Chapter 127 - The Price of School Points

As everyone’s attention was on the tragic duel happening on the battle arena, Gu Lingzhi eavesdropped on the people around her and what she heard made her laugh. At the corner of her eyes, she spied a familiar figure.

Gu Lingzhi’s eyes narrowed as she dug her brain to recall where she has seen this young lady before. Why did she look so familiar?

Sensing Gu Lingzhi’s gaze on her, the young lady turned around. As her eyes landed on Gu Lingzhi, her pupils contracted before she forced herself to glare at Gu Lingzhi as if to appear brave when she was scared.


Gu Lingzhi caught the young lady’s reaction towards her. In that short moment, she was clearly afraid yet it was as if she was reminded of something and forced herself to put on a brave front.

She…hasn’t offended her before, right?

As Gu Lingzhi could not recall where she knew this young lady from, she decided to give her a small smile. Seeing the way the young lady stiffened at this, Gu Lingzhi’s eyes filled with laughter.

Gu Lingzhi decided that it was okay to not recall who she was, she knew that the young lady did not mean her well.

Retracting her gaze, she mentally placed her image into a black list.

If the young lady was tactful, she would also not go up to Gu Lingzhi. However, if the young lady decides to create trouble for her, then she can only return the gesture.

“Is something wrong?” Realising the unusual condition that Gu Lingzhi was in, Qin Xinran asked Gu Lingzhi from behind her. Following Gu Lingzhi’s gaze, Qin Xinran’s eyes landed on the young lady. Pursing her lips, she laughed bashfully, “Lingzhi, if you don’t like that person, I can help you get rid of her.”

Even after so long, Gu Lingzhi could never get used to Qin Xinran saying such murderous words with a smiling and nonchalant expression.

“There is no need to. I just thought she looked familiar. Do you have anymore battles? You should find a place to rest and regain your strength in order to have enough for your next fight.”

Qin Xinran nodded obediently as she found a place and sat down cross-legged.

The sky quickly turned dark. Once Ye Fei was determined that Black Thorn was not going to appear today, she was disappointed as she finally decided to leave.

Both Tianfeng Jin and Qin Xinran had fought two battles each and were satisfied enough to not try for a third round. As they made their way back to the hostel without any disruptions, Gu Lingzhi suddenly wondered why the Third Prince who had always stuck to her, did not appear today.

She then thought of how they had left Rong Yuan swarmed with a horde of girls and called him a ‘womanizer’ under her breath.

Heeding Yuan Zheng’s advice, Rong Yuan decided to give Gu Lingzhi some space and not always force himself on her. He let out a sneeze and rubbed his sore nose, “Are you sure this method will work? Do you really think that Lingzhi will notice my absence?”

“Of course.” Yuan Zhenng rushed out, “This is a method that I found out from others to chase girls. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. If you always hang around Lady Gu, she will not know how good you are to her. But if you create some distance, she will realise how important you are to her.”

“Really?” Rong Yuan was very doubtful of this.

“I guarantee you.” Yuan Zheng confirmed. This was what he had learnt from other guys who were popular with girls, how could it not work?

Rong Yuan remained doubtful as he nodded, “I hope so.”

The next day, Gu Lingzhi was surprised to realize that the Third Prince was not bothering her. It was weird because the Third Prince normally liked to hang out around her when he had nothing to do, as if to tell everyone how much he liked her.

She was filled with complete disbelief as well as a slight tinge of disappointment. Returning to her dorm, she found a huge bouquet of lilies.

For the past month, she would always receive a huge bouquet of flowers every morning or night. Sometimes she would receive red roses, other times she would get lilies or blue roses. The flowers would always come with a card with only her name but not the sender’s name.

Initially, Gu Lingzhi had even stayed up all night looking out of her window to see who left the flowers. In the end, she did not find out who the sender was and wasted an entire night. From then on, she did not bother finding out who sent the flowers.

After all, seeing how frequently the flowers were sent…the person was bound to show himself sooner or later right?

“Lingzhi, that bastard did not bother you today? Didn’t I tell you he was a player? It is definitely because he has realised that you will not be moved by him and has found a different target.” Ye Fei, who also just finished class, smiled as she said this. Seeing the bouquet of flowers in Gu Lingzhi’s hands, she let out a playful whistle, “I wonder who has been sending the flowers. It has been half a month right? When Tianfeng Jin and Xinran comes back, how about we make a bet? Should we bet on when this person will show himself?”

Gu Lingzhi was speechless. At times, she really wondered whether Ye Fei’s family ran a business or a gambling den? If not, why did Ye Fei always seem to be addicted to gambling?

“If you have so much time to be bothered about this, why don’t you go and earn more school points? From what I know, you and Tianfeng Jin have only earned about 20 points since school started. If this goes on, it is going to be dangerous nearing the end of the semester.”

“Hey, don’t worry about trivial things like points. As the semester ends, it will naturally come.”

Seeing the thoughtful look on Ye Fei’s face, Gu Lingzhi had a sudden realisation. Ye Fei had intended to buy points at the end of the semester by paying students who had enough points to compete with her. This wasn’t a bad way to earn spirit stones…

“Ye Fei, how much do you usually pay for every point…”

Before Gu Lingzhi could complete her sentence, Ye Fei quickly slapped her hand over Gu Lingzhi to shush her, “Shhh…other people might hear you.”

Although buying points was common in the Royal School, it could only happen underground. If they were to be caught and reported to the school, they would be expelled immediately. No matter how well they performed previously, the school would make no exceptions and expel anyone that was caught!

Gu Lingzhi nodded as she looked around them. Thankfully, there was no one around.

Only when the two of them entered their dorm and ensured that it was safe then did Ye Fei hit her chest and said, “The underground price is ten thousand spirit stones for every point. Why? Did you want to buy points? With your talent, I don’t think you need to buy points to earn them.”

Ten thousand spirit stones?

Gu Lingzhi was stunned as she rubbed her chin. Although it was very risky, the rewards were also very high.

Previously, she had worked so hard to create five Spiritual Weapons which only sold for a total of ten thousand spirit stones. From that, she still had to deduct the money used to buy materials and for labour. On the contrary, one school point was worth 2 high grade Yellow-Level Spiritual Weapons. It is no wonder that so many students would take the risk to sell points even after knowing what the consequences could be. With such a huge profit, she was tempted to sell points as well.

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