Chapter 126 - Explosive Xinran

Seeing Ye Fei’s pitiful gaze, Gu Lingzhi wanted to reassure her that her points this year were being settled easily by Rong Yuan taking advantage of the school’s system. It has not even been a month since school started and she has almost gotten 100 points.

She was at the top, considering that almost everyone had mostly only gotten about 10 or 20 points.

However, to prevent shocking her friends, Gu Lingzhi decided to keep silent.

Not long later, the battle stage that they were at called out a number and Qin Xinran silently headed towards the stage.

After saying a few parting words, Tianfeng Jin left for another battle arena.

Seeing Ye Fei still accompanying her, Gu Lingzhi could not help but ask, “Ye Fei, why aren’t you going to compete?”

“What do I have to compete?” Ye Fei was confused, “My father said that money makes the world go round. As long as our Ye Family is the leading conglomerate in the country, I don’t have to work hard.”

At that moment, Gu Lingzhi did not know whether to feel jealous or helpless.

“Ye Fei, money is after all a material good. What if you offend someone that cannot be appeased with money? What will you do then?”

“When that happens, I can just hire a few experts to help,” Ye Fei said nonchalantly as she waved her hands.

“What if the person is so powerful that you aren’t able to find anyone to help you?” Gu Lingzhi persisted, looking at Ye Fei as if looking at a child that could not be bothered to learn. “Just think about how you offended the Third Prince just now. What if the Third Prince was petty and is determined to settle it with you? Do you think you can find someone willing to offend the Royal Family and assassinate him?”

“The Third Prince…isn’t like that, right?”

“He is a bastard and a player,” Gu Lingzhi repeated her words back at her. “A bastard can do anything.”

“What should I do then?” Ye Fei started to become agitated by Gu Lingzhi’s words, “Should I go and apologise to the Third Prince and tell him that I will not interfere with him chasing you? I’ll even tell him that I’m willing to help him, he will let things go right?”

Gu Lingzhi wanted very badly to strangle her. 

Seeing Gu Lingzhi’s expression change, Ye Fei let out a mischievous grin. She roared with laughter, “Hahaha…Lingzhi you are so easy to fool. If the Third Prince was so narrow-minded, he wouldn’t be called the Kingdom’s War God. Also, even if he holds a grudge, I will not betray my friends.”

When Ye Fei finally stopped laughing, she wiped the tears out of her eyes and choked out, “Lingzhi, I know what you are worried about but fret not, I know my boundaries. I don’t want to be chased out of the dorm by Tianfeng Jin just yet.”

Gu Lingzhi rolled her eyes but was relieved.

She knew Tianfeng Jin’s personality clearly. If Ye Fei was really someone who did not seek improvement and only knew how to play, she would have been chased out of the dorm by Tianfeng Jin long ago.

But the fact that Ye Fei has stayed for so long showed that she actually had something that Tianfeng Jin approved of. When it came to Martial Skills, although she was not as good as Tianfeng Jin, she was not far from her.

Normally, people their age liked to show off. However, although Ye Fei definitely possessed higher than average skill, she has never competed in the Town of the Brave. Could it be…that the Ye Family had a rift with the Town of the Brave?

As soon as this thought popped up in her mind, Gu Lingzhi immediately debunked it.

If she remembered correctly, she once saw the person-in-charge of the Town of the Brave have a meal with Qin Boyu from the Store of Many Treasures. From the joyful way they interacted, they clearly seemed like old friends, how could they be rivals?

Why does Ye Fei not compete then?

After pondering for a while, Gu Lingzhi shoved the question to the back of her mind.

Since Ye Fei did not say anything, it meant that she did not want to tell her. As a friend, she needed to be there when her friends needed help. So what if they didn’t tell her everything? Wasn’t she also hiding her identity as Black Thorn from them?

At this, Gu Lingzhi’s head started to hurt.

Her two identities were now a mess. She did not know what her friends’ reactions would be like when they found out. They wouldn’t stop being friends out of anger, right?

“Good! Xinran is amazing! Don’t let him take advantage of you, punch his face until it swells.” Gu Lingzhi’s thoughts were disrupted by Ye Fei’s excited screams. Lifting her head, she saw Qin Xinran lift a strong burly man up and smash him back down on the floor.

“Bang!” The sound of flesh hitting the floor sounded extremely painful.

Seeing this, Ye Fei’s eyes seemed to glitter as she exclaimed, “Good! That’s right, beat him up!”

Qin Xinran gave them a shy smile. Following that, a complete contrast from her expression, she lifted the burly man with one hand and swung him around her head before throwing him against the protective screen around the sides of the arena, causing the protective screen to flash and tremble.

“I…I admit…”

Before the man could admit defeat, Qin Xinran punched him on the face causing blood to fly out in all directions and stars to appear in his eyes.

Seeing Qin Xinran’s cute and small look, he had mocked her slightly at the start but never thought that she would suddenly become so fierce and beat him to a pulp. He had no energy to fight back and even got a few teeth knocked out. He was not even able to admit defeat. If he knew that girls from the capital were so cruel, he would not have mocked her. Now, all he wished was to pass out quickly so that the match could be over and he could get out of this torture.

As he was considering his options, the burly man was punched in the face once more and his entire right side of his face started to swell up. Even without looking at him, everyone could tell it was a devastating fight. He was however, too afraid to even cry out. He took his chance in between punches, when Qin Xinran was not paying attention, and fell to the ground with his neck twisted.

If he couldn’t admit defeat, he could at least pretend to faint right?

“Victory goes to Contestant 35.”

As the burly man pretended to faint, the caretaker of the battle stage announced the result with glee in his eyes.

Every once in a while, there would be an arrogant competitor from elsewhere. Without knowing where they stood, they would look down on their opponents in the Town of the Brave. It can be said that the death rate in the Town of the Brave was raised by people like them.

As he thought about how they dared to mock prodigies like Qin Xinran from the Royal School, the caretaker started to think that he had announced the results too early. For people like him, who did not know their place, they had to be taught a lesson. There will always be someone stronger.

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