Chapter 124 - The Third Prince’s Attempt to Create a Good Impression

When Gu Lingzhi’s battle ended, she wanted to head back to her dorm to practice but was surprised by Di Huan’s appearance. She never thought that any guy could look so beautiful. If not for his flat and hardened chest, she would have thought that he was a girl cross dressing as a guy.

Gu Lingzhi could easily guess who he was.

Who else could it be other than Senior Di Huan, ranked seventh on the Golden List? He was so gorgeous and liked wearing green. The rumors were definitely true regarding Senior Di Huan possessing a look that even females envied.

Sensing Gu Lingzhi’s attention being distracted by Di Huan, Rong Yuan stepped forward unhappily, blocking Di Huan from her line of sight.

“Lingzhi, it is still early. Should we go walk around the city?”

“That’s right, Junior Lingzhi. I have heard of you. How about we take a walk since the day is still early?” Di Huan gave a small smile as he walked out from behind Rong Yuan, annoyed from being blocked. His smile lit up his already beautiful face causing several exclamations to be heard from the crowd. Even Gu Lingzhi felt herself waver before rejecting him, “Thank you for the invitation but I have something on and need to return to my dorm.”

“That’s right, Lingzhi has to accompany us today and you bunch of useless guys should scram.” Just as Gu Lingzhi finished speaking, Ye Fei intervened. Qin Xinran and Tianfeng Jin followed behind her.

The three of them had thought that Gu Lingzhi would resume her usual behaviour of hiding from the Third Prince from when class ended till it was time for curfew. They never thought that they would overhear people talking about Gu Lingzhi battling someone as they prepared to leave the school. They immediately rushed over upon hearing the news and came in time to hear the conversation between the three people. Ye Fei who was straightforward then immediately blurted that out as she stared at Rong Yuan with an accusing look.

If not for him, why would Lingzhi disappear every day after class and only return late at night?

Qin Xinran naturally kept quiet but stepped in front of Gu Lingzhi as if to shield her, demonstrating her stance on the situation. It has been long since she acted as Gu Lingzhi’s tail and she was not going to allow Gu Lingzhi to be taken by another person today. There was no exception even for the Third Prince!

Tianfeng Jin was even more direct. With a clang, she pulled out her sword and pointed it at Rong Yuan, “Your Highness, I would like to challenge you to a duel.”

The crowd was silent.

Gu Lingzhi was startled by her sudden movement and quickly stepped forward to hold onto her, “Xiao Jin, don’t be rash!”

Was she out of her mind to challenge Rong Yuan?

“I am not being rash,” Tianfeng Jin turned towards Gu Lingzhi. It was only then that Gu Lingzhi realised her eyes were filled with the intention to fight.

“I hope you will be able to teach me some useful Martial Skills.”

Normally, Rong Yuan would ignore challenges like these. However, as he looked at Gu Lingzhi, he hesitated before nodding in agreement, “I accept your challenge.”

“Whoa, I never thought that the Third Prince would accept the challenge.”

“What is going through the Third Prince’s mind? Doesn’t he usually ignore challengers whose cultivation differed too much from him? Why would he accept the challenge?”

“Damn, if I knew the Third Prince would accept the challenge, I would have done the same to get his attention.”

A wave of interest suddenly grew as females who were not able to get Rong Yuan’s attention suddenly realised a new way to. They looked at Rong Yuan and Tianfeng Jin, before excitedly deciding to challenge the Third Prince the minute he won the battle. They wanted to show the Third Prince the best side of them in order to get him to change his impression of them.

As Rong Yuan stepped onto the battle arena, he automatically suppressed his cultivation to a Level Eight Martial Student equivalent in order to form a good impression on Gu Lingzhi’s roommate. Tianfeng Jin’s eyes lit up as her impression of him improved slightly.

According to Ye Fei, Rong Yuan was a fickle-minded person. Other than his appearance and talent, there was nothing else good about him. Rong Yuan’s acceptance of her challenge also excited her desire to fight and improved her impression of him.

“Hmph, whatever he’s doing is just attracting even more girls,” Ye Fei grumbled from below. Hearing the numerous discussions from girls around her, her impression of Rong Yuan worsened yet again.

“Lingzhi, you must be wary of him.”

Yuan Zheng’s face twitched. He was standing behind them and could not help but want to defend Rong Yuan.

“Lady Ye, what the other girls do is their problem and has nothing to do with His Highness. I dare to swear on my name that the Third Prince is not someone who changes his mind easily. He is extremely sincere about Lady Gu.”

As he said this, Yuan Zheng brought his right hand across his left chest seriously, demonstrating swearing on his heart.

His actions were to Gu Lingzhi’s surprise. This caused Ye Fei to not be able to find words to continue mocking and could only roll her eyes.

“Should we be happy that he has achieved such an insignificant feat? Just how much does His Highness pay you to speak up for him?”

Di Huan was watching nearby and could not help but look at Ye Fei in a new light. Her personality was refreshing and interesting to him. Everyone else around them was attracted by the Third Prince, yet she treated him as if he was nothing. He wondered if there was a difference if they were to be in a private setting?

On the other hand, Rong Yuan had turned the battle arena into a teaching space and was taking the chance to teach Tianfeng Jin with every move. Whenever Tianfeng Jin attacked, he intentionally slowed his movements to defend and even provided chances for her to attack him. In the meantime, he then gave out pointers on weaknesses in Tianfeng Jin’s attack in order to curry her favor.

Slowly, Tianfeng Jin realised what he was doing and she raised her eyebrows, delighted. Her attacks became fiercer and under Rong Yuan’s guidance, she perfected each and every stroke. Her impression of Rong Yuan improved yet again. If Rong Yuan taught her a few more times in ‘challenges’ like this, surely he could win her over.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how long a battle could go on. After an hour passed, both Rong Yuan and Tianfeng Jin were chased off the battle arena with a draw. They even rolled their eyes at teacher Yuan Chun, who was in-charge of managing the battles.

Yuan Chun could clearly read what the Third Prince was trying to do. He was obviously doing everything he could in order to woo Gu Lingzhi.

“Tell me, did you think you would not be able to chase Lingzhi and decided to go for Tianfeng Jin instead?”

Rong Yuan got off the battle arena believing that he had won over Tianfeng Jin slightly and managed to successfully plant himself next to Gu Lingzhi. However, upon hearing Ye Fei speak he stumbled. He was the Kingdom’s War God and yet he created his own mess.

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