Chapter 237 – Concentrate on the Task

Within the main palace, Hua Qingcheng did not notice the people who tried to enter the seventh level together with him. He turned towards Rong Yuan and asked, “Master, where’s the Huanyang Grass?”

Rong Yuan waved his hand lightly, disapproving of Hua Qingcheng’s formalities towards him. He took out the Huanyang Grass from his sleeve, “Elder Hua, I’ve already told you not to address me that way. The Huanyang Grass actually belongs to Lingzhi. It was also I who made the promise to Elder Mei, so the person that you should thank is her and not me.”

Hua Qingcheng immediately understood what he meant. Originally, Rong Yuan had not wanted to show the rest that he had successfully reached the seventh level. If everyone thought that only one of them had reached the seventh level, then they could keep the Huanyang Grass for themselves without anyone coveting over it. Now that Hua Qingcheng had so desperately begged for it, Rong Yuan had no choice but to show his face as well. This was the only way for Hua Qingcheng to take the Huanyang Grass. With shaky hands, Hua Qingcheng accepted it, before kowtowing to Gu Lingzhi, “I am eternally grateful for your help. I will never betray you.”

“Get up quickly. You don’t have to be so formal with me, just address me as ‘Lingzhi’”, Gu Lingzhi immediately helped Hua Qingcheng up to his feet.

To her surprise, Hua Qingcheng did not get up on his feet. He decided to swear to the heavens there and then.

“I swear to the Heavens that I, Hua Qingcheng, will serve Gu Lingzhi until my soul dissipates. I swear eternal loyalty to her; if I break my promise, I’m willing to eradicate all my cultivation and rot in eternal hell.”

His words were powerful and resonating. In an instance, Gu Lingzhi suddenly felt something in her heart – some sort of connection that had been created between her and Hua Qingcheng. It seemed that with just a move of her thumb, she could easily subdue this Martial Sage in front of her that was much more powerful than she was.

Was this the power of the Heavenly Laws? They’re indeed powerful! Gu Lingzhi thought in her heart. She also developed an immense admiration towards Hua Qingcheng instantly.

He did not forget his promise, and fulfilled his promise the moment he attained the Huanyang Grass. He was an Elder that she could easily be friends with.

Everyone was thinking, ‘Weren’t they afraid that Hua Qingcheng would betray them the moment he got his hands on the Huanyang Grass?’

Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were not afraid because they had the support of Liu Yiyan.

It was a pity that Liu Yiyan could only move within ten feet of the main palace, who was carrying the weight of his soul. Any further and he would need assistance.

As for Hua Qingcheng, he was convinced of the Huanyang Grass’ powers the moment he laid his eyes on it.

Although it looked like a tuft of ordinary grass, there was an immense amount of life energy surging out from it. The magnitude of this life energy could not be detected even from a Demigod. It was exactly as the ancient records had described; he need not be worried that it was not authentic.

Furthermore, if the Huanyang Grass could not be found near the Spirit Tribe Leader’s resting place, where else could it have grown? He was absolutely sure that this tuft of grass was indeed the Huanyang Grass.

“Elder Hua, this matter can no longer be delayed. You should hurry, feed the Huanyang Grass to your deceased wife. We can only let you stay here for another two hours,” Rong Yuan said, but it was a bunch of gibberish. Being the person that the Sacred Lands had been waiting for for a long time, Gu Lingzhi could allow whoever she wanted to stay here for however long she decided. He just did not want to stay here too long so that the people waiting outside would not suspect anything.

Hua Qingcheng gently took out an ice coffin from his Storage Ring. Rong Yuan instructed Gu Lingzhi to ask Elder Mei what treasure he wanted.

Even though she had Hua Qingcheng to protect her now, he was far from being the strongest Martial Artist present. It was better to be safe than sorry, because there would be many people that would think of stealing such a valuable treasure away from her.

Gu Lingzhi went to the window and looked down at Mei Ying and asked, “Elder Mei, I’ve already given the Huanyang Grass to Elder Hua. Is there anything that you want from her?”

“I… I… Lingzhi, do you really want to give me something that everyone else has been eyeing for such a long time?” Mei Ying hesitated.

Liu Yiyan was shocked at Mei Ying’s words that had so openly humiliated all the other strong Martial Artists that were present. He could also detect the happiness in Mei Ying’s voice.

So many people had risked their lives and had not gotten anything out of it. How could he, who had never even attempted the test, possibly deserve getting such a valuable treasure?

The more he thought about it, the more guilty he was.

Smiling, Gu Lingzhi said, “Elder Mei, do you want to see Rong Yuan and I getting killed by everyone else?”

The faces in the crowd immediately darkened at her words. Mei Ying instantly understood what she was trying to say. Even if the Martial Sages and Demigods did not attack her, the low-level Martial Artists were enough to create trouble for them. Even if Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi were much more talented than all of them, it would still be too much for them to handle if they were severely outnumbered.

Not wanting to delay the matter any further, he glanced back at Su Ruo that was standing behind him, before asking Gu Lingzhi, “Lingzhi, is there anything in the main palace that can shorten the time that it takes for a Martial Sage to advance to a Demigod?”

Many people held their breaths.

Shorten the time that it takes to become a Demigod? Mei Ying is really imaginative to come up with something like this.

Almost sensing that his request was too overbearing, he pursed his lips and held Su Ruo’s hands, before asking once again, “If there isn’t such a thing, some sort of Spiritual Medicine that could help prolong life would also be alright with me.”

Although he had already become a Martial Sage and could live for about three thousand years, his wife did not have many years left to live. He was 1,500 years old, which would be considered a young age for Demigods. To prevent his wife from thinking that she was past her prime, he deliberately changed his appearance to match hers so that they would both look old. However, they were just lying to themselves. If Su Ruo could successfully advance to become a Demigod, then she would have many more years to live and he could rest assured.

Gu Lingzhi sighed after listening to Mei Ying’s request. It made them think that there was not such a Spiritual Medicine in the main palace. Su Ruo closed her eyes and tapped gently on Mei Ying’s hand, softly reassuring him, “It’s okay, we’ve been together for more than a thousand years. Aren’t you sick of seeing my old face? When I die, you should restore your original appearance and find someone else.”

“What are you saying?” Mei Ying’s eyes immediately reddened, “In my entire life, you will be my one and only wife, I’ll never find anyone else. I still like you no matter what you look like. I won’t get sick of your face even if I had to see it for another thousand years.”

Gu Lingzhi could hear the words that were exchanged between them. She pursed her lips, touched by the scene in front of her, before saying, “I’ll let you look at your wife for another thousand years then.”

“I… What? Another thousand years?” Mei Ying was stunned at what Gu Lingzhi had said, before he abruptly raised his head and exclaimed, “Lingzhi, what are you saying?”

“I mean… the main palace has exactly the thing that you are looking for.”

Mei Ying’s eyes lit up, “Then why did you sigh just now?”

“I sighed because the Spiritual Medicine that could help a Martial Sage advance to a Demigod exists in the sixth level. If you truly want that, then we’ve made a loss.”

According to Liu Yiyan, you could get one treasure from whatever level that you have managed to get into. Even if one had managed to get past the seventh level, if one wished for a treasure from the sixth level, they could only take one.

Mei Ying and Su Ruo did not know what to feel, but it was a mixture between happiness and relief. They could only smile as they chided her, “You brat, how dare you scare us like that? Quick, bring it to us!”

Despite his words, everyone, including Gu Lingzhi, could tell that Mei Ying had indeed treated Gu Lingzhi as one of his own. He would only chide someone that he was fond of using that tone. There was also a subtle change in how Mei Ying treated Gu Lingzhi.

Before, he had only admired her the way a strong Martial Artist had regarded a younger person who was extremely talented. Now, she had become family to him.

Gu Lingzhi stuck out her tongue and replied mischievously, “You’ll have to come up here yourself just like Elder Hua did earlier on.”

Mei Ying did not hesitate as he took Su Ruo’s hand in his and flew to the seventh level and entered through the window. This time, no one tried to follow him. They could only watch as the three of them disappeared from behind the window, before cursing all of them.

A-choo! Liu Yiyan sneezed all of a sudden. His face suddenly had a tinge of redness as he said, “Looks like some lady somewhere in this world is thinking of me.”

On the other hand, Ding Rou could only clench her teeth as she watched Gu Lingzhi steal the limelight and gain the admiration of Elder Mei Ying.

Gu Lingzhi must have relied greatly on Rong Yuan in order to pass the test. She did not believe that she could pass the seventh level using her own capabilities.

Ding Rou was completely wrong. This time, it was not Gu Lingzhi that had relied on Rong Yuan. It was Rong Yuan that had relied on Gu Lingzhi’s ancestry to gain the favor and special treatment of Liu Yiyan.

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