Chapter 219 – Apology

Tianfeng Yi’s speech had caused much confusion.

Tianfeng Wei, whom they had believed was the victim was actually the perpetrator? On the other hand, Gu Lingzhi whom they had believed was the evil woman, was actually innocent? Not only that, she had actually pleaded on behalf of those that had meant her ill out of the goodness of her heart. She had saved Tianfeng Wei from death and even betrothed her to Lang Jingchen?

That’s right, Lang Jingchen!

They could not just listen to one side of the story. Who knew if Tianfeng Wei’s father had been bribed by Gu Lingzhi? It was better if they question another person that was involved in it as well.

Very quickly, someone spotted Lang Jingchen in the crowd. He was looking sullen as he was pushed towards the stage. “Lang Jingchen, didn’t you say that your wife was sweet-tempered and gentle and is an extremely rare girl? Now your father-in-law is ruining your wife’s name, aren’t you going to clarify?”

Although his words seemed like he was helping Lang Jingchen, anyone could see the amusement in his eyes.

As the trouble with Gu Lingzhi looked to die down soon, he was looking for something else to entertain himself.

Being forced to the front by others, Lang Jingchen hated himself for being a busybody. He did not make it to the finale, so why did he not stay in his room and rest? Why did he want to come and join the crowd?

Now, not only did he not see anything amusing, he was being dragged into the situation as well.

It was too late now, he could not get out of this. Before long, he had been pushed to the front of the stage and was facing Tianfeng Yi.

Lang Jingchen’s mouth open, but was interrupted by Tianfeng Yi, “Jingchen, I know you have liked Xiao Wei for a very long time. Your marriage with her was only made possible with Gu Lingzhi’s help right?”

Lang Jingchen nodded his head but proceeded to argue, “But that was because…” of the Third Prince’s threat.

Before he could complete his sentence, Tianfeng Yi cut in once again, “Two years ago, did Xiao Wei collude with the Beicheng Clan and cause hundreds of Tianfeng Clan members to die in the Secret Territory?”

“…She did.” Lang Jingchen hesitated before replying. This was no small matter and anyone who wanted to find out about it could simply ask around and they would know about it. There was no need for him to hide. However, Tianfeng Wei colluding with the Beicheng Clan was also instigated by several seniors of the Tianfeng Clan.

“But father-in-law, Xiao Wei…”

“Xiao Wei deserved everything that she got. I know you love her, but you can’t ruin Lady Gu’s reputation just to protect Xiao Wei’s. What you did before has really disappointed me!”

Tianfeng Yi suddenly declared, diminishing the last bit of hope Lang Jingchen had in pushing the blame to Gu Lingzhi.

He did not know why Tianfeng Yi was suddenly behaving like this, but Tianfeng Yi was after all a father who loved his daughter. He could not argue otherwise and put him down. In actual fact, what Tianfeng Yi said was also 90 percent true and with him trying to protect Gu Lingzhi, there was no way for Lang Jingchen to argue otherwise.

Lang Jingchen’s silence was taken as acknowledgement to what Tianfeng Yi said. All the rumors against Gu Lingzhi was finally clarified. Everyone who was scolding Gu Lingzhi before suddenly felt lost.

After a while, someone asked, “Even if the things that happened to Tianfeng Wei is untrue, then what about Gu Linglong? How can you explain that?”

“On this, I can explain it.” Rong Yuan drawled, “I have never met the Second Mistress of the Gu Clan more than a few times, how can we be in a relationship? Furthermore…” Rong Yuan smiled slightly at the person that asked this, causing the man to suddenly feel a cold chill up his spine. “Lingzhi has lost her mother ever since she was young and was raised by the mother of the Second Mistress of the Gu Clan. All of you should be able to guess how it was like under her stepmother’s care without me having to explain. Under circumstances like this, how do you suppose Lingzhi would have the power to target Gu Linglong? What more…on the day that Gu Linglong went missing, Lingzhi was having a meal with me and a few other classmates, how would she be able to do anything to Gu Linglong? It’s laughable that people can actually believe rumors like this without any evidence.”

With this, all the rumours surrounding Gu Lingzhi had been clarified. At this point, no one had evidence to prove that what Rong Yuan was saying was false.

Behind Pan En, a small lady named Xiao Yue suddenly broke the jade cup in her hands. The broken shards cut her palms causing streaks of blood to appear on her otherwise pale white hands. The blood dripped onto the floor.

“Don’t be anxious, they won’t be complacent for long.” Smelling the scent of blood in the air, Pan En felt sorry and took out a handkerchief to bandage her hand. “I will feel hurt if you hurt yourself.”

Xiao Yue flushed and the anger she felt earlier dissipated under Pan En’s assurance. Slightly bashful, she timidly snuggled into Pan En’s embrace.

The rumors that had flooded the Yan Capital for a period of time were cleared in this surprising way. There were still a few that refused to believe the truth and stubbornly insisted, “If there were all just rumors then why did you not come clean in the beginning?”

Gu Lingzhi finally defended herself, “Smart people would not be influenced by these rumors. I did not think that there would be so many idiots.”

Also… with someone’s malicious intentions, no matter how she defended herself it would seem like she was making excuses. She was better off waiting patiently to the last moment such that these people who meant her harm would be caught off guard.

Hearing her explanation, the remnants of the crowd flushed in embarrassment. They had jumped to the conclusion that Gu Lingzhi was malicious just based on some rumors. Everyone had jumped on and scolded Gu Lingzhi. Gu Lingzhi certainly had the right to call them idiots.

Someone suddenly said, “Sorry.”

Following that, apologies could suddenly be heard from different people. Those that were able to attend the Inter-school Competition and those that came to watch were certainly not common people. What happened today was completely a contrast to the rumors and people needed time to mull over it.

The rumors regarding Gu Lingzhi had spread too fast and were too detailed. No one had time to understand what kind of person Gu Lingzhi was before an image of her had already formed in their minds. Along with a few agitators, the emotions of the crowd was heightened and everyone had a fixed impression of Gu Lingzhi.

Now when they thought about it, it seemed like whenever Gu Lingzhi was fighting, there would be people agitating the crowd. Unfortunately, they were always shocked by Gu Lingzhi’s battle outcomes to notice. With those agitators misleading them, they always felt as if there was something wrong with Gu Lingzhi and her wins were disgraceful. These emotions were felt repeatedly during her battles and along with the ridiculous finale today, it was the reason why so many people could not accept the result.

With everything clarified, it was not that difficult to apologise. They felt apologetic towards Gu Lingzhi and ashamed at their own behavior.

At the same time, in Wuwang City, Su Nian was staying in the guest room that Ding Wen had rented for him. However, in a mere few days he was challenged by someone of the Martial Teacher rank, but Su Nian managed to kick him out.

Before long, the Martial Teacher brought a few seniors from the Martial Lord rank to get back at him.

There were many schools in the Tianyuan Continent, but there were those that did not like the teaching style of schools and preferred to find their own teachers. The Martial Teacher that Su Nian had kicked out was clearly someone like this.

Seeing the two men blocking the main door, he knew something was wrong.

In his previous battle against Wei Hanzi, although he won, he still suffered a few injuries. In addition, the Spiritual Medicine that he had taken to suppress his cultivation resulted in him being kept at the cultivation level of middle-grade Martial Lords. Against two middle-grade Martial Lords, it was going to be a cruel fight.

As Su Nian had predicted, the two Martial Lords that had come to find him under the directive of the Martial Teacher. Without even talking to Su Nian, they had drawn out their Spiritual Weapons and started to attack.

Su Nian was also not one to sit and await death and similarly attacked back. In the small guest room, the three of them engaged in a battle.

After just a few blows, Su Nian realised something was off.

They were just helping their junior vent their anger and should be satisfied with having taught him a lesson. There was no need to take his life, but their attacks were vicious, and each move was a move for his life. It was clear that they had come to kill him. Assessing the situation, Su Nian immediately broke the window of the guest room and haphazardly escaped through it.

What he did not expect was another two Martial Lord experts waiting for him outside the inn. Seeing him appear, they grinned and attacked, “When you bully our junior, maybe you should think of the consequence. Next time when you want to attack anyone weaker than you maybe you should consider if he has anyone behind him.”

Su Nian finally realised.

How was this revenge for their junior? These people were clearly out for his life.

Who was it? Who wanted to kill him? He had only just settled down in Wuwang City a few days ago and shouldn’t have made any enemies? Only Ding Wen and Ding Rou knew where he was.

Su Nian suddenly froze. His absent-mindedness caused him to suffer a blow. He staggered slightly before coughing out a mouthful of blood…

Everyone around the inn had long fled the area and stood a distance away, pointing and talking about what was happening.

Just as Su Nian thought he was sure to die, two shadows appeared behind the crowd. They were wearing masks. Each taking on two opponents, they stood in front of Su Nian, protecting him.

One of the masked men spoke in a low voice, “If you want to live, then come with us!” They then pushed and shove, retreating in a different direction.

Su Nian did not hesitate as he followed them. He could wonder later why they were helping him. For now, his life came first.

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