Chapter 116 - Womanizer

Gu Lingzhi had no idea about the events that had happened in the principal’s office. All she could think of now was how to get rid of the Third Prince, who was being a nuisance to her.

It was a fact that she would be unable to run from him as long as he intended to find her because he possessed four Spiritual Roots.

“Even my Alchemy class is being taught by the Third Prince!” Gu Lingzhi almost lost her temper when she saw Rong Yuan inside the Alchemy classroom.

In the past few days ever since school started, Rong Yuan would be the class tutor as long as it was Gu Lingzhi’s class. This made Gu Lingzhi hate herself for not choosing to reveal her earth-based Spiritual Root during her class registrations. It was said that the Third Prince possessed four spiritual roots, which were metal, wood, water and fire. If she had chosen to reveal her earth-based Spiritual Root instead, she would have been able to have one class free of Rong Yuan.

Gu Lingzhi felt overwhelmed for a moment, but she managed to get through her first Alchemy class of the semester.

Once class ended, Gu Lingzhi did not wait for Rong Yuan to find an excuse to hold her back and rushed out of the classroom. She sprinted out through the school’s gates as though she was running for her life.

She went into a random inn to change into her black robes and wore her mask. Gu Lingzhi assumed the identity of the Black Thorn and once again, entered the Town of the Brave.

Having disappeared for a period of time, there were many new faces in the Battle Arena. Gu Lingzhi was not surprised to see that there were numerous Royal School students. There were even a few newly enrolled ones.

“You are the Black Thorn?” Before Gu Lingzhi could finish her observations of her future opponents, she heard a familiar voice.

She turned her head and saw Tianfeng Jin’s indifferent face. Tianfeng Jin was currently observing Gu Lingzhi with her indifferent eyes, she was trying to get a measure of her strength. This scene was just like when Gu Lingzhi had met Tianfeng Jin for the first time. That day, Tianfeng Jin had also gauged her indifferently like now, then issued her a challenge to fight.

True enough, Tianfeng Jin issued her a challenge after gauging her strength, “I heard that you are very strong, let’s fight if you have the time.”

“Haha!” Gu Lingzhi could not help but to burst out laughing. Under Tianfeng Jin’s suspicious gaze, Gu Lingzhi reached out and gripped her hand.

“Tianfeng Jin, right? I know you. We will definitely have the chance to be matched up in the Battle Arena.”

Although Tianfeng Jin did not know how Gu Lingzhi knew her name, she still nodded and replied honestly, “Yes, I hope to be able to have a duel with you today.”

Her battle-crazed character was the same as always.

Although Gu Lingzhi could not reveal her identity temporarily, she was still very happy to exchange a few words when she saw a good friend. Between two people who were both talented at fighting, there was a lot to talk about. When it was time for the Town of the Brave to close, Tianfeng Jin had already acknowledged the Black Thorn. She asked reluctantly, “Will you still be coming tomorrow? I didn’t get to fight with you today, so let’s continue tomorrow.”

“Yes, we will continue tomorrow.”

After Tianfeng Jin left, Gu Lingzhi used the same method to change back into her original identity. She did not return directly for the Royal School, but instead headed to the Ye Store to sell her newly refined Spiritual Medicine. She also replenished her supply of Alchemy ingredients before she finally returned to the Royal School.

The subsequent days, Gu Lingzhi continued to use the same method to evade Rong Yuan once her classes ended. She went to the Town of the Brave to “relax”. Every day, she would leave early and return late. Ye Fei and Qin Xinran could not help but to grumble about Gu Lingzhi, that she was even busier than Tianfeng Jin, that battle maniac.

At the very least, Tianfeng Jin would return to the dormitory once the Town of the Brave or the school’s battle arena closed. However, Gu Ling still had to drop by the Store of Many Treasures or the Ye Store to sell her newly refined products and purchase more materials.

With such a high intensity of fighting and training, Gu Lingzhi’s Alchemy and Martial Skills improved rapidly.

Perhaps it was because Gu Linglong was influenced by the atmosphere in the school where every student was working hard to raise their own strength, but she hardly ever appeared in front of Gu Lingzhi again. Hence, the second year of her studies in the Royal School was surprisingly smooth and fulfilling.

It was a pity that this gratifying situation ended after a month.

“Lady Black Thorn, I haven’t seen you in a month. Did you miss me?”

Gu Lingzhi felt a headache coming on when she saw the sudden appearance of Rong Yuan.

The Third Prince had never come to find her ever since her reappearance at the Town of the Brave. She thought that he had given up on her and never expected him to reappear today.

Rong Yuan saw that Gu Lingzhi was just staring at him speechlessly and added on, “Well, it doesn’t matter if you didn’t miss me. I missed you.”

“Ah! You womanizer!” Ye Fei muttered behind Gu Lingzhi.

“Lady Black Thorn, don’t be fooled by his words. Let me tell you, he has been going after a good friend of mine around school with this same expression. It frightened her so much that she always runs off after class and doesn’t dare to return to the dormitory.”

After a month of interaction with Tianfeng Jin, Gu Lingzhi, under the identity of the Black Thorn, had also become good friends with Ye Fei and Qin Xinran. Gu Lingzhi nodded her head in appreciation at Ye Fei’s words, “Don’t worry, I won’t be deceived so easily.”

The two of them whispered to each other. However, in front of Rong Yuan, whose five senses had all been heightened, it was still loud and clear. Ye Fei and Gu Lingzhi knew this and did not bother to try and conceal what they were saying as a display of their rejection towards Rong Yuan.

Rong Yuan’s mouth twitched. He was starting to think that not unravelling Gu Lingzhi’s identity as the Black Thorn was the wrong move.

Why was he feeling depressed when he was the one trying to make fun of her?

However, he was the exalted Third Prince of the Xia Kingdom who was revered as the most likely person to become a True God, how could he retreat after such a small setback? Rong Yuan pretended not to hear their dialogue and struck up a conversation, “I heard you have been winning several matches continuously the past few days. Even Level Eight or Level Nine Martial Students from the Royal School are no match for you. It looks like you aren’t far off from achieving a hundred victories.”

Gu Lingzhi answered dryly, “It’s just that my luck has been good. The Royal School has just reopened so I managed to match up with countless new students.”

“Speaking of new students, I have a student who is very similar to you.” Rong Yuan responded in a level voice, “She is the person whom your friend said has been pestered by me nonstop. Every time I see her, I get the feeling that I am seeing you. Or… am I just thinking too much?”

“You are clearly fooling around!” Ye Fei stood up quickly. She angrily and yelled angrily, “Stop comparing Lingzhi with others! If Your Highness has so much time, maybe you can shift your attention onto all the girls who admire you so much. I think that Gu Linglong would do well for that. Two of you can be happy together!”

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