Chapter 128 - Yan Liang

In the next few days, it was as if the Third Prince had completely lost interest in Gu Lingzhi and no longer followed her around.

Although Gu Lingzhi felt slightly relieved at this, she also felt an unexplainable disappointment.

Could it be that she was actually upset by the Third Prince’s cold treatment?

Shaking her head, she got rid of the ridiculous idea in her head.

Even if the Third Prince was still interested in her, she would not accept him. Although most Martial Artists in the Tianyuan Continent had only one partner, given that the Third Prince was from the Royal Family, she did not believe that he would only stick to having one wife. Even if the Third Prince wanted to have only one wife, in order to maintain the power balance, he would eventually be forced to take in wives to form alliances. Compared to being upset then, it was better to prevent that possibility entirely and save herself the headache.

Without the Third Prince bothering her, Gu Lingzhi resumed her usual schedule from last semester.

After her daily classes, she either went to the Alchemy Tower or the Training Tower. Occasionally, she would even go to the battle arena to fight others.

However, like what Ye Fei said, ever since Gu Lingzhi had won the battles last semester, no one fell for her trick and challenged her anymore. Whenever they challenged her, they would not automatically reduce their cultivation levels anymore.

This resulted in some problems for Gu Lingzhi. Because of this, when she met opponents that were stronger than her she had to put in extra effort to win them and not expose her true cultivation level at the same time.

“Hey, I want to challenge you to a duel.” After winning a battle, Gu Lingzhi came down from the stage and saw the familiar-looking young lady. Her eyes flashed as she challenged her to a fight.

Cai Lan hesitated a while before her face turned black.

“I am a Level Seven Martial Student, are you sure you want to challenge me to a duel?”

“Yes, I am sure,” Gu Lingzhi stated blankly as she looked at her squarely. She would never have imagined that what she did, which seemed perfectly normal to her, would actually pass off as arrogant in the eyes of others.

“Just because she has the attention of the Third Prince, she’s starting to get arrogant. What so good about that? She doesn’t even respect her seniors.”

“That’s right, maybe the Third Prince has seen her true colours and does not want her anymore.”

“I really don’t understand. How can she be so proud even after the Third Prince does not want her?”

Numerous malicious comments and ridicule floated in the air. Gu Lingzhi pursed her lips as she forced herself to ignore the baseless comments and concentrate on the young girl in front of her.

“Why, are you afraid of me?”

Although the young lady did not want to agree, under Gu Lingzhi’s aggressive attitude, she could only grind her teeth and accept the challenge, “Hmph, since you want to embarrass yourself then I’ll grant your wishes. I will let you know what it means to not overdo it!”

While her words seemed very fierce, only Cai Lan knew how much she was pretending to be brave.

“That’s good, let’s go ahead with the duel then.” Obtaining her desired answer, Gu Lingzhi let out a satisfied sigh. Even she herself, did not know why she was so attached to Cai Lan’s familiar figure. To the point that she would even take the initiative to challenge her, which she did not do very often.

Her eyes shone slightly as she suppressed her thoughts and went to report to Yuan Chun. She then jumped onto the battle stage and Cai Lan followed after her.

“Since you were the one that initiated this fight, I will not suppress my cultivation to fight with you,” Cai Lan stated before the fight began.

“No problem, do what you want.” She had already decided that she was going to win this battle.

She was still thinking how she should show that her cultivation was already Level Five and decided to take this chance to do it.

With Gu Lingzhi’s reply, Cai Lan had no intention to hold back. The second Gu Lingzhi finished speaking, a fireball the size of a thumb shot towards Gu Lingzhi. At the same time, she shifted her body and flew towards Gu Lingzhi, a long and skinny blade in hand.

Too slow.

Cai Lan was confident that her attack would catch Gu Lingzhi by surprise but was only met with a shake of Gu Lingzhi’s head. Using the Sparrow Wings movement technique, Gu Lingzhi used a few light steps to move out of Cai Lan’s attack range. She drew her Fenglin sword and charged towards Cai Lan’s direction.

Her movement may seem like nothing to many, however, to someone that was experienced, they would be able to sense that something was different.

Gu Lingzhi’s current skill level was tuned and her experience accumulated by fighting numerous experts in the Town of the Brave. She would definitely not miss out on identifying chances to avoid attacks and counter-attacks. This resulted in numerous higher-level students walking past to stop to take a second glance.

“That is the rumored girl associated with the Third Prince, Gu Lingzhi right? I thought she was only a Level Four Martial Student? How can she have such proficient Martial Skills?” It was a movement that was better and more agile than numerous movements used by Martial Students at their peak.

“Could it be a technique taught to her by the Third Prince?” Someone else shrugged as they said, “After all, the Third Prince has access to one of the only two books depicting Heaven-Level techniques in the Tianyuan Continent. He could easily leak out some to her and it would be sufficient to last her a lifetime.”

“That may not be the case,” the first person disagreed. “Although techniques can be passed on, experience is something that cannot be transferred. Without sufficient training, it won’t matter how good a technique is.”

“It is not the Third Prince.” The one who first stopped to watch the fight opened his mouth. It was Yan Liang, “Her technique does not belong to the Royal Family.”

“Eh? Do you know where her technique comes from?”

“No, I don’t. But it definitely is not related to the Third Prince.” After speaking, Yan Liang confirmed that Gu Lingzhi was going to win the battle before turning around to leave.

“How can you just leave like this? It is so rare to see juniors from the Martial Student rank having such good technique, are you not going to watch more?”

Although this was what he said, he also turned around and left along with Yan Liang.

This brief episode was nothing to Gu Lingzhi. However, to Lu Feng who was Yan Liang’s bodyguard and best friend from young, it was not so simple.

“Yan Liang, tell me honestly. Are you interested in the lady from the Gu Clan?”

This was the second time he has heard Yan Liang mention Gu Lingzhi. Even if you beat him to death, he would not believe that there was nothing to this.

If not, why would Yan Liang, who normally only cared about training, know so much about Gu Lingzhi? He was even so sure that the technique did not belong to the Third Prince.

There was definitely something going on!

Seeing Yan Liang put on his usual cold and stoic face, Lu Feng knew that under that cold exterior he was definitely not as calm on the inside.

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