Chapter 119 - Old Rules

Gu Lingzhi’s mouth twitched, she stated with confidence, “He is not the one who sent it.”

“How do you know?”

“Do you think that with the Third Prince’s character, he would do something like this but not leave his name behind?”

Ye Fei was stunned for a moment, then she snorted, “That’s true, if it was sent by the Third Prince, he would probably stir up a ruckus and deliver it to you personally. Even if something urgent cropped up and he is unable to deliver it personally, he would definitely leave his name behind. He would never do such things quietly.”

Gu Lingzhi glanced around and only a couple of students could be seen rushing out from the dormitories, there was nobody suspicious who could have sent the flowers. She frowned, if the flowers were sent by the Third Prince, she would have immediately thrown it into the rubbish bin without a second thought. However, now that Gu Lingzhi did not know who had sent it, she could not do that.

After all, it represented someone’s feelings. Even if she did not accept it, Gu Lingzhi would never hurt anyone who was nice towards her.

Gu Lingzhi surveyed her surroundings and then her eyes lit up. She stuck the bouquet of flowers into the one-meter tall flower vase standing at the entrance of their dormitory. Finished, she cheerfully walked off towards the classrooms with Ye Fei.

After the two of them left, a long figure emerged from behind the trees, a short distance away from Gu Lingzhi’s dormitory. He looked at the flowers inserted into the vase and left quietly.

On Gu Lingzhi’s schedule today were two water-based Martial Skills classes, with the tutor being none other than Rong Yuan. In the early morning, there were only a couple of students sitting scattered inside the classroom.

When Gu Lingzhi reached the classroom, she was surprised to see that Rong Yuan had already arrived. He waited for her to take a seat then announced, “Class will begin now.”

“Eh? It is not yet the time for class to start, right?” A student asked in surprise only to receive a cold, warning glare from Rong Yuan.

“The timing that class starts is dead, but people are alive. Do you think that when you are fighting an enemy, you have to first determine the time? I am afraid that before it reaches that time, the other party would have already killed you several times over.”

The student who spoke up went silent.

At this moment, a student entered the classroom. He looked at Rong Yuan in surprise and quickly rushed towards his seat. However, before he could even reach his seat, he was sent flying by a great force and landed outside the classroom.

“If you are late, you must receive punishment. Starting from today, class starts once I arrive. Anyone who enters the classroom after me will be considered a late-comer.”

“Your Highness…” The student who had been thrown felt unwilling. He raised his head and wanted to argue but realised that he could not open his mouth. Under the immense pressure given off by Rong Yuan, he could only listen to his instructions.

“Are you feeling indignant?” Rong Yuan laughed at the student. When the student nodded his head because he was unable to voice his thoughts under Rong Yuan’s pressure, Rong Yuan’s face turned cold, “Since I’m your tutor now, I have to be responsible for your future. Martial Artists must be flexible. If you willingly bind yourself to the conventions set by the school, then you will not achieve much in life.”

Rong Yuan no longer bothered with the student. Whether or not that student would listen to his advice and accept the punishment or leave in a fit of anger to join another teachers’ class, it had nothing to do with him.

Completely unconcerned about the other student, Gu Lingzhi’s heart trembled as she listened to Rong Yuan’s guidance.

She pondered about the teaching style of the Royal School, seemingly rigorous yet it gave the students such a high degree of freedom. Although she had never studied in other schools, she had heard that students had to train in all the attributes of their spiritual roots regardless of how many they possessed. Furthermore, the curriculum was fixed for all the classes. It was vastly different from the freedom given in the Royal School.

At first, she had assumed that the Royal School stipulated this to differentiate themselves from others. She had only just realised that all of this was to prevent students from trapping themselves within the conventional norms. The classes held were different every day, and the students attending the classes were also always different. This greatly enhanced the flexibility of their education. At the same time, it also decreased the reliance that students had on their tutors significantly. There were tens of classes that rotated the tutors. Even if a student did not manage to comprehend the contents in one lesson, he could always attend another class the next day to learn it again.

Versatility – this was the principle behind the Royal School’s education system. From the start, they had never intended for students to attend the classes as indicated on their schedules. She thought back to how she feared missing out on any contents and attended every class without fail, she realised that she had in fact imposed those obligations upon herself.

As Gu Lingzhi was reflecting on this, the male student returned to his senses and stared profoundly at Rong Yuan. He stood up suddenly and righteously said, “Thank you for your guidance, Your Highness. I have realized my mistake.”

“That’s good,” Rong Yuan leaned against the podium and pointed at the wide exercise field outside the windows.

“Since this is the first time you were late, and you displayed a good attitude, your punishment would just be to run ten rounds.’

“Ten rounds?” For a moment, the male student looked constipated.

The Royal School’s exercise track was much larger than normal. Almost half of the Martial Student District was situated within its perimeter. Given his cultivation level, running just one lap would take half an hour. If he ran ten rounds, then he would not have to do anything else for the rest of the day.

“Why, you think it’s too little?” Rong Yuan raised his brows, “Then make it twenty laps.”

“No, no, I don’t think it’s too little.” The male student hurriedly uttered, “I will go and run right now.”

He then disappeared in a flash, deeply afraid that Rong Yuan would impose additional laps on him.

Subsequently, none of the students who arrived after that was spared. Every single one of them without fail was sent to run punishment laps by Rong Yuan.

Once he was certain that all the students attending his class today had reported, Rong Yuan clapped his hands and brought the few scattered students to their usual Martial Skills training area.

“Today, I will be teaching all of you how to utilise your water-based Spiritual Roots in battle.”

As he declared that, he gathered a fist-sized ball of water in his hand.

“As all of you know, water-based spiritual power is the weakest in terms of attacking ability and thus everyone looks down upon it. However, I beg to differ.”

Rong Yuan released the ball of water in his hand, he sent it flying towards a frolicking demon beast who was still completely unaware of its imminent disaster.

The pitiful demon beast was struck by the ball of water and collapsed on the floor instantly.

“Though water-based spiritual power isn’t comparable to the other attributes in terms of attacking ability, its versatility far exceeds that of the other attributes.”

The ball of water that had crashed into the demon beast could actually be seen peeling off from its body. It formed a clear film that trapped the demon beast within. Subsequently, it changed into various other shapes and forms.

A whip, a dagger, a water dragon, a water arrow and various other forms.

“Today’s classwork is to utilise your concentration to change your water-based spiritual power into different forms, ten different forms are required for completion. Those who fail to complete, will have one credit deducted.”

Rong Yuan then turned towards Gu Lingzhi and did not bother to conceal his intentions at all, “Of course, the old rules apply. If Gu Lingzhi completes the assignment, then she will be awarded with five credits.”

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