Chapter 294 – Fierce Battle

Gu Lingzhi held her breath as she swiftly made her way through the forest, her ten chasers hot on her heels.

Gu Lingzhi’s movement was fast and was one of the best amongst people of her rank. However, she could not outrun one of the Martial Lords in their group, which was Shao Weiming.

As the leader of the group this time, Shao Weiming was a low grade Martial Lord. It was also because the cultivation levels of the group were relatively low that the teachers guarding the Valley of Beasts did not pay attention to them.

“You can’t outrun us! Your Highness, you should just follow us obediently. If we have to fight, we won’t be able to guarantee you will come out unharmed,” Shao Weiming shouted as he chased behind Gu Lingzhi attempting to distract her.

Gu Lingzhi rolled her eyes as she avoided the mud pile that Shao Weiming made in front of her. She shot a few fireballs behind her and chuckled coldly, “If you are scared of hurting me, then why don’t you guys stop?”

“We can’t do that. If we don’t ‘invite’ you back, my master will not forgive me.”

“Your master is cruel then, you should just follow me. I am very nice to my subordinates and have never punished them.”

“Haha, if Your Highness wants to know who my master is, why don’t you just follow us? There is no need to try to make us talk. Do you actually believe that you can escape?” Shao Weiming laughed. He pushed out his Martial Lord aura onto Gu Lingzhi and simultaneously activated his earth spiritual energy to control the area in front of Gu Lingzhi. Gu Lingzhi was caught off guard and fell into the pit. Although she quickly reacted and jumped out of it, it had caused her to lose some time and that small amount of time was enough for the rest of her chasers to catch up.

This was not the first time that Shao Weiming did this. Gu Lingzhi was not afraid of taking him on. Even if she could not win, she could escape.

But from the start, Shao Weiming only exchanged two blows before he stopped attacking her directly. He kept on creating obstacles slowly in front of Gu Lingzhi, preventing her from escaping at full speed and could only slowly allow the other chasers to catch up.

If this continued, her energy would diminish!

Gu Lingzhi quickly thought of what she could do, Shao Weiming was smarter than she had thought. He did not give her any chance to escape. By slowly creating obstacles, it was obvious he was trying to get her to use up all her spiritual energy before coming to catch her. But she could not think of any way to stop Shao Weiming from creating obstacles.

As she was thinking, the ground in front of Gu Lingzhi suddenly shook as several pits appeared as deep as an entire human. Unable to avoid it in time, Gu Lingzhi fell into the pit. Her Fengwu Sword started slashing at the pit. This delayed her even more, allowing the chasers to catch up a bit more.

This would not do. If this continued, before the chasers caught up with her, her spiritual energy would have diminished.

Making her decision, Gu Lingzhi gritted her teeth as determination set in her eyes. She suddenly changed direction, carrying the momentum of her run with her. She unsheathed her Fengwu Sword as she flew towards Shao Weiming.

“Ah!” Shao Weiming jumped in shock as he did not expect Gu Lingzhi to suddenly attack him. He had no time to stop himself. Before the Fengwu Sword could cut him, his body flew backwards as he narrowly escaped getting hit by Gu Lingzhi by assuming a dog pose and grappling at the floor.

His subordinates that were close behind him jumped before they quickly looked away, pretending they did not see anything.

The Dog Scramble was one of the lowest moves that could be done to dodge an attack. Their own leader who was leading them to catch someone with a lower cultivation then himself actually had to resort to this method to dodge. If this were to be known to others, they would be a laughingstock.

What a pity…

Seeing how Shao Weiming dodged her attack, a flash of disappointment crossed her eyes. She then twisted her hand sharply and the sword tip touched the floor lightly before she was propelled into midair. A few moments later, more people joined the attack.

“Why? Have you thought it through?” After using the Dog Scramble technique, Shao Weiming’s face turned black and his tone became gloomy.

Their master said to catch her back alive but did not say that she could not be crippled. She had caused him to lose face in front of his subordinates and he was going to make her pay for that!

Seeing the malicious look in Shao Weiming’s eyes, Gu Lingzhi tightened her grip on her sword. She silently gulped.

This was the first time she was exchanging blows with a Martial Lord. Previously, she had only watched Martial Lord battles in the Town of the Brave. Hopefully, it would not be too difficult.

Gu Lingzhi then took out a bunch of Spiritual Talismans and threw them to the side.

Ever since she became a Martial Practitioner, she had very rarely relied on these external sources of power like Spiritual Talismans. Most of the talismans were supplementary talismans and she took them out only to create a bit more trouble and help herself obtain some time.

“Careful!” Shao Weiming who was clueless on what Gu Lingzhi threw out, warned quickly thinking it was some explosive talisman. The talismans ignited simultaneously, emitting all sorts of different colored light rays. Of which, the color green representing wood spiritual energy was most common. The minute that it exploded, numerous green coloured vines appeared shooting out towards the group of ten.

“Damn it, we got tricked!” Shao Weiming cursed. From the weak power of the talisman, he saw that Gu Lingzhi had intended for it to be a distraction as she attacked from another side. Unfortunately, it was too late. His four limbs were bound by vines, causing his actions to slow.

In battles, every second mattered. A small mistake could be the distinction between a win or a loss.

Taking the chance while they were bound, Gu Lingzhi shot towards one of them, her Fengwu Sword seemed to be possessed as it glided smoothly across his neck.

Obtaining her goal in one strike, Gu Lingzhi did not stop. She took the chance to kill another three of them while they were trying to free themselves.

“Plop, plop, plop—”

When Shao Weiming got rid of the binds trapping him, he caught sight of four of his subordinates falling to the ground, hands gripping their necks that were covered in blood.

“Gu Lingzhi, I will make you pay!” Shao Weiming bellowed furiously.

From when Gu Lingzhi threw out the Spiritual Talisman, the whole fiasco only lasted about three minutes and she had already taken four of his subordinates' lives. He never would have thought this would happen.

Before he came, Wei Shenglan had warned him that Gu Lingzhi would be hard to deal with and asked him to take a few more men with him.

However, he believed that with a higher cultivation level than Gu Lingzhi and the fact that Gu Lingzhi got to where she was by taking Spiritual Medicine, even if she was slightly talented, she would be no match for him. This was why he only brought Tianfeng Wei and nine others to go after her. Who knew that when they really came face to face, Gu Lingzhi would show him what she was capable of? How could he not be angry?

“You speak as if you would let me go if I did not kill your men,” Gu Lingzhi mocked slightly breathlessly.

She herself was surprised at how she had managed to take four lives consecutively. Alas, it was true that when in a life or death situation, you would do things you never thought you were capable of.

It was rumored that the person that created the Sparrow Wings movement technique, created the move by mimicking an extremely swift and fast bird.

At that moment, she felt like she had really become a Lightning Sparrow and had nothing holding her back as she moved. She had a deeper understanding of the Sparrow Wings movement technique.

Reaching the peak of his fury, Shao Weiming smiled sinisterly, “Good. If that is the case, don’t blame me for not holding back!”

Shao Weiming then charged at Gu Lingzhi. He quickly controlled the soil and sand on the ground to form numerous earth cones as thick as a finger. Numerous cones shot towards Gu Lingzhi in a flurry.

After thanking her lucky stars that she was not one of those that Gu Lingzhi killed, Tianfeng Wei immediately joined the attack. Various spiritual energies shot towards Gu Lingzhi leaving her no chance to dodge.

“Fengwu, rise!” Seeing how she was not able to avoid and was about to get pierced by the numerous earth cones, Gu Lingzhi ordered. A green glow emitted from her Fengwu Sword as a tree trunk suddenly rose in front of her forming a barrier blocking the sharp cones. Gu Lingzhi’s face paled as she managed to block Shao Weiming’s attack.

When she made the Fengwu Sword in the beginning, she added a secret component for every of the five Spiritual Roots. They could each produce an attack one level higher than her current level. Although this technique was good, it used up half of her spiritual energy every time she activated it.

She had already used up quite a bit of her spiritual energy when she was running and now, she was about to use another half of her energy. The situation now was not much better than when she faced the Green Waist Snake previously.

But she had no more time to recuperate. Quickly retrieving a medicinal pill from her Storage Ring, she swallowed it and simultaneously absorbed energy from a spirit stone in her hand. While Shao Weiming was being blocked by the wall, Gu Lingzhi turned and faced Tianfeng Wei.

Even if it was going to use up all her spiritual energy, she was going to kill another two more!

At most, when her life was at the critical point, she could hide in the Inheritance Space. They would never be able to guess that she had such an ability.

“Tianfeng Wei, how has Lang Jingchen been treating you recently? Have you been getting along well with Jiang Feixue?”

Gu Lingzhi laughed as she brushed shoulders with Tianfeng Wei.

She did not know how Rong Yuan caused the Martial Sage in the Lang family to suddenly go crazy, but she had heard Rong Yuan instruct his subordinates to give the remedy to the Jiang family. She had also heard how Jiang Feixue had married Lang Jingchen and now she was saying it just to trigger Tianfeng Wei.

Alas, Tianfeng Wei’s face darkened as she heard it. A furious look overtook her exhausted face.

“Gu Lingzhi, you bitch! You will be abandoned by Rong Yuan one day!”

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