Chapter 117 - Help Me Chase Her

Ye Fei regretted yelling those few sentences. The Third Prince had treated the few of them very well because of Gu Lingzhi. Yet, in a moment of agitation, Ye Fei had blurted out such disrespectful words. She nervously looked at Rong Yuan and observed his facial expression. She had started to calculate how many treasures her father would need to offer to the Third Prince to appease him if he were to be offended.

Rong Yuan was indeed angered when he heard Ye Fei’s words, but he immediately quelled his anger when he noticed the worried expression in Gu Lingzhi’s eyes. Instead, he played along with Ye Fei, “Ye Fei is right, Lingzhi is Lingzhi, she is unlike anyone else. Since Lingzhi has a friend like you who speaks up for her, I have decided that from now on, I will chase her and her only.”

“Ah?” Ye Fei was dumbfounded, this development way completely beyond her imagination.

Rong Yuan raised his eyebrows, “What I meant to say is, I will not go after the Black Thorn anymore. From now on, I will focus on chasing Gu Lingzhi only and no one else. Does this reassure all of you?”

This time, it was not just Ye Fei who was stunned. Gu Lingzhi, Tianfeng Jin and Qin Xinran were all equally flabbergasted.

After some time, Gu Lingzhi finally found her voice again and stuttered, “Your Highness… You’re not serious, right?”

Rong Yuan laughed, “Do I look like I’m joking?”

“Oh…” Regarding Rong Yuan’s reply, Gu Lingzhi did not know what to say.

“Why? You don’t wish for me to give up on you and chase her instead, do you?” Rong Yuan tilted his head and looked at her earnestly, “Or should I give up on her and chase you instead?”

How could he suggest to woo different people so easily? He truly sounds like a womanizer. 

Rong Yuan sensed that Gu Lingzhi’s mood was off and quickly tried to save the situation, “I’m just joking, you’re the only one that I like. The only reason why I was interested in you was because you were very similar to her, hence I was mistaken about my feelings for you. However, I realised my true feelings when I saw her again. Lady Black Thorn, you won’t blame me, right?”

“Oh…” Gu Lingzhi no longer felt like speaking anymore. She was deeply afraid that if she said anything else, the words coming from Rong Yuan’s mouth would make her collapse.

“If you don’t say anything, I’ll assume that you don’t blame me,” Rong Yuan was already used to Gu Lingzhi ignoring him and very smoothly carried on his own conversation.

“After knowing each other for so long, we can at least continue being friends, right? In the future, I will ask you if I have any questions when wooing Gu Lingzhi. Since your personalities are so similar, you must know how to resolve them, right?”

“Ah…” Gu Lingzhi’s mind was completely blank.

She was to help her suitor resolve the problems encountered while he chased herself? The Third Prince was wise indeed, he really knew how to make good use of people!

At this moment, the battle arena’s administrator called out Gu Lingzhi’s number. Gu Lingzhi immediately fled to the stage. She raised her head and realised that her opponent was actually someone familiar – Gu Linglong.

“It’s you?” Gu Linglong looked at Black Thorn and blanked out, then her face gradually darkened. She had not forgotten that she had been taught a lesson by Rong Yuan the last time because of the Black Thorn. She took a glimpse at Rong Yuan below the stage and her anger boiled over. She did not care that she could not defeat the person in front of her and opened her mouth. She wanted to gain some advantage with her words first.

“I thought you had already disappeared. Didn’t you finally realise how pathetic your social status was and left voluntarily? Why are you appearing in front of the Third Prince again? Are you scared that the Third Prince will leave you?” Gu Linglong mocked, “Didn’t you know? The Third Prince is currently devoted to another lady. For her, he willingly threw away his status to become a tutor at the Royal School. As for you? He is just fooling around.”

Gu Lingzhi nodded her head, “Was this all that you wanted to say? If you are done, then can we start now?”

Gu Linglong saw that Gu Lingzhi was completely unaffected by her words and continued with uncertainty, “You think that I’m lying to you? The entire Royal School knows about this, just ask anyone and you will be able to find out. The Third Prince is still spending time with you now, but he is… Ah!”

Gu Linglong was struck down to the floor by Gu Lingzhi before she could finish her sentence, a peculiar-looking sword resting against her neck.


Gu Lingzhi left behind a single word and jumped down from the battle arena. The announcement of her victory sounded.

“Ha ha!” Ye Fei laughed out loud on purpose so that Gu Linglong would be able to hear it.

“I have never seen such a stupid person before. She spouts so much nonsense even when she’s fighting someone. Doesn’t she know that villains die all the time because they spout too much nonsense? Luckily, the Gu Clan still has Lingzhi. Otherwise…” Ye Fei sighed.

Ye Fei did not finish her sentence, but her words left a lot of people’s imagination. Gu Linglong had just come down from the stage with a sullen face when she heard Ye Fei’s words. Her face changed instantly.

“What did you say?”

Ye Fei stuck her finger in her ear, “I said it so loudly, but you still didn’t hear it. Are you deaf?”

“You!” Gu Linglong was so angry that she wielded her sword and wanted to strike, but she was blocked by Gu Lingzhi’s sword.

“Lady Gu, this isn’t the battle arena. If you wish to fight, please find another location. We don’t want to be blacklisted from the Town of the Brave.”

Although the Town of the Brave provided Martial Artists with a duelling location, it strictly forbade fighting anywhere other than on the battle arena. Once discovered, the person will be permanently banned from the Town of the Brave.

Gu Linglong was reminded of the Town of the Brave’s rules and glared at Ye Fei. She was so upset that she started crying.

“Remember that all of you were the ones who bullied me. When my mother comes, I will deal with you all then!”

“You used to bring up your father all the time, why are you mentioning your mother now all of a sudden?” Gu Linglong could not bear to remain there any longer after she heard Ye Fei’s teasing words. She glared at them with resentment then rushed out of the Town of the Brave.

Ye Fei blinked, “I’ve not said much and she ran away already? All I said was the truth.”

Tianfeng Jin looked at her calmly, “You are poking at other people’s sore points.”

Anyone with a decent information channel would know that the Gu Clan has not been peaceful recently. It is unknown where the three elders who opposed Gu Rong got their backing from, but they had experienced a sudden surge in the strength of their forces. On their side, a couple of Martial Lord experts had abruptly surfaced, and they even managed to invite a Martial Sage expert to become an Elder at the capital city’s Gu Clan residence. This created a huge threat to Gu Rong’s position as the Gu Clan Leader.

At such a crucial time, someone had spread the news that Lin Yue-er had utilized her position as the Gu Clan Leader’s wife to sell large amounts of resources to her Lin Clan at a cheap price which enabled them to earn huge sums. There was even a rumour going around that Gu Linglong was not Gu Rong’s daughter. Many people were looking at the Gu Clan like they were a joke and were waiting to see when Gu Rong would step down from his position.

With the Recording Crystal that depicted the scenario of the quarrel between Gu Linglong and Gu Lingzhi during the entrance examinations, it added onto all the rumors that people had of the Gu Clan. As a result, Gu Rong had become distant from Gu Linglong. When Ye Fei had mentioned Gu Linglong’s father earlier, she definitely had poured salt on Gu Linglong’s wounds.

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