Chapter 230 – Everyone’s Arrival

After rolling her eyes at Rong Yuan, Gu Lingzhi firmly dug her nails into his palm, spitting through clenched teeth, “Your brain is filled with useless things. Concentrate!”

Rong Yuan immediately stopped his playful act and focused on what Gu Lingzhi was writing in his palm. Using her fingers to gently stroke his palm, Rong Yuan felt almost as if she was stroking his heart too, which made him want to do some unspeakable things to her.

Seeing that there were many people around them, he resisted the urge of speaking his mind until they came out of the Sacred Lands.

As Rong Yuan understood what Gu Lingzhi was trying to tell him, his face morphed into one of shock. It was only until she had conveyed what she had learnt from Zi Zi that Rong Yuan became touched instead.

Anyone could tell that the Sacred Lands that had once belonged to the Spirit Tribe was different. Even though the North Qiu Kingdom had managed to get access to only a few side palaces in the Sacred Lands, it was already possible for them to become the most powerful Kingdom in the world. One could only wonder what treasures lay in the main palace of the Sacred Lands. Gu Lingzhi did not hide a single piece of information from Rong Yuan, which showed the amount of trust that she had in him. Her action alone said more than words ever could about how she felt about Rong Yuan.

“Lingzhi… I… Thank you!” Rong Yuan could only summarize his thoughts in these few words as he wrote it down on Gu Lingzhi’s palm.

Rong Yuan held her hand so tightly that she could sense the throbbing of his heart. She laughed gently, “We don’t have to thank each other for anything.”

Even though she was still unsure about her feelings towards Rong Yuan, since she had agreed to stay with him for life, then there was no point in hiding anything from him. If they could get the treasures from the Sacred Lands, then Rong Yuan’s powers could increase – which was equivalent to her powers increasing as well, so why would she hide anything from him?

After knowing that the Restrictive Shield could be broken so easily, Rong Yuan no longer bothered to rush over. After scanning his surroundings, he pulled Gu Lingzhi over to a large tree behind a pond to hide. Before she had time to react, Rong Yuan kissed her.

Gu Lingzhi glared at him. Couldn’t he wait until they were done with business? However, she did not notice that after he had kissed her, the first thing that she felt was shyness rather than frustration. The change in emotions in her proved that she liked Rong Yuan much more now.

Rong Yuan pretended not to see her roll her eyes and took out a shield from his Storage Ring. When it landed on the ground, it separated into four pieces that enveloped them so that no one could see what was happening inside.

An old man that was passing by rubbed his chin as he shook his head, “It’s great to be young and energetic all the time.”

“I think they’re just shameless. Look at them being so touchy in front of so many people, now that they’re covered themselves up, they must be doing something dirty,” the old woman beside him nagged.

“If you don’t mind, we can also find ourselves a big tree and do something dirty…” the old man replied in a suggestive tone.

“Get lost, you old man!” the old woman shouted back immediately out of embarrassment. Her face reddened as she stomped away. The old man merely laughed at her reaction and hurried to follow behind her.

Within the shield, Rong Yuan did not hesitate to kiss Gu Lingzhi until her legs turned to mush. He only let go of her when her lungs were almost out of oxygen. He smiled delightfully, “Lingzhi, I’m so happy!”

Ever since Rong Yuan hugged her, she had never rolled her eyes at him. Despite the crowd around them, they enjoyed spending this little time together in such a small place. It was only until another loud sound was produced, that was way louder than the one before, that the two of them decided to come out of the shield to see what was going on. After seeing the reddish light in the sky, they rushed towards the main palace.

A minute later, the two of them followed the crowd and reached the entrance of the main palace. At the front of the crowd, there were more than ten Martial Sages and three Demigods that had gathered. They were floating near the top of the main palace, examining the Restrictive Shield around it. The enormous sound that was produced earlier on was from their combined attack against the Restrictive Shield.

“Pan Wuyang, are you sure this is going to work? What if we get blown to death even before we break the Restrictive Shield?”

The one who spoke was the old man from earlier, his wife standing a meter behind him. They did not expect that this couple would be strong Martial Artists who were at the rank of a Demigod. From the way the old man regarded Pan Wuyang, one could tell that they were all similar ranks of Martial Artists.

Pan Wuyang’s face twitched as he resisted the urge to retort, “If we do not cooperate, do you intend on breaking this Restrictive Shield on your own?”

It wasn’t possible for one person to break the Restrictive Shield.

Even though a Demigod was powerful, they were still far less powerful than True Gods.

The old man did not believe that the Restrictive Shield was so strong, and after a few words with his wife, they both descended to the ground and started to examine the Restrictive Shield from another angle.

Pan Wuyang laughed in mockery and did not bother to stop them. When the old man realized that it was not possible to break the Restrictive Shield on his own, he would go back to get help from Pan Wuyang.

Gu Lingzhi squeezed to the front of the crowd. She looked at the old man, before greeting him together with Rong Yuan, “Greetings, Elder Mei and Elder Su.”

“Haha, I didn’t think that after so many years of being absent from the Tianyuan Continent, there would still be someone from the younger generation that knows who I am. It seems that my name carries on even though I’m not here,” Mei Ying replied as he stroked his beard. At that moment, Su Ruo really wanted to return to Meilan Valley where they had lived in seclusion. It was embarrassing what her husband was saying. It was unbelievable that he liked to brag even at such an old age.

Rong Yuan, who knew about what Mei Ying was like, was not shocked at all. He coolly replied, “Of course, everyone knows about how powerful you were during your prime days. Even until today, my father keeps talking about you.”

“Your father? Who’s that?”

“My father is the Emperor of the Xia Kingdom, Rong Han.”

“Oh, so you’re his son, no wonder you look so energetic just like him. You’re much stronger than Pan En’s grandson,” Mei Ying commented whilst criticizing Pan En.

Mei Ying was more than a thousand years old. In order to come to the Sacred Lands, he had to pay a piece of high grade spirit stone. However, after living in seclusion for so long, he could no longer remember what a spirit stone looked like. He had only managed to gain access to the Sacred Lands after registering himself and his wife as a Demigod.

This boy in front of him, who was much more polite and genuine, was far stronger than Pan Wuyang who was always insincere. Even with a serious expression, Rong Yuan gave off a good impression.

As they exchanged words back and forth, Rong Yuan had constantly said the things that Mei Ying liked to hear. In less than half an hour, he had gained Mei Ying’s favor.

“Rong Yuan, we’re friends now. If there’s anyone who dares to bully you in the future, let me know and I’ll beat him up for you,” Mei Ying said as he patted Rong Yuan on his shoulder.

“I’ll have to thank you in advance then,” Rong Yuan accepted Mei Ying’s favor without hesitation. He had said many sweet nothings just for this.

Gu Lingzhi did not know this, but Rong Yuan had to know what had happened in the lifetimes of all the Martial Artists who were above the rank of a Martial Sage since he was a child. Though Mei Ying was sloppily dressed, Rong Yuan knew just how powerful that old man was.

700 years ago, when Mei Ying was still a Martial Sage, he publicly challenged a Demigod who had humiliated his wife. Everyone thought that he was bound to lose, however, the match had ended differently from what everyone expected.

Mei Ying had beaten the Demigod, even though he was only a Martial Sage!

Even though the Demigod had a much higher level of cultivation, he had still lost, which caused him to lose all the godly knowledge that he had just acquired. In the end, he could only undergo meditation under closed doors to recover. Ever since then, Mei Ying had become renowned for achieving this feat.

After so many years, Rong Yuan’s father constantly told Rong Yuan about Mei Ying’s incredible feat. His father also mentioned that Mei Ying could have become a Martial Practitioner before the age of twenty if not for the fact that he had taken a longer time to awaken his Spiritual Roots.

By gaining the favor of a powerful person like Mei Ying, Rong Yuan and Gu Lingzhi could further ensure their safety in the Sacred Lands.

Gu Lingzhi was oblivious to Rong Yuan’s actions, but from her understanding of him, she could roughly guess what he was trying to do, so she played along with him. They continued talking until another crowd had formed outside the main palace, before Mei Ying and Su Ruo were dragged away by Pan Wuyang.

The group of people were uniformly dressed in white and blue robes and all of them had a compass hung around their waist. When they had arrived at the main palace, they formed an arc around the Restrictive Shield. They raised their compass towards the Shield.

“They’re from the Luosheng Sect! Look how fast the news has spread, even the Qin Kingdom knows about it now.”

The Luosheng Sect were made up of a special group of Martial Artists in the Tianyuan Continent. They specialized in a certain area of cultivation that studied the interaction between the five elements. As such, they had an unrivalled knowledge about Formations and Shields. In fact, the only high grade Earth-Level Weapon Forger in the Tianyuan Continent came from the Luosheng Sect.

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