Chapter 302 - The Death of Tianfeng Wei

Upon entering the cave, Lang Jingchen realised that the cave was not as narrow as it looked from the outside. On the contrary, it was rather spacious. There were even several smaller caves within it.

What made Lang Jingchen elated was that there was a faint light coming from one of the small caves. This means that there was someone inside and he could perhaps give the person some form of reward in exchange for one night of rest without having to fear the demon beasts attacking after he had fallen asleep.

With this idea in mind, Lang Jingchen walked towards the small cave emitting light. As he approached the cave, Lang Jingchen was about to open his mouth and greet the people inside before he heard a familiar voice calling out, “Brother Shao, the meat is ready, come and try it.”

Lang Jingchen quiverd. Wasn’t this the voice of Tianfeng Wei? 

His ecstasy made him speechless for a moment as he stayed rooted and digest the sudden arrival of good news.

But soon, the sound inside turned his ecstasy into astonishment. He heard an unfamiliar voice responding, “Who cares about the meat? Darling, come play with me first.”

“Annoying, Brother Shao. I’ve painstakingly cooked the meat, aren’t you going to try it?”

The unfamiliar voice laughed kinkyly and wickedly, “I’d rather taste you…”

An ambiguous voice that could send one’s heart racing was then heard from the cave. Lang Jingchen stood rooted to the ground as he could not believe what he had heard. His strong love for Tianfeng Wei led him to be reluctant in believing that the person inside was actually her. He took a few steps forward with expectation and an image of two figures intertwining appeared in front of his eyes.

With a single glance, all of Lang Jingchen’s blood was solidified. He stood there foolishly while staring at the lovestruck lady who was sitting on top of the stranger’s body.

The soft expression was one that he had never seen before.

“Move faster you little whore. How can I be satisfied when you move so slowly?” Shao Weiming, who left red markings all over Tianfeng Wei’s body, smacked her backside with dissatisfaction.

Tianfeng Wei let out a delicate moan as she bit her lower lips. Her eyes became blurry as she shook and increased her motion on Shao Weiming’s body.

Lang Jingchen continued to stand stiffly at the cave’s entrance. As he looked at the unbearable scene, he felt as if his soul had drifted away from his body and that his heart was torn apart by demon beasts.

A while later, the two inside the cave seemed to have reached the climax as their movements became more wild. Both the woman’s gentle groaning and the man’s rough panting grew louder.

Just then, voices could be heard from outside of the cave. A team consisting of ten plus people entered from the entrance. The leader immediately saw Lang Jingchen who was standing at the cave’s entrance and greeted in surprise, “Isn’t this Master Lang? Did you come here to find your wife?”

With that, the man began walking towards Lang Jingchen with the others following behind. He wanted to speak to him and exchange clues.

This group of people were the Silver-Armored Troops sent by Rong Yuan to look for Tianfeng Wei and others. Upon encountering Lang Jingchen, they naturally had to go forth and greet him. Also, the cave where Lang Jingchen stood was emitting light. At one glance, he knew that it would be a good place for them to take a rest.

“No…” Lang Jingchen came to his realisation suddenly. The events inside must not be seen by others!

But it was already too late for him to stop them. The leader of the group had already come to the cave’s entrance and saw the scene inside at a glance.

The scene of a lovestruck lady clinging onto a man’s body fell into the eyes of others.

“Lang, Lang Jingchen … ” Tianfeng Wei screamed with a trembling voice before suddenly realising that she was stark naked. Then a shrill scream broke out, “Ah Lang Jingchen, you asshole, how could you bring so many people to watch me?!”

Shao Weiming, who almost reached an orgasm, was also frightened by this sudden scene. Tianfeng Wei’s shrill made his eardrums score and he immediately pushed her away before hurriedly finding his clothes to put on.

Tianfeng Wei, who was shoved, also wanted to quickly find a piece of clothing to wear. However, her clothes were thrown by Shao Weiming to the other side of the cave during their intimate session. If she were to retrieve it, she would have to walk over there naked. But the people gathered at the entrance had no intention of evading. Each of them looked at her with interest as if waiting for her next move and for a good show to happen.

“Shao, Brother Shao…go and help me…get the clothes.”

Before she could finish speaking, she was rudely interrupted by Shao Mingwei, “If you want to wear it, go get it yourself. I don’t have time to take care of you.”

The armor of the Silver-Armored Troops was different from the armor of the other soldiers of Xia Kingdom. Shao Weiming could recognise it at a single glance. He knew that their sneak attack on Gu Lingzhi was likely to have been exposed. At this point of time, he could only focus on finding an opportunity to escape. How would he have the mood to take care of a slut like Tianfeng Wei?

Tianfeng Wei bit onto her lips as her face became pale from the sudden changes. As she could not walk over unclothed, she could only roll her body embarrassedly and hid behind Shao Weiming, wishing that she could kill everyone in front of her eyes.

Why? Why did this group of people come here? And why did they have to see her in her most vulnerable state? 

Did Lang Jingchen bring this group over? How long has he been standing there?

Just when she began imagining things out of fright, a robe covered her body that was full of Shao Weiming’s kiss marks.

Tianfeng Wei could see the look on Lang Jingchen’s face which was full of anger and pain yet forbearing.

“Wear it…it’s cold here.” Lang Jingchen said this statement with almost all his strength. With a vigorous force, he pulled Tianfeng Wei into his arms and blocked the strange views of the onlookers.

“I know you were…forced. I won’t blame you.”

After finishing this heartbreaking sentence, Lang Jingchen took out a few women's clothing from his Storage Ring and put them on for Tianfeng Wei. These pieces were all good looking pieces that he had bought for Tianfeng Wei but did not have the time to send them out. They came in handy now. But all Lang Jingchen hoped was that the heartbreaking scene had never occurred such that these clothes would never be put to use.

“You…” Tianfeng Wei was passively manipulated by Lang Jingchen and could not figure out what he was thinking.

Most people would have already sworn at her as soon as they saw this scene. How could he still help her get dressed so gently? This was also the reason why she subconsciously asked Shao Weiming for help instead of Lang Jingchen when she was naked. After all, a normal man would have definitely lost his temper upon seeing his wife’s extramarital affair.

Lang Jingchen combed Tianfeng Wei’s fringe and tucked it at the back of her ears before whispering, “Say no more, wait until we get back.”

With that, Lang Jingchen turned to look at Yuan Hang and others with a strength that could break Tianfeng Wei’s fingers.

In just a short moment, Shao Weiming was easily subdued and tied up with ropes that had the ability to restrain the spiritual powers of a Martial Artist. He was binded from neck to toes and tossed at a corner. Upon seeing Lang Jingchen, Yuan Hang pretended to have witnessed nothing and spoke naturally, “Lang Jingchen, your wife colluded with this person to harm our Princess Consort. Should we also tie her up?”

After hearing that, Lang Jingchen tightened his grip on Tianfeng Wei.

“No need. I will be keeping an eye on her, she won’t run away.”

“Really?” Yuan Hang raised an eyebrow at him in disbelief. But in his heart, he only felt admiration for Lang Jingchen.

He was truly a gentleman to defend his wife under such a situation. It was a pity…that he had married wrongly.

Lang Jingchen pursed his lips and caught the look of sympathy in Yuan Hang’s eyes. He spoke in a low voice, “I will watch over her.”

He pulled Tianfeng Wei into another cave after speaking, regardless of whether Yuan Hang would agree. He did not want to stay for another moment in the place where Tianfeng Wei made love with another man.

Seeing the situation, Yuan Hang shrugged indifferently. His eyes noticed a soldier who followed secretly. He was stopped as soon as he was caught.

They did not speak at night. When Yuan Hang urged everyone to leave the next day, there were still no signs of activity from Lang Jingchen and Tianfeng Wei.

“The skies have already turned bright. Couldn’t they wait until they are out of the Valley of Beasts before making love?” Yuan Hang walked in while teasing. He found Lang Jingchen who sat at a corner of the cave. In his arms held Tianfeng Wei who was sleeping soundly with a gentle expression on her face.

Tsk, what a great lover. He wondered what virtuous deeds Tianfeng Wei had committed in her past life to be blessed with such a good husband. 

As he approached, Yuan Hang’s expression became strange. He felt that there was something wrong with the person held by Lang Jingchen.

He then realised what was wrong.

In this cave, there was only the breath of two people.

To be precise, there was only his breath and Lang Jingchen’s. Tianfeng Wei, who was in his arms, was clearly a dead person!

Because of this discovery, Yuan Hang felt chills go up his spine and had an urge to curse.

If he had known this earlier, he would not have handed Tianfeng Wei to Lang Jingchen. He had already found her yet she was still killed under his supervision. What was he going to report back to Rong Yuan now?

However, as he looked at the gentle appearance of Lang Jingchen holding the corpse, he was unable to utter a word.

Forget it, he would just take it as an act of good deed. At most, he would be tormented by his master. Anyway, he had already gotten used to the tormenting. 

Thinking about it, Yuan Hang could not help but tremble. His master used different methods of punishment each time. He hoped that it would not be a punishment that was too hard to accept.

“All of you should go ahead first,” Lang Jingchen’s gaze was fixed on Tianfeng Wei’s body without moving.

“Xiao Wei fell asleep and is unable to respond. I would like to spend more time with her here.”

“This…” Yuan Hang was at a loss for a moment before agreeing to his request.

The person was already dead, he could not possibly bring a corpse back. If his master were to pursue this matter, he could still head to Lang Jingchen’s house and ask for it.

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