Chapter 235 – The Seventh Level is Shocking!

In a blink of an eye, another three days had passed.

In the Sacred Lands where the Spirit Tribe’s main hall was situated, it had completely become a place for talents all over the world to challenge themselves. Many of them had rushed here after hearing about the test issued by Liu Yiyan.

This was where they could prove their strength. The probability of one breaking through was the highest when they were at the brink of death.

In this period, there were a few people who over-estimated themselves and challenged six Spiritual Souls, and almost all of them had died due to their souls being ripped apart. After that, no one tried to do the same anymore.

Though many waves of people had come and gone, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan stood at the same spot for the whole of three days.

People had been taken by surprise initially, but now they had gotten used to it. They would be more surprised now if they had suddenly disappeared.

Suddenly, the first level that was already lit started to flash. In these three days, it had also become normal to see people successfully get past the first level. Everyone turned to look, but they turned away a few seconds later.

However, right as they shifted their gazes away, the second level lit up as well.

“Wow, someone actually challenged six Spiritual Souls? Do they have a death wish?” someone could not help but exclaim in disbelief.

Right after he finished his sentence, the third level lit up.

“This…” the man was stunned.

Getting through to the third level meant that someone had successfully fought off nine Spiritual Souls with cultivation one level higher than himself. Was it even humanly possible?

“Look, the… the fourth level is lit up too!” someone else cried out in surprise.

Everyone held their breaths as the fifth, sixth and seventh levels all lit up as well.

This meant that someone had been fighting off 27 Spiritual Souls. Or they had fought three Spiritual Souls that had cultivation seven levels higher.

Even if this Martial Artist was just a Martial Student, he would have to fight three Spiritual Souls that were at the level of a True God. There was no way that it would be possible.

While everyone had been contemplating the situation, suddenly, someone realized that Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan, who had been standing as still as statues for three days had disappeared into thin air the same way people had disappeared when they got through to the first or second level. Everyone who was witnessing this could not help but come up with their own guesses.

“Could it be that… the Xia Kingdom’s Third Prince and his fiancée have successfully made it to the seventh level?”

The crowd erupted in boisterous conversation.

“That’s impossible! How could they both enter the seventh level? I’m absolutely sure that only Rong Yuan has succeeded alone. Gu Lingzhi must’ve only made it to the first level,” Ding Rou shouted. She truly admired Rong Yuan and would never let him down. She had always believed that she could change the Xia Kingdom’s mind about the North Qiu Kingdom, as long as she became his wife and therefore attain a position of power in the Xia Kingdom.

However, a woman’s jealousy was a scary thing. When Rong Yuan had expressed his pity about not being able to marry Ding Rou even though he had wanted to create an alliance between the two Kingdoms, she could no longer put up with Gu Lingzhi’s presence anymore. That was why she had long ago used Su Nian as a chess piece to get Gu Lingzhi away from Rong Yuan.

However, Su Nian had been completely useless – he failed at killing just a Martial Practitioner. Yet, he still wanted to continue following Ding Rou. If it were not for her brother who exiled Su Nian to a small town a few hundred miles away, she would not have known how to get rid of him.

She frowned when she had thought of all that had happened.

In Ding Wei’s initial plan, he had wanted to assassinate Su Nian as soon as he was brought to the Wuwang City. Unexpectedly, he had been killed by two Martial Students even before the bandit could get to him.

Even though the news that had come from the Wuwang City had confirmed that Su Nian was dead, Ding Rou’s heart never felt at ease. She felt that something bad was about to happen to her.

A distance away, Su Nian, who had taken the Yirong Pill to take on the appearance of somebody else was looking straight at Ding Rou. She was right to think that something bad was going to happen to her. When the time came for them to leave the Sacred Lands, he would let her know that there was a limit to one’s loyalty when they were pushed towards the edge.

“Why can’t it be that Gu Lingzhi had made it to the seventh level while the Third Prince had only got through to the first level?” Tianfeng Wei immediately retorted.

Even though Rong Yuan was rumored to be the person that was most likely to become a True God, Gu Lingzhi was not far behind. She had achieved an extremely high level of cultivation only two years after her Spiritual Roots were awakened. In some aspects, she was much stronger than Rong Yuan. On what basis did Ding Rou come up with such a conclusion?

Yan Liang pursed his lips before agreeing, “That’s right, Lingzhi is better than His Highness.”

Gu Lingzhi’s insane talent could only be understood by those that had watched her grow the past few years. It was not something that outsiders could even begin to understand.

“Hmph, when Rong Yuan comes out, you’ll all know who’s the stronger one,” Ding Rou said as she looked at Yuan Zheng, “I wonder how disappointed Rong Yuan will be when he finds out that the people whom he risks his life to protect did not even bother speaking up for him.”

Yuan Zheng, who had been in favor of Gu Lingzhi being the stronger person, silently stared towards the sky as he pretended that he did not hear what Ding Rou had said, before he silently commented, “In His Highness’ heart, Her Highness is good in every single way.”

When Ding Rou realized that her words had failed to take its intended effect, she was so angry she almost coughed up blood. She clenched her teeth as she resisted the urge to curse at Yuan Zheng. Being a bodyguard, how could he not speak up for his master?

However, as Yuan Zheng was one of Rong Yuan’s most trusted people, she could not leave a bad impression on him, as Yuan Zheng’s opinions would influence Rong Yuan’s opinions as well. She could not scold him, no matter what!

Ding Rou could only sulk as she looked up towards the seventh level. She tried to look out for Rong Yuan’s silhouette, so that she could get back at everyone else who was in favor of Gu Lingzhi. However, her hopes were destroyed when a window from the seventh level opened. A slender figure appeared at the window and a voice shouted out, “Elder Mei, is there anything that you need in particular? There’s lots of treasures for Demigods and True Gods here at the seventh level, I can only pick one of them for you.”

Everyone gasped in shock. Was there something wrong with her brain? It had taken so much for her to reach the seventh level; shouldn’t she take something for herself? Why did she bother helping someone else?

On the other hand, the strongest and most talented Martial Artists immediately lifted their heads to look at Gu Lingzhi. They were so jealous that they wished they could swallow her whole.

“Lady Gu, if you’re willing to pick one item for me, I am willing to give you a set of peak grade Earth-Level Spiritual Weapons in return,” Zhong Xiru interrupted even before Mei Ying could reply.

Being the one and only Earth-Level Weapon Forger in the whole Tianyuan Continent, it was a promise that only Zhong Xiru could make.

“Don’t listen to him, his own weapons are high grade Earth-Level ones. How could he possibly have peak grade Earth-Level Spiritual Weapons? I promise you that if you help to pick a fire-based treasure for me, I’ll take you in as my disciple, protect you and help you with your cultivation until I die.”

The whole crowd gasped once again as the person who had said that was a Demigod. To be taken in as a Demigod’s disciple meant that whoever wanted to attack her would have to think twice about their own abilities. Furthermore, being protected by a Demigod was much more reliable than having a peak grade Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon made by Zhong Xiru, which he did not even have to begin with.

For two of the world’s finest Martial Artists to make such huge promises, it meant that they had very high hopes for the treasures that were found on the seventh level.

If Liu Yiyan had not been lying to any of them, the treasures that could be found on the seventh level were Godly Treasures!

Godly Treasures! These objects had long disappeared from the Tianyuan Continent and were only rumored to exist. There was a possibility that having your hands on one of these treasures would act as a triggering point for one to become a True God and ascend to the Realm of the Gods. Obviously, they would go crazy over it!

Even Pan Wuyang could not help but make his own promise, “Lady Gu, if you pick one of the treasures for me, I can promise that I’ll protect your Clan for a hundred years.”

The crowd gasped yet again for the third time. It was another promise that held a lot of weight. Previously, the Demigod that had promised to protect Gu Lingzhi was just one person. However, Pan Wuyang was from the Royal Palace of the North Qiu Kingdom, and he definitely had the ability to deploy as many men as he could to ensure the safety of Gu Lingzhi’s clan.

Now that three people had given their promises, the rest of the apex Martial Artists had started to propose their own offers as well. Though their offers were not as good as Pan Wuyang’s offer, they all had their strengths. If it were someone else, they would be spoiled for choice. However, Gu Lingzhi was different from the rest. After seeing the treasure that the Spirit Tribe’s Leader had left for her, there was nothing else that could move her heart because nothing else in this world could possibly be more precious.

While the Martial Artists were fighting amongst themselves trying to earn her favor, Gu Lingzhi, who was standing by the window, laughed lightly and said, “Thank you everyone for the offers. However, before I came in here, I made a promise to Elder Mei to split half of the treasures with him. Hence, as much as I would like to accept your offers, I’ll have to turn them down.”

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