Chapter 125 - Good Impression Ruined

“Lady Ye, why do you say that?” Rong Yuan seethed. If not for the fact that Ye Fei was Gu Lingzhi’s friend, he would teach her a lesson on how to keep her mouth shut.

“I can see that you are paying extra attention to Tianfeng Jin, do you really think that I can’t tell what you are trying to do?” Ye Fei harrumphed, not the least intimidated by Rong Yuan.

Why couldn’t she sense his sincerity to Gu Lingzhi? 

“Lady Ye, please don’t misunderstand His Highness. His Highness is simply trying to pay special attention to everyone that matters to Lady Gu.” To prevent his master from doing anything rash, Yuan Zheng rushed to explain things.

“Hmph, who needs his care? Do you think Tianfeng Jin can’t take care of herself?” Even after hearing his explanation, Ye Fei was still suspicious of Rong Yuan. Her impression of Rong Yuan being a player was too deeply ingrained in her.

“Right, I can take care of myself. I won’t have to trouble His Highness.” From this argument, Tianfeng Jin realised what Rong Yuan was trying to do and her impression of him dropped yet again. It was not good to be so calculative.

If only Rong Yuan knew how he finally managed to improve Tianfeng Jin’s impression of him, only to have it fall again because of a few words Ye Fei said.

Seeing his master get taken advantage of so easily, Yuan Zheng had to struggle to contain his laughter. Only Lady Gu’s friends could cause his master to be placed in such a position.

“Ye Fei, Tianfeng Jin, Xinran, let’s go.”

Ignoring Rong Yuan’s sullen look, Gu Lingzhi called for her friends to return to their dorm.

Rong Yuan took a deep breath as he controlled his impulse to throw Gu Lingzhi’s bothersome friends out of the Royal School entirely. Before he could do anything more, he was swarmed by a group of excited girls.

“Your Highness, I would like to challenge you to a duel too!”

“Your Highness, since you accepted Tianfeng Jin’s challenge, you won’t reject us right?”

“Your Highness…”

Seeing how Rong Yuan was about to be buried under the swarm of girls, Yuan Zheng silently said a prayer for him. He took another glance at Gu Lingzhi and her friends before deciding that he had to help his master. Although he sympathised heavily with Lady Gu. In order to avoid his master, Lady Gu had been switching between identities repeatedly and hardly had any time to rest.

As she left the battle arena, Gu Lingzhi had intended to have a good rest back at her dorm. However, midway back, Ye Fei suddenly exclaimed, “Why are we heading back?”

Gu Lingzhi threw her a questioning gaze. Isn’t it normal to head home after a day of lessons?

“Lingzhi, I forgot to mention to you that we were on our way to the Town of the Brave,” Ye Fei said as she slapped her forehead.

“Didn’t I mention that I made a new friend called the Black Thorn in the Town of the Brave a few days ago? I told her that I would introduce you to her if I got the chance. Since you have gotten rid of that player today, how about we head to the Town of the Brave? I can introduce you to the Black Thorn.”

“…Okay.” Under Ye Fei’s enthusiasm, Gu Lingzhi had no choice but to agree. At the same time, she immediately said a prayer hoping that they would not be too disappointed when they were unable to find the Black Thorn today.

“That’s great, I knew you would agree to this!” Ye Fei shouted with joy upon receiving Gu Lingzhi’s approval. “The Black Thorn is really similar to you in terms of both her figure and her personality. If not for the fact that you and her have different Spiritual Roots, I would even have suspected that you were disguised as her.”

“Hehe…” Gu Lingzhi laughed dryly, “How can I be that strong?”

Laughing and talking on the way there, they unknowingly reached the Town of the Brave.

Obviously, the individual that Ye Fei was excited to see did not appear.

“Did she not come today?” Ye Fei looked mildly dejected.

“When Lingzhi is finally free, the Black Thorn isn’t here. Is this fate?”

“Hehe, maybe.” At this, Gu Lingzhi could do nothing but force out a guilty laugh as she faced Ye Fei.

Behind Gu Lingzhi, Qin Xinran who was silent, blinked a few times as the corners of her mouth pulled upwards into a sly grin. It seemed like…she was onto something.

Without knowing that she had exposed herself to the second, or more accurately, third person, Gu Lingzhi was dragged by Ye Fei to register. As her real identity has never been used before, she was forced by Ye Fei to register and got another identity card.

“Keep this identity card properly. In the future, you just need to show this identity card and pay the appropriate number of spirit stones in order to compete in the Town of the Brave. You will be able to get the Emblem of the Brave after 100 consecutive wins. If you win 1000 consecutive rounds, you will get the highest honour, the Gold Emblem here at the Town of the Brave. This will allow you to buy whatever training materials you need at 30 percent the original price. In the past 100 years, only the Third Prince and a mysterious lady got it 20 years ago.”

Ye Fei let out a melancholic sigh, “Why did someone so talented turn out to be a player? I guess no one is perfect. If we can ignore his love life, the Third Prince is indeed perfect.”

Gu Lingzhi nodded in agreement. If only the one that the Third Prince was eyeing wasn’t her, she would think he was perfect even if he was a player. After all, the people who garnered the most respect were the ones with exceptional Martial Skills. This was also the reason why so many girls did not give up chasing the Third Prince even after he expressed interest in Gu Lingzhi and even absolved his engagement for her.

To them, his talent and future possibilities outshone any shortcomings arising from his attitude towards relationships. In fact, it was good for them that the Third Prince was fickle-minded. Only this way would they be able to catch the Third Prince’s eye and have a chance.

“Lingzhi, do you want to participate? The fights here are much more intense than the ones in school and there are way more experts here. Many of our school students also compete here.”

“…I should concentrate on earning enough school points first.” From her current situation, she is more inclined to use her identity as the Black Thorn to compete here.

As no one knew about her true identity here, she could freely use the moves she learnt from the Inheritance Space and not worry about others trying to steal her technique. Her identity as the Black Thorn was a backup plan.

“You are right.” Oblivious to her hidden intention, Ye Fei looked at her pitifully, “Everyone is more wary this semester and it won’t be as easy to earn points this semester.”

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