Chapter 225 – Side Palace

The Perpetual Flower, as the name suggested, could forever preserve its youth.

There was a mild spiritual energy that was emanating from the tree, which was why Gu Lingzhi was sure that this orchid had already changed. It was now a flower with the ability to be made into an Anti-aging Pill that all the women on the Tianyuan Continent would go crazy to get their hands on.

Such a valuable item had been described by Ding Rou to be useless. Gu Lingzhi did not know whether to laugh at Ding Rou for being ignorant or thankful that she was? Seeing everyone else just giving the orchid tree a passing glance, Gu Lingzhi silently made her way to the tree and plucked a flower down to sniff. She then pretended to be enchanted with the smell as she told Wei Hanzi and Tianfeng Jin, “Although this flower has no effect on cultivation, but it smells really nice. If we can pluck a few back, we can dry it and decorate the room with it. The room will smell really nice.”

Wei Hanzi immediately went forward to pluck the flowers without question. She would always follow whatever Gu Lingzhi said without any question. Tianfeng Jin hesitated for a while before following Wei Hanzi and Gu Lingzhi to pluck the flowers. With Gu Lingzhi’s personality, she would not do anything that is not practical and useful. There was definitely a reason for her to say this.

Yan Liang and Nie Sang automatically went to help them pick the flowers.

They had the same thoughts as Tianfeng Jin. Gu Lingzhi was not someone that liked to do things for no good reason. This meant that there was definitely a special reason for it.

Everyone looked at them with disdain. In a Secret Territory like this where there were numerous spiritual treasures, they were focusing their attention on useless flowers. Alas, only a wealthy family was capable of bringing up a proper lady.

The guard behind Ding Rou immediately laughed, “Lady Gu is really elegant. Even at a time like this, she does not forget to get decorations for her house.”

Gu Lingzhi turned a deaf ear to what he said. She continued to pluck the Perpetual Flower instead of wasting her time bickering with someone else.

Rong Yuan was not in a position to discipline Ding Rou’s men but he supported Gu Lingzhi’s decision and silently joined the group harvesting the flowers.

Although they had limited time to find spiritual treasures, the group of thirty people were forced to stop because of Gu Lingzhi’s ‘moment of desire’.

Seeing how they continued to pick their flowers, Ding Wei had no choice but to remind Rong Yuan, “Rong Yuan, we can’t stay here for too long. The good items will be taken by others.”

“Then let them have it.” Rong Yuan did not seem to care as he replied. After all, the treasures that were truly valuable were already taken by the North Qiu Kingdom. The baits that were left behind were all things that could be bought from the outside. It was more fun to help Gu Lingzhi pick her flowers here.

“You…” Ding Wei choked as he got an even more frustrating reply. Rong Yuan continued on, “Xiao Rou, do you want to come help Lingzhi pick the flowers? The earlier we finish picking these flowers, the earlier we can head on to the next place.”

Seeing that Rong Yuan really intended to pick all the flowers here before leaving, Ding Rou had to suppress the insults that were brewing in her heart and forced herself to smile and nod, “Then let’s pick all of these before leaving.” Controlling her anger, she then ordered her subordinates to help pick the flowers in the shortest time possible.

Ding Rou could not outwardly express her emotions in front of everyone. Gu Lingzhi subtly gave Rong Yuan a thumbs up as she saw the sullen look on Ding Rou’s face. Rong Yuan ranked first when it comes to making others feel disgusted and no one could beat him.

There was indeed strength in numbers. With the help of Ding Rou’s men, they spent less than an hour plucking the flowers of the huge patch of orchid trees. Keeping the huge pile of Perpetual Flowers, Gu Lingzhi could already imagine herself earning a lot of money. The fact that a good portion of these flowers were plucked by Ding Rou’s men made her all the more satisfied.

“Can we go now?” Ding Wei gritted his teeth and asked after looking at Gu Lingzhi keep the last bunch of Perpetual Flowers in her Storage Ring.

Gu Lingzhi felt refreshed as she nodded her head, “Yes, we can.”

Ding Wei snorted as he led his own men to clear the path forward. Sensing the dissatisfaction in Ding Rou’s eyes, Gu Lingzhi rushed forward to grab Rong Yuan’s arm first, “Let’s hurry. We have wasted so much time, I wonder how much treasures have been taken by others. Hopefully, we won’t go back empty-handed.”

“If we go back empty-handed, we all know whose fault it is,” a guard said gloomily behind Ding Rou.

Gu Lingzhi realised that this guard was always the one to talk back to her. Could he be Ding Rou’s confidante?

Gu Lingzhi proceeded to pay more attention to this guard in the remaining time, causing Rong Yuan to start to feel slightly jealous. He wanted to punish the guard. Seeing this, Tianfeng Jin secretly scolded Rong Yuan for deserving it.

He could not stand it when Gu Lingzhi looked at other men a bit more. Did he not think about how Gu Lingzhi had felt when he seemed to have something going on with Ding Rou?

Yuan Zheng, Wei Hanzi and Nie Sang all knew the truth and were amused by this. Seeing their master suffer made them rather satisfied.

Perhaps the orchid after the arched door had absorbed a lot of spiritual energy but on the rest of the way, they did not see anything of value. Everyone was in their own thoughts as the scenery in front of them suddenly changed. A small palace appeared at the end of the road.

Seeing the size and shape of it, it must be a side palace.

Everyone quickened their pace as they saw this and very soon, they reached the side palace where there were already others surrounding it.

The layer upon layer of human bodies surrounded the palace tightly. Just as a few people entered, a sudden sizzle could be heard. The crowd then parted as a body came flying out, falling heavily onto the ground. It was as if the body was struck by lightning as the man’s clothes hung loosely off his body, exposing parts of his skin that was blackened by the strike. His hair was unevenly burnt and formed a ball, looking extremely devastated. The cause of this all was the palace in front.

“How many has it been? People still don’t believe that it is booby-trapped and they’re still trying to enter. Aren’t they embarrassed?” A mocking tone rose from somewhere in the crowd.

No matter where they were, there would always be someone that mocked others for trying and failing, knowing that they could not achieve it themselves and not daring to try. It was such a twisted way of thinking but it made them feel good about themselves.

Gu Lingzhi frowned as she scanned past the laughing crowd and concentrated at the end.

At the end of the white jaded ground, the door of the side palace was open wide, allowing everyone to see clearly the treasure that was placed in it. It was a Spiritual Knife sitting on a knife holder.

Without a covering, a faint green glow was emitted from the body of the knife, showing everyone very clearly its quality – Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon.

Although Gu Lingzhi gave away numerous good Earth-Level Spiritual Weapons to Tianfeng Jin and the rest, to everyone else it was a dream to own a good Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon. Even several Martial Lords did not possess good Earth-Level Spiritual Weapons for themselves.

The reason was because there were simply far too little Earth-Level Weapon Forgers. In addition, anyone who could become an Earth-Level Weapon Forger would all be pulled into big clans. Hence, even if Martial Artists from smaller clans are able to get ahold of a Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon, the weapon might not be the most suitable for them.

This was also the reason why so many people came up to Gu Lingzhi and requested for her to make them an Earth-Level Spiritual Weapon.

Now the weapon that many Martial Artists dreamt of was placed right in front of them. It was no wonder that so many of them continued to try despite the danger.

In that short time, yet another guy walked out from the crowd towards the side palace. His every step was cautious. Behind him, a young lady bit on her lip worriedly as she reminded him softly, “Husband, be careful. Don’t force yourself if you can’t do it.”

The man nodded slightly as he looked warm and adoringly at the woman, “I will.”

Although this was what he said, he did not plan on holding back.”

They had reached the side palace two hours ago and saw numerous people try to enter the side palace. However, all of them had been burnt by the Restrictive Shield that was surrounding the palace.

The human’s mind was such an intriguing thing. Before they tried, they would always feel as if they might be the lucky one that would make it.

Hence, after much hesitation the man had decided that he would give it a try. When he was about one foot away from the side palace, he suddenly halted as he looked back worriedly at his wife. He then looked at the crowd that was looking at him expectantly and took a deep breath. Very carefully, he extended a hand towards the side palace.

Gu Lingzhi and the others held their breaths as they watched.

As the man’s hand reached the area under the palace’s roof, it was as if he had bumped into an invisible object and faced resistance. A ripple then appeared around his finger before everything became calm once again.

At this, the man breathed out slightly as he turned around and smiled at the woman once more.

The invisible Restrictive Shield was set in place to protect the side palace.

Wherever that had something important would always have such heavy protection that prevented people from going in. Once you passed the Restrictive Shield, you would be able to obtain the treasure that was being protected. However, if you were not careful, you might risk getting severely injured. Obviously, everyone else before this man had unfortunately triggered some kind of backfire.

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