Chapter 303 - I’m Already Used To It

After Yuan Hang and the others left, Lang Jingchen lowered his head and kissed Tianfeng Wei’s lips. The gentle expression on his face never left as he whispered words of love that he had never dared to say in front of her. His heart was empty and he was completely clueless as to what to do.

He could fully understand the reasoning behind the incident between Tianfeng Wei and Shao Weiming. Under that situation, she could only offer her body to the other party in exchange for asylum. But he still overestimated his level of tolerance. He could not stand witnessing the scene from earlier — the goddess he had always adored, having a lewd behaviour on another man’s body. Once he brought Tianfeng Wei away, he secretly swapped the healing elixir with a life-threatening pill for her to consume. He then calmly watched as Tianfeng Wei began losing her vitality under the effect of the medicine. What surged in his heart, turned out to be a sense of relief.

Indeed, only he knew that he had never once entered Tianfeng Wei’s heart. He even lost the only reason that kept him going which was him being the only man in her life. Under desperation, he could only choose to self-destruct.

“Don’t think that you can get rid of me like this. Even if you die, I won’t let go!” Lang Jingchen’s mouth twitched into a weird smile before the spiritual power in his body exploded.

Yuan Hang, who had already left the cave, originally planned to find another cave to wait for Lang Jingchen before continuing the journey. He did not think that a booming sound would erupt shortly after he left. He turned his head abruptly and saw the cave collapsing, as well as the distorted spiritual power.

“What a pity…” Yuan Hang sighed. He could tell that this movement was the result of a Martial Artist destroying his own spiritual power. He then left quickly with his subordinates.

One day later, Yuan Hang and the others brought Shao Weiming back to the palace. At this moment, Gu Lingzhi had already received a graduation certificate. Rong Yuan and her were heading back to the palace in order to handle the Wei Family’s affairs.

Because of the sneak attack on Gu Lingzhi, the Royal Family had already launched a clean-up operation against the Wei Family. All that was left was to send a powerful witness to deal a fatal blow to them.

After learning that Tianfeng Wei was still colluding with Shao Weiming during the days of her disappearance and was even caught by Lang Jingchen during her illicit acts such that both of them ended up losing their lives, Gu Lingzhi did not know what words to use to express her feelings at that point of time. In the end, she could only spit out the words, “Karma…”

It was unclear if the karma was referring to Rong Yuan not bringing Tianfeng Wei back in time before such an ending happened, or Tianfeng Wei’s ability to turn a well-developing relationship into a tragedy. Either way, a deceased person would no longer be of use to them anymore. Gu Lingzhi had no intention to pursue the matter any further and changed her concentration onto Shao Weiming.

After sealing all of Shao Weiming’s spiritual power and confiscating all his items that could potentially cause danger, Rong Yuan threw him into the dungeon. He ordered his men to interrogate him.

Shao Weiming cooperated abnormally, possibly because he knew that he could no longer escape. Without being sentenced to any form of torture, he confessed everything he knew and only hoped that Rong Yuan could end his life swiftly.

How many tortures and interrogations had Rong Yuan executed such that Shao Weiming would confess everything upon seeing the torture devices in the dungeon? 

Why did the Silver-Armored Troops that were responsible for executing the torture in the dungeon have a look of regret upon seeing Shao Weiming confess? 

Not wanting to overthink and affect Rong Yuan’s image of her in his mind, Gu Lingzhi pretended not to witness any of it and left the dungeon with Rong Yuan.

The development that happened next went unusually smooth. With Shao Weiming’s testimony, the Royal Family could successfully eradicate the Wei Family’s forces. Within a few days, they were able to find the inn that hid the former queen, Wei Shenglan.

When faced with the Silver-Armored Troops, Wei Shenglan grinned sternly, “I shouldn’t have been merciful and let you be born such that I have to suffer the consequences today.”

Rong Yuan shook his finger disapprovingly, “It wasn’t your mercy that led me into this world. You simply did not have the ability to harm my mother.”

“You…You son of a bitch! You are a low-born just like your mom!” Wei Shenglan felt as if she was stabbed and scolded ferociously.

When Rong Han first met Consort Rong, he fell in love with her cute and astute character at first sight. Afraid that the women in the harem would do something to harm her out of jealousy, he even sent his own guards to protect Consort Rong who was pregnant. The harem beauties, who wanted to harm Consort Rong, could never find the opportunity to do so. All they could do was to watch as she gave birth to Rong Yuan and continue gaining more affection from Rong Han.

The reason as to why Rong Yuan mentioned all these now was to give her a slap to her face. He taunted her for overestimating herself and for trying to compete with Consort Rong.

Rong Yuan was busy confronting Wei Shenglan. Meanwhile, Gu Lingzhi spotted a familiar figure amidst Wei Shenglan’s people. Unfortunately, the person donned a bamboo hat, making it hard for her to affirm his identity.

Seeing how Gu Lingzhi showed interest towards a particular man of Wei Shenglan, Rong Yuan frowned and followed her line of vision before coming across a man wearing a bamboo hat.

“Is there any problem with that man?” Rong Yuan tilted his head and whispered to Gu Lingzhi.

Gu Lingzhi shook her head, “I just think that the person looks a little familiar. Maybe I’m seeing things.”

Although their voices were soft and had no intention of letting others eavesdropping, Wei Shenglan could listen to their conversation given her level of cultivation. Wei Shenglan was stunned for a moment before realising that there was a great killer by her side. She then intentionally looked at the man wearing the bamboo hat and gloated, “How could the Princess Consort be wrong? The man wearing a bamboo hat and is afraid of meeting you is indeed your father, Gu Rong!”

The people on Rong Yuan’s side became silent for a while. They did not expect that the man would turn out to be Gu Lingzhi’s father.

As they were arresting people by the inn, it naturally attracted many bystanders to surround them. Upon listening to Wei Shenglan, they turned their gaze suspiciously to Gu Rong. They wanted to know if this person, who stood beside Wei Shenglan, was truly Gu Rong.

After all, only a handful of people were able to observe Gu Lingzhi’s wedding ceremony. Even if there were rumors, many people were still skeptical about it. Now was a good time for them to confirm the rumors. Some of the crowd were already imagining in their hearts on how to spread the matter after Gu Rong removed the bamboo hat.

Seeing how Gu Rong continued to stand rigidly and had no intentions of taking off the bamboo hat, Wei Shenglan spoke angrily, “Why? You had the guts to do it, why not admit it? You were the one who hatched the plan on capturing Gu Lingzhi so as to threaten the Third Prince.”

Once this sentence was spoken, it was more impactful than the one which pointed Gu Rong out. The crowd was even more reluctant to believe that the man wearing the bamboo hat was Gu Rong.

If this was the case, how upset would Gu Lingzhi be upon knowing the deeds of her biological father? 

Rong Yuan immediately took Gu Lingzhi into his arms and protected her warmly. Then he proceeded to look coldly at the people around Wei Shenglan before ordering, “Don’t let this man off!”

Upon seeing the situation, Wei Shenglan hurriedly pushed Gu Rong forward and spoke tenderly, “There are no parents in the world who are at fault. Rong Yuan, are you really going to capture your father-in-law?”

The Silver-Armored Troops, who were ready to attack, suddenly stopped in their tracks. It was not because they were afraid to take action against Gu Rong. Rather, they were worried that Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi’s reputation would be affected if they were to hurt Gu Rong in front of everyone.

Taking advantage of the hesitation, Wei Shenglan seized the opportunity to escape. She ordered a few faithful soldiers to cover for her and rushed out of the inn.

Gu Rong, who was used by Wei Shenglan as a scapegoat, flushed red with anger. The purpose of the bamboo hat was to hide his identity. However, his reputation had only become worse and he could only grit his teeth and fight against the Silver-Armored Troops while ensuring that the bamboo hat would not fall off.

The group of Silver-Armored Troops did not dare to be aggressive due to Gu Rong’s identity. This bought some time for Gu Rong as he secretly retrieved an item from the Storage Ring and activated it upon seeing that he had no chance of escaping.

Suddenly, a dazzling blue light emanated from a palm-sized wooden block he took out.

It was the Teleportation Tablet!

Gu Lingzhi immediately spotted the item he had taken out. It must be stolen from the Sacred Lands of the Spirit Tribe. They must not let Gu Rong get away!

Gu Lingzhi wanted to stop Gu Rong’s movements and interrupt his teleportation involuntarily. However, Rong Yuan’s movements were faster than hers. He speedily appeared beside Gu Rong and smacked him forcefully. Gu Rong managed to avoid it swiftly but the bamboo hat on his head was blown off by the wind that Rong Yuan deliberately created. Instantly, Gu Rong’s appearance was revealed in front of everyone.

At this moment, the Teleportation Tablet had accumulated sufficient spiritual power, causing a stronger blue light to flash across and Gu Rong to disappear.

Unfortunately, Gu Rong could not be retained.

Rong Yuan had no doubt in what Wei Shenglan said the plan to capture Gu Lingzhi was plotted by Gu Rong. After using Gu Lingzhi and constantly making her lose faith in family love, what else would that person be incapable of? He did not deserve to be a father!

Failing to capture him gave him another chance to hurt Gu Lingzhi.

Thinking about this made Rong Yuan glance at Gu Lingzhi worriedly. Unexpectedly, he saw a face that was calm as ever.

“Why? Afraid that I would be affected?” Gu Lingzhi laughed gently, “It’s alright, I’m already used to it.”

She had gotten used to Gu Rong’s indifference, manipulation, and his viciousness, so she no longer held any hopes of him.

Upon hearing Gu Lingzhi’s words, Rong Yuan felt a little pain in his heart. To what extent was her disappointment such that she would be so indifferent after being harmed by a family member?

For a moment, Rong Yuan completely forgot what he was doing. He wanted to hold Gu Lingzhi tightly in his arms and soothe her heart that was hurt by Gu Rong.

In reality, Rong Yuan did exactly that.

Outside the inn, the onlookers watched on as though they were in the setting of a bloodbath scene. In this Kingdom, there was a Third Prince, who had the qualifications to become a God, holding his wife dearly in his arms. Under this warm setting, even the bloody background became beautiful.

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