu Kingdom had long joined their forces and that they had stayed so many years in the Alliance in order to deliver this fatal blow to them at a crucial moment.

Jiang Yan had thought of sending a message to the Alliance, but the Qi Kingdom was well prepared for this kind of situation. When they joined the army, they were forced to make a vow to the heavens to never betray the Qi Kingdom and to not do anything that was detrimental to the state.

When he was making the pledge, he did not feel anything and even felt that the rule was simply superfluous. Didn’t all the Martial Artists who had voluntarily joined the army to protect the nation? He then understood once the truth became clear. In order to prevent a rebellion from happening when the Qi Kingdom announced their political stand, those in control had already set up this game of chess.

“Don’t be impulsive, even if you were to not think for yourself, you still have to consider your elderly parents.” Upon seeing his struggles, a general whispered while passing by.

Jiang Yan then calmed down instantly. That’s right. Even if he was willing to bear the penalty of breaking the vow, he still had his parents to support. If he were to disrupt the Empire’s strategy, the Marshal would definitely not spare his family. In the end, he could only follow along with what the Qi Kingdom had planned.

Seeing that he had already figured it out, the general then went towards the study.

Jiang Yan hesitated for a while before following after.

In the study, Lin En had already begun discussing with Bian Cheng about the battle.

Instead, Bian Cheng, who was in high spirits a while ago, was now having a haggard look. He faced Lin En with a bitter expression, “Brother Lin, you have no idea, the Empire went crazy this time and has somehow targeted our Qi Kingdom. Our Qi Kingdom’s soldiers were already weak, after persevering for a few days, quite a few of our brothers had already died. The neighbouring Sangna Kingdom is also up to no good. We have already sought reinforcement but to no avail. If you had not arrived, Qi Kingdom’s line of defense might have already been broken through…”

Lin En nodded his face sympathetically but was secretly scolding the other party’s eighteen generations of ancestors in his heart. Had Rong Yuan not come to report this in advance, he might have really believed upon hearing him lament.

Bian Cheng complained for a moment before remembering, “Look at me, I’ve forgotten everything due to my emotions. All of you must be tired after traveling all the way here. I can still support the front lines for another two days, why not let the Minglan’s soldiers rest for the day and begin defending tomorrow instead?”

He did not wait for Lin En to agree before ordering the soldier standing at the door, “Go and tell the kitchen to bring in the wine and food that I ordered yesterday. We must set up a few tables and give thanks to the Minglan Kingdom for rendering their help despite the danger!”

The soldier immediately rushed to pass on the message.

Bian Cheng did not hang around while waiting for the meal to be brought out. In order to avoid Lin En’s suspicion, he deliberately took Lin En to the direction of the barracks. That place had long been shattered so as to dispel Lin En’s doubts. The soldiers within their reach were all lethargic and had donned on torn and tattered armor. Anyone who glanced at this scene would definitely feel the kind of battle that they had encountered.

“They’ve tried really hard,” Rong Yuan said suddenly.

The Qi Kingdom had really given their best in order to carry out this play. For the sake of authenticity, those soldiers were more or less wounded and it was evident that the wounds were freshly made.

Gu Lingzhi nodded sympathetically. The Qi Kingdom had really worked hard. As compared to them, they had easily mixed in without even preparing their identities in advance. This was all too unprofessional.

“Yes.” Thinking that they had replied upon seeing the tragedy of the soldiers, Bian Cheng seized the opportunity and continued in pouring his bitterness. When the performance was almost over, he asked curiously, “I have not seen the two of you before, have you been recently promoted by Brother Lin?”

Lin En’s eyes jumped upon hearing this and quickly reacted, “Yes, the original ones were too clumsy and were sent by me to the vanguard for punishment. These two are newly promoted. If they are unaware of any rules, please pardon them.”

“Oh, just as I thought. Why haven't I seen both of them before when you have brought the army over personally the other time?” Even though Bian Cheng laughed twice, his eyes moved around Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi for quite a while.

Afraid that he might discover something, Lin En hurriedly changed the topic, “Brother Bian Cheng, it has already been so long. Are the meals ready yet? I’m so hungry after journeying for a day.”

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