Chapter 123 - Public Enemy

“Okay, I accept your challenge. What do you want to challenge me on?” Gu Lingzhi asked plainly while taking the chance to slip out of Rong Yuan’s embrace.

“Martial Skills,” Mo Bingyi lifted her head exhibiting confidence in her own abilities.

“Okay,” Gu Lingzhi nodded, “Let’s do it after this class ends?”

Seeing Gu Lingzhi accept the challenge in front of him, Rong Yuan raised his head as he assessed Mo Bingyi.

He did not believe that Mo Bingyi challenged Gu Lingzhi because she admired him. On the contrary, he wondered if he had the wrong impression but it seemed like Mo Bingyi had looked at him with hostility.

These questions bothered him until the end of class as he saw Gu Lingzhi head for the battle arena at the end of class without even giving him a second glance. Rubbing his nose, Rong Yuan could only sigh at his progress on chasing her. He pulled himself together and followed her to the battle arena.

Although Mo Bingyi was only fourteen years of age this year, her abilities were not to be looked down upon. As the daughter of a Demigod General, her Martial Skills were naturally of a higher tier.

After exchanging a few blows, Gu Lingzhi realised that not only was her Martial Skill exquisite but she was able to repeatedly continue the attack. Although she knew she could win in a few blows, Gu Lingzhi decided to prolong the battle and exchange a few more blows to train herself.

As Gu Lingzhi’s official cultivation level was still labelled as Level Four Martial Student, Mo Bingyi naturally suppressed her own cultivation to Level Four. At this, Gu Lingzhi felt guilty and decided to suppress her own to a Level Four Martial Student equivalent as well.

Both of them had exceptional Martial Skills and although it was just a Level Four Martial Student Battle, their battle attracted a large crowd. Although, a large proportion of this attention was also because of the Third Prince’s presence.

A female student who liked Rong Yuan could not help but try to get closer to him, flaunting her seductive figure in front of the Third Prince. She pretended to be nonchalant as her eyes shimmered. Feigning surprise, she looked at the Third Prince as if it was a coincidence that she ended up next to him.

“Go away, don’t block my view of the battle.” Without waiting for the girl to say anything, Rong Yuan blurted out waving her away as if she was in his way.

Did this woman think he was stupid? She actually dared to pretend that it was a coincidence when her actions were so obviously deliberate. 

The girl’s expression immediately darkened as she swallowed her words. Mocking laughter could be heard around her from other female students who saw the opportunity but had yet to take action.

The girl glared at them. What are you laughing at? If you all tried, you all would get the same result.

However, that may not be the case…

An extremely stunning and alluring girl returned her challenging glare as she walked up beside Rong Yuan confidently.

“Your Highness…” The stunning girl pouted slightly as she displayed an enticing smile, “I heard that Bright Silk Eating House has numerous new dishes, I wonder if you’d…”

“Not interested.” Without waiting for her to complete her sentence, Rong Yuan cut in, not bothering to hide his irritation.

“Since when did the Royal School take in prostitutes? Why are you throwing away your talent and trying to use your looks to attract people?”

The gorgeous female became flustered as she heard what he said. Other female students who were waiting to see Rong Yuan’s reaction before trying their luck quickly gave up. They did not want to embarrass themselves in front of everyone.

“Tsk, that’s not the way to treat girls who like you, Your Highness.” Adorned in green, a man appeared out of nowhere as he waved her fan and smiled.

Since the start, Rong Yuan’s gaze had never strayed from Gu Lingzhi. However, upon hearing this voice, he glanced at the person slightly before speaking coldly, “If you like her, feel free to help yourself.”

“Hmm… I actually think it’s fun to chase someone, it’s pointless to take leftovers, so I will not steal your women,” Di Huan stiffened before forcing himself to smile as he responded.

For someone with such a seductive smile, who knew what she has done before? He was not stupid and would of course not go for her.

Rong Yuan sighed, “Then why are you saying such useless things?” Whether it was the Sparrow Wings movement technique or the Moon Stride movement technique that the Black Thorn used, Gu Lingzhi’s movement and figure always caused his interest to be aroused. He wanted to cover everyone’s eyes so that only he could appreciate her beauty.

Remembering what his subordinates had told him regarding Gu Lingzhi receiving a fresh bunch of flowers every morning caused him to feel threatened.

Although he had tried so hard, he had not been able to conceal Gu Lingzhi’s beauty from others.

This was not good! He had to quickly win her over and nip the bud off before anything else can happen. It was a pity that the dorms in the Royal School were segregated by gender. This restricted any boys from going into the women's dorms once night fell. If not, he would have found out who his competitor was.

Just as Rong Yuan was slightly distracted, it became obvious who was winning the battle.

Without a doubt, Gu Lingzhi won once again. As the fight ended, Gu Lingzhi said sincerely, “You are an extremely worthy opponent, let’s train together next time if you are free.”

“Hmph, who wants to train with you?” Mo Bingyi was extremely unhappy at losing the fight. “Just you wait, one day I will defeat you!”

Upon saying this, Mo Binyi jumped off the Battle Arena and gave Rong Yuan a harsh glare before running out of the crowd. Rong Yuan was extremely confused by her actions.

“The number of admirers you have is countless.” Seeing the entire scene unfold before him, Di Huan could not help but comment gleefully.

Rong Yuan squinted at him, “At least I do not hide.”

Di Huan’s expression immediately turned sour as if he swallowed a fly. Due to his feminine look, although he was the son of the prime minister and was extremely skilled, he always had crazy stalkers around him. Even though they knew he was a guy, they would still chase and follow him around.

Without a doubt, those that chased him were guys!

As for female admirers…they all gave up after interacting with him for a while. Which woman could stand to be together with a guy that attracted more male attention than themselves?

Some of the females interested in him would slowly become ‘confidants’ and those that did not, became ‘love enemies’. From this point of view, Di Huan actually felt bad for Gu Lingzhi.

For no reason, she had suddenly become the public enemy of women.

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