Chapter 222 – The North Qiu Kingdom’s Plot

Rubbing his hand that got smacked, Rong Yuan grumbled slightly, “Aren’t I worried about you now? How can anyone be more important than you?”

“Glib-tongued.” Gu Lingzhi breathed out but could not deny that his simple words made her happy. Hence, she closed one eye at his arm that was reaching out to her once more, narrowing her eyes slightly. She asked, “You suddenly asked us to return, it’s not only because you want us to rest right?”

“You’re smart,” Rong Yuan smiled as he tapped her nose affectionately. His eyes drifted towards Wei Hanzi’s room opposite Gu Lingzhi’s. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “If I was not mistaken, I think I saw Pan Yue in the crowd just now.”

Pan Yue? Gu Lingzhi was surprised. She heard that Pan Yue had been grounded by the North Qiu Kingdom’s Emperor ever since he fought with them for the Eight Treasure Jade at Fuyue Restaurant previously. He was forbidden to take a single step out of the palace before the Inter-school Competition was over.

A while ago, she had heard news from Chiyang City that someone looking like Pan Yue had appeared by her side to win her over. Gu Lingzhi had then believed that he misbehaved in Fuyue Restaurant so that he would be grounded. When he was grounded, it would then be easier for him to disappear to the Xia Kingdom to find Qin Xinran. Who knew that he would appear in the crowd today? This timing was too coincidental.

“Could it be that the appearance of the Secret Territory was not by chance?” Gu Lingzhi quickly thought of a reason as her face turned serious.

Rong Yuan squeezed her cheeks, attempting to get her to relax as he consoled, “Who knows, we will have to see if Pan Yue comes tonight.”

Rong Yuan’s ear suddenly twitched as he chuckled, “He’s here.”

“Who’s here?”

Rong Yuan did not reply to her but pointed across the room and made an action for her to keep silent.

Gu Lingzhi did not ask more but started talking to Rong Yuan about something else. Only after an hour did Rong Yuan sense the person in Wei Hanzi’s room leaving. Before long, Gu Lingzhi’s door opened. Outside her door, stood Wei Hanzi.

After bowing to the two of them, she immediately started talking about why Pan Yue had seeked her out.

From what Pan Yue said, the Secret Territory was once home to the leader of the Spirit Tribe. There were numerous treasures belonging to the Spirit Tribe there. However, it was sealed up by the Spirit Tribe when they left. After so many years, the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Family only managed to release the seal on a small portion of it and gained the benefits of the small area. These small benefits were enough for them to produce several Demigods, allowing them to be one step of other kingdoms in the Tianyuan Continent.

With that small area, it resulted in the North Qiu Kingdom’s Royal Family desiring the rest of the Secret Territory even more.

However, the layers of seals set by the Spirit Tribe were much too powerful. Despite so many years, they only managed to unseal a small corner of the Secret Territory. Having no choice, the North Qiu Royal Family decided to make use of the spiritual energy of all the Martial Artists in Tianyuan Continent to open the Secret Territory. This was what resulted in the disturbance today.

“Is the North Qiu Royal Family crazy? Aren’t they afraid that by exposing the existence of the Secret Territory, the treasures inside will be stolen by everyone?” Gu Lingzhi was incredulous.

“They are not crazy.” Rong Yuan squinted as he continued massaging Gu Lingzhi’s hand, “Because they don’t intend to let anyone who enters the Secret Territory come out alive.”

“What?” Gu Lingzhi sucked in a breath, “Does the North Qiu Kingdom want to become the enemy of the entire continent?”

Realisation hit Gu Lingzhi as she widened her eyes.

They were already behaving as the enemy of the entire continent. If not, Ding Rou would not have appeared.

Knowing that she had thought of the answer, Rong Yuan lowered his voice and said seriously, “The North Qiu had wanted to control the entire Tianyuan Continent for a while now. They made a pact with the Dayin Kingdom and several other countries for tens of years already. Taking the chance now, they planned to kill everyone that was likely to hinder their progress to controlling the entire continent in the Secret Territory. They were then going to announce that everyone was killed by traps in the Secret Territory. Hence, even if anyone were to suspect anything, they would not have proof. On the contrary, they could lure even more people in and make their route to conquering the other countries even smoother. To them, exposing the Secret Territory has numerous benefits.”

“Then what should we do now? Should we go in? Seeing the crowd tonight, I am sure there will be more people tomorrow.” Gu Lingzhi finally realised why a Demigod was present tonight.

Who would not want to try their luck in a Secret Territory that even a Demigod was interested in?

The North Qiu was really going all out to lure in high-ranking Martial Artists.

“Of course we’re going, why should we not go in?” To Gu Lingzhi’s surprise, Rong Yuan did not cancel their plan to enter the Secret Territory. Smiling a sly smile, “Since the North Qiu Kingdom wants to lure Martial Artists they must definitely have some kind of bait. They have to leave some treasures for people to get and spread the word. As long as we move with Ding Rou, the North Qiu Kingdom’s people will not attempt to kill their allies so quickly. Furthermore… wouldn’t it be more effective for a prince of a kingdom to help them publicise such an occurrence?”

“Master has deduced it accurately. Pan Yue thought the same when he explained it to me. The North Qiu Kingdom’s people do not intend to take action on you first. On the contrary, they plan to help you obtain a sufficient amount of treasures to lure the high-level Martial Artists from the Xia Kingdom over.”

“Since that is the case, if I don’t accept their kind gesture and bring some treasures out, I would be disappointing them, right?” Rong Yuan sneered as his eyes turned gloomy.

The North Qiu Kingdom had first sent Ding Rou to seduce him and try to get into the Royal Family of the Xia Kingdom. Now, they wanted to use his hand to lure more people over. He was going to show them what it means to lose!

After a good night's rest, Gu Lingzhi and Rong Yuan were filled with energy. At dawn, they met up with everyone else punctually. They realise that there was one less person in their group. Realising it was Lang Jingchen that was missing, Rong Yuan did not bother to ask. He then led the group to the entrance of the Secret Territory.

The entire First School was abnormally quiet. Whenever they chanced upon any students, they were all filled with excitement as they raced towards the Secret Territory. After that night, the Secret Territory had attracted even more people.

It was until they reached the entrance of the Secret Territory did Gu Lingzhi realise she had underestimated the attractiveness of it.

Waves of Martial Artists crowded near the entrance, covering the entire area in layers. If not for a group of guards wearing the North Qiu Kingdom’s armor and maintaining order, everyone would have ran out of patience and dashed into the secret territory.

As they were contemplating how to enter, an imperial bodyguard walked towards them with a group of people. Greeting them politely, “Third Prince of the Xia Kingdom? I’m under orders from the Second Prince to meet with you upon arrival. There are too many people here and the prince invites you over.”

Rong Yuan nodded as he grabbed Gu Lingzhi’s hand and followed behind the guard.

With the imperial guard leading the way, the crowd of people seemed less intimidating. Very soon, they caught sight of the entrance that was blocked by the crowd. As they walked through the crowd, Lang Jingchen looked at them resentfully as they neared the entrance of the Secret Territory with the help of the guard. He was utterly regretting his decision to wait at the entrance of the Secret Territory by himself.

In the time that he took to return here from the First School, the area around the entrance was packed with people. Everyone was shoved against each other, he was not able to enter and was not willing to leave either. Hence, he was now in an awkward situation where he could neither advance nor leave. He could not muster the words to ask Rong Yuan to stop and bring him along. All he could do was stare at their backs resentfully.

If not for Rong Yuan asking them to go back and rest, he wouldn’t have been caught in this position. This was all Rong Yuan’s fault!

Naturally, Rong Yuan could not sense his anger as he followed behind the guard. In less than fifteen minutes, they had cut through the crowd and reached the entrance of the Secret Territory.

Today, the light ray had disappeared. This was probably to create the illusion that the seal on the entrance had been ‘broken’. Pan En was staring worriedly at the entrance. When he saw Rong Yuan arrive, he plastered a smile on his face, “Third Prince, you’ve arrived. Granduncle entered a while ago and has yet to come out. I am afraid you all won’t be able to go in just yet.”

Rong Yuan did not seem to mind, “Don’t worry, it is not urgent. A new Secret Territory has been found and is bound to require some effort to reap its benefits. I need to thank the various seniors. I believe they have opened several routes for us with their effort overnight, saving us a lot of time.”

“Haha, as long as you understand,” Pan En laughed. He however, felt extremely gloomy.

Although exposing this territory was a good thing for the North Qiu Royal Family, but thinking of the numerous treasures that he had placed in it to attract people, he felt a sense of loss. What made him angrier was what Rong Yuan had just said. It was obvious that Rong Yuan was treating his elders as vanguards and using them to assess the routes first. If not for the large benefit of letting Rong Yuan live, he would have made Rong Yuan the first sacrifice in the Secret Territory.

Just as he was secretly cursing, a confident voice bellowed from the entrance of the Secret Territory, “It’s the Starry Cloud Stone! I’ve searched for so many years to no avail, but actually found it here! Haha… there is also the Scarlet Moon Plum. This place is really filled with treasures!”

Following the voice, everyone in the crowd who had heard him became excited. Even Pan En, who knew the existence of those two things salivated with greed.

The Starry Cloud Stone and the Scarlet Moon Plum were both precious gems used to make Earth-Level spiritual treasures. If the skill of the forger was high enough, it was even possible to create Heaven-Level spiritual treasures. The Secret Territory had only been open for a night and already, two extremely precious treasures had been found. Then… won’t there be more that dyet to be found?

In a flash, everyone’s eyes lit up.

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