Chapter 238 – Pan Wuyang’s Decision

When Mei Ying and Su Ruo reached the seventh level of the main palace, they immediately saw the ice coffin.

An ordinary-looking woman lay in the coffin. If there was anything unique about her, it was her peaceful aura, but even that was something that was easy to overlook.

Even though Mei Ying had seen Meng Rou when she was alive, he could not figure out how someone as ordinary as her had managed to steal the heart of Hua Qingcheng, who had attracted many kinds of women. There were many women that tried to hurt her, the most prominent one of them being another one of Hua Qingcheng’s childhood companions.

About a minute had passed since the Huanyang Grass was fed to Meng Rou. Hua Qingcheng was channeling his internal spiritual energy to her non-stop since then. Mei Ying observed the scene for a few moments before looking at Gu Lingzhi, “Lingzhi, where’s the pill? Quick, give it to my wife.”

“I got it, here you go,” Gu Lingzhi smiled, before retrieving a jade bottle from her Storage Ring. On one side of the jade bottle, there were three words that said, “Accelerating Advancement Pill”. On the other side of the bottle, there was a description of the Spiritual Medicine’s nature and uses.

Mei Ying hurriedly grabbed the jade bottle and after looking through the description of the medicine thoroughly, he wasted no time in unscrewing off the lid. Immediately, an immensely strong aroma filled the entire room.

“This is good medicine!” Mei Ying announced. He poured out a pill that was emerald green in color, and it was emanating strong waves of spiritual energy.

“My dear wife, quick, swallow the pill!”

Even if the jade bottle did not have the description of the pill, Mei Ying could tell that it was a very special pill just from the way it was glowing with spiritual energy.

After Su Ruo had taken the medicine, she sat down and began to meditate so that she could acquire the full effects of it. Mei Ying sighed to himself as he drew his gaze towards Hua Qingcheng again.

The woman in the ice coffin had seemed lifeless at first, but now her body started to have some color. However, her limbs had remained immobile for so many years and had shown signs of limpness.

Mei Ying was someone that loved to bother with other people’s business – seeing that Hua Qingcheng was having a difficult time and sweating non-stop, Mei Ying offered his help, “Hua Qingcheng, do you want my help? If you go on like this, you’ll die before your wife even wakes up.”

Hua Qingcheng wanted to reject his help at first, but after hearing his second line, he changed his mind. He nodded his head, “Sure, thank you for your help then, Elder Mei.”

“You don’t have to thank me. Anyway, I have nothing to do now,” Mei Ying said, before sitting down at the place where Hua Qingcheng had been sitting before, replacing him. He then channeled his spiritual energy towards Meng Rou, while he pondered. When his wife becomes a demigod, they can then restore their youthful appearances. With Hua Qingcheng’s good looks, if he has a child with this woman, the child would definitely be a good-looking one. By doing this for Hua Qingcheng, it’s almost as if he was Meng Rou’s savior. If both of their families have children next time, it would be easy for them to get married to each other.

Only Mei Ying could think of something so far-fetched in that short amount of time. If Hua Qingcheng knew the motives behind Mei Ying’s help, he would have not accepted it even if it meant using up all his spiritual energy to revive his wife from the dead.

Meanwhile, in these three days, Gu Lingzhi had successfully inherited the entirety of the Sacred Lands from Liu Yiyan.

The underground palace that they were all in was vast, and it was actually a Godly Treasure in itself too. The seventh level of the main palace that she was inside right now, was where the core of the spiritual treasure was located.

As for Liu Yiyan, technically, he was not the spiritual being that was guarding the main palace, but the soul of this Godly Treasure.

“According to the ancient records, Heaven-Level demon beasts could transform into human beings and speak our language so that they can live among us. As for Heaven-Level spiritual treasures, they could extend their spiritual souls to further assist their masters in battle. So, they’re all true,” Gu Lingzhi exclaimed in realization when she found out about Liu Yiyan’s true identity.

Only many years later when the Spirit Tribe rose in power once again and Pan Luo had received his due punishment did Gu Lingzhi finally understand how much Liu Yiyan had sacrificed to become the spiritual soul of the Sacred Lands. She would also then understand the sacrifices made by the Spirit Tribe in order to ensure their continuity.

However, Gu Lingzhi did not know anything about the future right now, and all she could do was to use her entire body to feel the energy pulsating through the Sacred Lands.

Who would have thought that the key to controlling the whole of the Sacred Lands, was through the jade sculpture of the Spirit Tribe’s wife?

It was only a foot tall, but it looked extremely realistic. Every strand of hair on the sculpture was intricately carved, including the jade bracelet on its wrist.

When someone of the Spirit Tribe’s blood is dripped onto the bracelet, the bracelet would slowly dissolve and reveal what was underneath.

It was a silver ring that was the backbone of the Sacred Lands. Whoever that wore this silver ring had control over the Sacred Lands, including the life and death of everyone that was in the Sacred Lands.

“Do you think… we should…” Gu Lingzhi did not finish her sentence, but the meaning behind her words were clear in her eyes, and they were full of murderous intent.

The North Qiu Kingdom wanted to make use of the Sacred Lands to trample over the other kingdoms, but who knew that there could be someone who was in control of the entire Sacred Lands? They could die whenever she wanted!

“There’s no rush,” Rong Yuan shook his head, his expression cunning as a fox. “It won’t be fun if we scare them away so quickly.”

Mei Ying hummed to himself, “That’s true. These people are too thirsty for power, thinking that everyone is as talented as the both of you. How dare they try to come up to the seventh level? Even female pigs aren’t as stupid as them.”

Gu Lingzhi pretended to be unhappy as she pouted, “Elder Mei, how could you say that? Aren’t male pigs stupid as well? You’re being sexist!”

“Hehe, don’t you know?” Mei Ying giggled to himself, “Male pigs only know how to eat and sleep their entire lives. Not only do they have people to serve them, they even have females being sent to them. They live a comfortable life before they die. However, female pigs are different. Though they have a good time when they’re young, they have to be sent to the males when they’re older. After they give birth to piglets, they’ll be slaughtered and eaten, how can they be compared to male pigs?”

Gu Lingzhi was stunned and speechless. Rong Yuan smiled and muttered under his breath to her, “You can let him know that male pigs do not live as long as female pigs.”

“Why?” Gu Lingzhi was baffled.

Rong Yuan blinked, “There aren’t enough female eggs to fertilize, so the males get replaced easily.”

“What do you mean?”

Seeing the innocent expression on Gu Lingzhi, Rong Yuan whispered something in her ear, which earned a kick from her, “You’re sick!”

Though the atmosphere in the main palace was joyous, it was not the same as the atmosphere outside the hall.

An hour after Mei Ying and his wife entered the main palace, the Martial Sages and Demigod could not help but engage in discussion again.

“Why don’t… we gather all the Martial Artists who are above the rank of Martial Sage and above in the continent? There’s only one Spiritual Being that guards the main palace, his spiritual energy is bound to run out!” Demigod Liao Tian suggested.

Pan Wuyang immediately objected, “No, this place is underground. If we all attack together, we may bury ourselves even before the Spiritual Being dies. Your idea is not feasible.”

“Pan Wuyang is right. We don’t know if there’s a stronger Restrictive Shield in the main palace. It would be too rash of a decision to gather everyone here,” another Demigod immediately agreed with Pan Wuyang. However, it was not that he was actually worried of the Sacred Lands collapsing. Rather, he was concerned about the fact that if there were more people here, then there would be less treasures for everyone. If they could think of something else, then there would be more treasures for each of them. After all, the main palace was filled with treasures that were extremely rare such as the Huanyang Grass. Even the Accelerating Advancement Pill was found in the sixth level, what more the seventh?

Liao Tian, who had given the first suggestion, was angered, “Then what should we do? Just waste our time here all day?”

“Who says that we must waste our time?” Pan Wuyang dragged out his words after looking at the seventh level. “There’ll be a way. If not, we’ll come back again in a few more decades. Maybe by that time, the Spiritual Being will run out of spiritual energy and die.”

Liao Tian suddenly came to a realization.

A Spiritual Being was the soul of someone who had already died. Under normal circumstances, when a physical body died, so would the soul. However, if one had achieved a high level of cultivation, they could keep a part of their soul alive even if their physical bodies died. However, most of these souls would not exist for long.

It was possible that Liu Yiyan had yet to disappear because he had been binded to the Restrictive Shield that kept it alive. Now that the Shield was broken, it would not be long before he disappeared. They did not need to force their way in.

Liao Tian immediately relaxed, “Brother Pan, you’re far-sighted. I’ve been too rash.”

“No, don’t say that. I’m just trying to preserve the Sacred Lands as it is. I don’t want the other Kingdoms to ruin this place,” Pan Wuyang sighed. Though it seemed like he had the interest of the Sacred Lands at heart, internally, he was already planning to plot against Gu Lingzhi.

Since Gu Lingzhi could enter the seventh level this time, it was definitely possible for her to do it a second time, a third time, a fourth time, et cetera. He had to think of a way to get Gu Lingzhi on his side before others had thought of this.

If this method didn’t work… Pan Wuyang thought, as an evil glint flashed through his eyes.

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