Chapter 23 - The Third Prince’s Invitation

The Royal School?

Gu Lingzhi’s heart skipped a beat. Was he referring to the Royal School that attracted all the prodigies in the Kingdom?

It was said that the criteria to get into the Royal School was extremely strict, and anyone who did not have talent or had a bad temperament would be rejected. Everyone who entered the Royal School were always prodigies that outshone their peers.

Even if they had managed to get in, not all of them were expected to graduate. Almost half of the students would get kicked out each year for not meeting the criteria. In addition, if you could not advance to become a Martial Practitioner by your fifth year, the school would expel you in the sixth year.

With these criteria, a good majority of students who entered the Royal School would not successfully graduate.

Still, those students who were expelled from the school always become a top student in whatever school they chose to enroll in afterwards.

For such a renowned top-tier school, how could Gu Lingzhi enter without going through any tests?

Gu Lingzhi herself found this slightly unbelievable.

Without waiting for her answer, Gu Linglong who was standing by the side immediately rushed in front of Rong Yuan and looked at him expectantly.

“Third Prince, I also want to enter the Royal School, could you recommend me too?”

“That’s right, Your Highness, since you are already recommending Lingzhi to the school board, could you do it for Linglong as well?” Gu Rong added.

Entering the Royal School to study was the dream of every Martial Artist in the entire Xia Kingdom. This was because if one manages to enter the Royal School, it meant that he or she was outstanding beyond their peers. Even if they were not able to graduate and had to transfer to another school to complete their studies, it was still something to be proud of.

Though Gu Linglong was already a Level Six Martial Student, the reason why she had yet to enroll in any school was because she was waiting for the annual examination to enter the Royal School.

But who would have guessed that as soon as Rong Yuan heard Gu Linglong’s words, the corners of his mouth would turn up in a cynical smile?

“You? You want to study at the Royal School?”

Gu Linglong hurriedly nodded her head, thinking that Rong Yuan had agreed to her request as her eyes lit in delight.

Rong Yuan only frowned at her in disgust as he signaled to Yuan Zheng to hold Linglong back who was still dripping wet. He then covered his nose as he mocked, “Do you think the Royal School is a place where anyone can enter? If you wish to enroll, then wait for the entry exam.”

Hearing this, Gu Linglong pointed at Gu Lingzhi indignantly and exclaimed, “Why can she enter the Royal School directly then? I have advanced to a Level Six Martial Student before turning fifteen!” She then tilted her chin in arrogance.

Rong Yuan scoffed at her, “Do you think that I am as blind as your father, who chooses to treat a straw bag so preciously whilst neglecting a gem?”

He turned to Gu Lingzhi and looked at her seriously, “I guarantee that entering the Royal School will be the best decision you will ever make.”

Did she have any better choice than this? Of course not!

The stringent requirements to enter the Royal School stated that students must be under 15 years of age and be at least a Level Six Martial Student.

Gu Lingzhi had already thought of her future prospects previously and was convinced that it was impossible to catch up in time for this year’s entry exam, given that she had only started practicing at the age of 15. In this life, she had accepted the fact that she would not be able to ever enter the Royal School. Who knew that she would meet the Third Prince who would make an exception for her to enroll directly even though she did not meet the entry requirements.

Gu Lingzhi made up her mind on the spot, “It would be my honor to be able to enter the Royal School.”

Rong Yuan nodded his head in approval, “Smart girl.”

He then looked at Gu Rong, “Clan Leader Gu, you wouldn’t mind if I speak to the First Mistress alone regarding entry procedures, would you?”

“No, I don’t. Please go ahead.” How could Gu Rong possibly mind?

There was nowhere better for Gu Lingzhi to study if she entered the Royal School.

On the other hand, Gu Linglong was teetering with anger at Rong Yuan’s words.

She was a Level Six Martial Student and clearly met the school’s entry requirements, how could the Third Prince reject her so rudely? She was a straw bag? Gu Lingzhi was a gem? One day, she would definitely show him who the real gem was, and the straw bag that shouldn’t even have existed!

Sensing the indignance radiating off of Gu Linglong, Rong Yuan raised his brows, but decided to leave this arrogant and dumb woman for Gu Lingzhi to go against as a form of training.

If she couldn’t even handle someone this dumb, then she would be wasting his efforts to personally invite her into the Royal School.

Walking along the bridge, the two of them headed to the nearby pavilion and sat down.

Rong Yuan’s eyes shifted to see the calm face of Gu Lingzhi and realized that the more he looked at her, the prettier she became. He could not understand how the rumor that she was useless had started. Compared to Gu Linglong who was doted on by Gu Rong, Gu Lingzhi had way more potential.

When he thought about how Lin Yue-er had treated her, perhaps… she was just biding her time, waiting for the right time to strike back. 

He did not know why but he felt a sudden urge to tease her to see how she would react. He deliberately lowered his voice and scanned her body, “You agreed to my invitation so easily, aren’t you scared that I will use this chance to ask for something else?”

Gu Lingzhi hardly gave any reaction but simply looked at him blandly, “No, everyone in the Xia Kingdom knows that Your Highness is a war hero and is very upright. Your Highness even has a beautiful and outstanding fiancee, it’s not possible that you would be interested in someone like me whom everyone knows is a wastrel.”

Rong Yuan was slightly befuddled, as he shook his head and laughed, “You really are a sly person.”

Gu Lingzhi simply smiled, “I would say the same for you.”

Rong Yuan raised his brows, “Why do you say that?”

Gu Lingzhi looked towards the spot that Rong Yuan had stood spectating while she and Gu Linglong were fighting, indicating to him that she knew that he had only showed himself when Gu Rong started to give her a hard time. This caused Rong Yuan to burst out laughing.

This woman was rather interesting!

First, she used his arranged marriage against him, reminding him that he was someone who was betrothed and could not fool around with any random person. Following that, she mentioned her status as a wastrel. She guessed that her development from a wastrel to a talent had made her famous and the news was bound to have spread through the entire Xia Kingdom.

If he did not want to get himself into trouble, for example...causing his fiancée to become jealous, he would maintain his distance.

She had implied so many things in just one sentence, who exactly had spread the rumor that the First Mistress of the Gu Clan was a wastrel? Such nonsense! 

As Gu Lingzhi looked at Rong Yuan’s relaxed smile, she could finally understand why despite knowing that Rong Yuan was betrothed, Gu Linglong would still try to seduce him.

An outstanding man with such status was sure to move any woman’s heart…

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