Chapter 241 – Linglong’s Reappearance

“Why is my residence so far from Lingzhi’s?” Rong Yuan raised his objections the moment he saw the residence that Pan En had provided for him. Before Pan En could even explain, Gu Rong interjected unhappily, “Your Highness, you are currently engaged to Gu Lingzhi, but you have yet to marry her. It is better that you follow the rules so that others will have nothing to gossip about Gu Lingzhi.”

Rong Yuan scoffed, “In the Royal School, I lived in the same residence as Gu Lingzhi. If there were going to be any rumors about our cohabitation, it would already have started long ago. Who cares about these one or two days? If Clan Leader Gu minds, I will immediately raise the topic of my marriage to Gu Lingzhi when I return. Then it will be fine, right?”

“You…” Gu Rong was speechless. He pointed a finger at Rong Yuan and managed to find a response, “Regardless, I will not allow Lingzhi to be so intimate with you before marriage! As her father, I cannot disregard Lingzhi’s reputation even if you do not care for it!”

If others who were unaware of the situation heard his speech, they would definitely think that Gu Rong was a very loving father. By his side, Lin Yue-er chimed in, “Exactly, Lingzhi, your father just has your best interests in mind. You have yet to be married. It is never good to be too intimate.”

When had Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er ever thought on her behalf? She still remembered the last time when the Gu Clan had met Rong Yuan, they were so impatient to put the two of them together in the same room. Why were they both so rule-abiding today? Could it be…

Gu Lingzhi tilted her head and exchanged a look with Rong Yuan. They had a tacit understanding and immediately understood each other’s thoughts. Hence, as though he had been convinced by Gu Rong, Rong Yuan stopped requesting for a change in residence. He followed the guards and entered the residence that Pan En had prepared for him.

Under Pan En’s arrangements, the other people also entered their residences one after another.

Originally, Hua Qingcheng had wanted to carry the ice coffin with Meng Rou in it and follow behind Gu Lingzhi. However, Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er used their authority as Gu Lingzhi’s parents to hurry her to the residence prepared by Pan En and chased everyone away, saying that she did not need to have so many people to take care of her.

When Gu Lingzhi was the only person left, Pan En smiled warmly at her and brought her to a residence that was significantly more luxurious than the others.

“Lady Gu, as the North Qiu Kingdom has had more visitors than usual during this period, we do not have any other spare residences. Hence, just for this occasion, do you mind staying in my Yangxin Palace?”

Despite the courteous tone, his actions did not give Gu Lingzhi the chance to reject him at all as he opened a door on the right side of Yangxin Palace. Through the open doors, the exquisite décor of the room was easily visible. From outside the door, she could already feel a surge of spiritual power. Evidently, the room was filled with spiritual treasures that Martial Artists would use.

“The Heart Cleansing Wood! To put such a spiritual artefact as a mere decoration in the guest room, Your Second Highness is too generous! It is making me feel guilty.” Gu Rong praised Pan En exaggeratedly and caused Gu Lingzhi to feel ashamed for him.

Even if the North Qiu Kingdom’s Imperial Family were outstanding, there was no need to fawn over them to this extent, right?

Evidently, Pan En enjoyed being praised. He quickly followed up humbly, “It is nothing. As long as it can satisfy Lady Gu, my efforts would not have been in vain.”

As he spoke, his eyes were on Gu Lingzhi. If she was not wrong, his words were spoken in a gentle and soft tone?

Ah… So, this was the North Qiu Kingdom’s intention!

Gu Lingzhi avoided Pan En’s gaze and pretended to be shy while looking into the room. She thanked him quietly, “Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

He had already prepared a place for Gu Lingzhi to stay before he even knew if she would follow him to the Palace. Was he so confident that she would be bewitched by him?

After she entered the room, Gu Lingzhi had wanted to close the door and rest immediately. However, there were some people who quickly followed her in and refused to let her have some time to rest.

Pan En left after speaking a few words to Gu Lingzhi in a gentle and warm tone. As he turned, he gave Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er a faint look. He even closed the door after him considerately.

Once the door closed, Gu Rong cleared his throat and revealed his intentions impatiently, “Lingzhi, what do you think of His Second Highness?”

“He’s great,” Gu Lingzhi lied.

Gu Rong’s eyes lit up, “What do you think about marrying His Second Highness instead?”

“How can I?” Gu Lingzhi’s eyes widened in shock, “Father, you know that I have already been engaged to Rong Yuan long ago. How can I marry His Second Highness instead?”

“Isn’t it just an engagement? Even marriages can be annulled any time. Furthermore, this is just an engagement. Back then, didn’t the Third Prince also break off his engagement with Tianfeng Wei?” Lin Yue-er laughed, as though breaking off an engagement was just a small issue.

“Furthermore, I heard that His Highness has recently been very close to the Dayin Kingdom’s Princess and that there are intentions of a marriage. If this is true, I’m afraid you won’t be able to stay by the His Highness’ side for much longer anyway.”

“Exactly,” Gu Rong sighed as though he was concerned for Gu Lingzhi, “I had already heard about it before I arrived. Ever since Ding Rou earned the affection of His Highness, she has disrespected you time after time. His Highness has also become colder towards you. If it has already become like this before your marriage, then what will happen after marriage?”

“No matter what, Ding Rou is a Princess. How would she be able to stand having to share her husband? Your father and I just have your best interests at heart!”

Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er’s words complemented each other. If Rong Yuan had really had a change of heart towards Ding Rou, perhaps Gu Lingzhi would really have been persuaded by them. However, now they were acting in vain. Gu Lingzhi also did what she needed to do and gave a performance of her own. She pretended to force out a smile, “Father, Mother, I believe in the Third Prince. Even if he were to have someone else in the future, he will still treat me well. You saw it earlier as well, he gave Ding Rou the cold shoulder because of me. Before that, it was because Ding Rou had gotten injured when trying to save him, that’s why he was concerned for her. That is what he should do.”

“Look at this child, why are you so silly?” Lin Yue-er feigned motherly love. However, Gu Lingzhi noticed her giving Gu Rong a warning look, to warn him not to be overly impatient and raise Gu Lingzhi’s suspicions. She comforted Gu Lingzhi with a few sentences, then left.

Gu Lingzhi heaved a sigh of relief when she was the only person left in the room. She felt depressed just thinking about how she would have to face Gu Rong’s and Lin Yue-er’s persuasion for the next few days.

On the other hand, Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er did not head for their own residence after leaving Gu Lingzhi’s quarters. Instead, they headed for the main hall of Yangxin Palace.

In the hall, Pan En was currently hugging a beauty as he drank some wine. If Gu Lingzhi was present, she would definitely be able to recognise that beauty as the girl who had been by Pan En’s side the entire time, Xiao Yue. As she sat in Pan En’s embrace, Xiao Yue froze when she saw two people entering, before her face bloomed into a bright smile. She stood up and faced Gu Rong and Lin Yue-er, “Father, Mother, how did it go? Did Elder Sister waver?”

“It is her fortune for His Second Highness to have her in his eyes, how could she not waver?” Lin Yue-er sneered. She walked towards her daughter with an expression full of love.

“Linglong, my precious daughter. Don’t worry, Mother will definitely think of a way to make that slut agree to it. Once she breaks off her engagement with the Third Prince, won’t she be yours to play with then?”

“Mother…” Xiao Yue, whose true identity was Gu Linglong, smiled and hummed, “We will truly be sisters after she accepts His Second Highness’ proposal, how can you say that she is mine to play with? Whether or not my Elder Sister lives a good life, is it up to His Second Highness.”

She turned and smiled charmingly at Pan En. Pan En immediately felt his mouth become dry and wanted to drag her into the room to do certain things.

Having saved Gu Linglong was completely unexpected.

Back then, he had only travelled to the Xia Kingdom to investigate under the idea of understanding his enemy before the battle. He had never expected to bump into a Gu Linglong who had been drugged by Rong Yuan and left to die in the outskirts of the city.

He, who was used to seeing beautiful women, had only given her a brief look before turning to leave. However, he actually heard her say Rong Yuan’s name. Surprised, he decided to bring her back instead.

After that incident, Pan En heard about Gu Linglong’s grudge with Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi.

He never expected the girl that he brought back to have such an identity. Pan En then revealed his status and promised to give Gu Linglong a chance for her to get her revenge against Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi.

Gu Linglong had been wallowing in despair at losing at her chastity, but she no longer felt hurt after she found out that Pan En was the Second Prince of theNorth Qiu Kingdom. In fact, secretly, she was even delighted. Evidently, his status as the Second Prince of the North Qiu Kingdom was much higher than that of Rong Yuan. In terms of appearances, he only lost to Rong Yuan by a bit. To Gu Linglong, he was definitely a man worth pandering to.

Hence, the two of them got along well. Gu Linglong consumed a spiritual medicine that could change her appearance and followed Pan En to the North Qiu Kingdom. She had conveyed the news of her being alive only to Lin Yue-er. This time, if she had not required Gu Rong’s help, she would never have wanted him to know about her. She had not forgotten how Gu Rong had treated her back then when he had discovered how she had plotted to harm Gu Lingzhi.

Gu Linglong sneered in her heart.

Gu Rong’s disdain of her actions back then was a complete hypocrisy. To him, daughters were merely bargaining chips for tangible benefits.

Back when she was still of use, Gu Rong had doted on her very much. After he discovered that Gu Lingzhi was actually more talented than her, he pretended to be a fair and just father instead. What a joke!

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